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Being a user of Web 2.0, you must be familiar with Prestashop, an e-commerce software that helps you design and manage online  shopping carts. Tagged as an open source software, Prestashop finds an extensive use in the creation of online shopping interfaces. This software comes with a host of pre-designed and pre-defined templates that can […]

Python and JAVA experts have always been fighting to prove the upper hand of their favorite language. But if you see from the perspective of data science there is no such thing as favorite language. However, it is indeed true there are certain features which make languages too easy to work on. The last decade has […]

Prestashop is a free and widely-used Open Source e-commerce interface. Founded in 2007 in Paris, this is essentially a Content management system (CMS) software used to develop e-commerce shopping cart systems. The main objective of this software is to equip small sized e-marketing businesses to implement the best practices of a robust .e-commerce solution. Marketers […]

Prestashop was introduced in 2007, it has gained popularity along with fully fledged Prestashop Ecommerce development solutions over the past decade. At this moment of time Prestashop has managed to provide an e-commerce platform for 1.25 lakh stores word-wide. What make Prestashop stand apart from competitors are reliable online shopping solutions and amazing user experience. […]

There are a number of platforms and programming languages that can help you to build an e-commerce site. These programming languages that are in vogue, work in the back-end and support the creation of customized online business interfaces, to the utmost satisfaction of online shoppers and the marketing company. Python and PHP are two programming […]

Prestashop is one of the most commonly used and popular e-commerce solutions of  merchants handling small to medium sized business online. Ever since it was introduced back in 2007, this online business platform is winning hearts of many entrepreneurs who prefer a budget-friendly solution to their venture. Its lightweight nature makes it a feasible choice […]

If you are looking to build a website using Python, you can do so by coding a program. Using Python, you will not only be able to run your code on a web server but can accept page requests and offer responses in the form of HTML data. However, this calls for a lot of […]

Prestashop is undoubtedly one of the most reliable eCommerce solutions introduced for small to medium businesses so far. This open source software is rich with lot of advanced features and custom options. The Prestashop 1.6 version is a dependable platform to run a medium business successfully without much hassles. The major update to the software […]

Python vs Java Whenever you are starting a new project, you have a huge choice to make. Which language should be used? Here we discuss about two languages that are commonly compared against each other. – Python and Java. Python and Java are two prominent programming languages that have gained popularity since the 1990s. Both […]