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Prestashop is a versatile platform that lets developers customize the online shops of their clients according to their needs, preferences, and products. It has got thousands of modules that help in enhancing the functionality of Prestashop. But to reap the benefits of it, you need to hire the services of an expert. Every web developer […]

Internet of things is a concept which binds “Things” together making objects even smarter. However, it is clear on how strongly it’s going to impact in the routine life of people. But if you take a look at the demand for the Internet of Things(IoT), you will realize that it is so much into reality […]

Python is an object-oriented language that has marked its position in the web development industry. This interactive and modular language is dynamic in nature and portable, as well. Its good assistance for reusability mechanisms and its free availability has made it a prime choice for diverse enterprise applications. In short, the language named after Monty […]

Programming languages and scripting languages are vying with one another for a slice of the scripting environment. Language developers are coming up with new features and APIs to speed up the process of application development. New programmer-friendly features are being added to languages to make application development faster. Java, one of the most renowned has […]

At the outset, it must be said that if you are searching for the most secure and yet versatile web programming language, then, weare afraid, there is none. All the languages have some pros and cons that cannot guarantee you a complete security. Recently, a research by WhiteHat security conducted on vulnerabilities of various web […]

Global e-commerce Market is expected to reach USD 7,724.8 billion by 2025. People are showing keen interest in buying goods online. Online stores offer products at a cheaper rate and better quality. Above all, they can avoid the hustle and bustle of buying goods from a normal store. This shift in interest of buyers is […]

Odoo is a comprehensive platform that effectively manages diverse business applications from a single space. It is available in three different variants including an enterprise version, an online model and finally the community version which is available as open source. In comparison to other open source ERP software models, Odoo is one of the fastest […]

In 2014, e-commerce market of France was 74 billion Euros. This year (2017) it is expected that the overall online market might touch 86 billion. This jaw-dropping rise is the reason why France has been named as 3rd largest e-commerce market in Europe and 6th largest in the world. As the number suggests there has […]

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