GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System

  • September 28, 2014
  • admin
Manage your cab/taxi or other vehicle dispatch service with finesse using our Vehicle Tracking Software (VTS). This software is Global Positioning System based for real time location accuracy. It has a web-based application focused on management or administration of vehicles. The manager or administrator can assign drivers to vehicles and direct them to different routes or passengers. A tracking device with dispatch management will be installed in each vehicle. This device passes on information from the administrator to the driver through its display. Who is VTS for? Our Vehicle Tracking Software was developed with flexibility in mind. As such, the software can be used by anyone who wants to track their vehicles. For example: call taxi service, courier service etc. Features Simple, easy to understand dashboard showing running vehicles, available vehicles, unassigned pick-ups, assigned pick-up, off duty drivers, and other vehicles GPS tracking for accurate locations Application can be configured to be used by (i) administrator with the ability to manage and assign vehicles, pick-up points, etc. and (ii) a user profile (tele-executive) who can view assigned pick-ups and running vehicles Monitor real-time location of running vehicles Two types of pick-up – scheduled and instant. Scheduled is for providing regular pick-up, drop-off services for IT companies and the like. While instant services are for unscheduled or one-off trips Billing and statistics reports for each vehicle. Statistics include the time, distance, number of trips etc. Benefits Automatically update taxi/cab passengers through sms/notifications Optimization of services so that there is maximum efficiency in managing vehicles and drivers which saves time and cost Customer satisfaction and maintenance – As the services get streamlined, customers are bound to get timely services. And having an online database helps in maintaining or retaining customers. Reports and statistics can be obtained for managers For the driver, there is a convenient display of current orders. Processing orders and giving receipts become easier In case of cab/taxi services, passengers gets the security of a recognized driver Passenger can book with convenience. Ensure that you are providing the best transportation service possible to your customers by managing with our Vehicle Tracking Software. This state-of-the-art technology is sure to provide amazing results for you.

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