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About the website

Rustic Casa is an e-commerce website exclusively made to sell their dress products.

What we did for them

We were told to develop a pop-up module which will display the discount offer that a user can get after registering for the first time in the site.

The features of the pop-up modules include,

  • The pop-up will only appear if the user has not logged in to the website
  • Only the first registration of a user will be eligible for the free voucher
  • Once logged in, the voucher code will only appear in the final check out page
  • If the user clicks the same voucher twice, notifications will pop-up which will say that the user has already used the voucher.
  • If the user after the first registration accidentally deletes a voucher, We have added an option which will help the user add the deleted voucher again for the final price calculation
  • Incorporated Google tracking to the user ID module
  • Installed AWEBER connections
  • Using WYSIWYG editor, rich texts were created for the pop-up
  • Admin can add video to the pop-up
  • Installed CMS to the pop-up
  • Products which are already on sale for discount can be removed from the pop-up



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Rustic Casa
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