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Yii is the most preferred framework for projects ranging from simple to complex websites and web applications. Yii has become a favourite among developers due to its object oriented nature and superb performance capabilities. Time is money for every web developers and hence they prefer less complicated installation and configuration. Hence Yii is the most […]

Yii framework is a free PHP5 based open source framework ideal for developing web 2.0 applications. It is more malleable, efficiently active, extensible, and modular. So, what makes this framework special? It’s mainly because of the features shown below: Collect feedback and validation: Yii provides simple ways for you to collect feedback and to confirm […]

Drupal is one of the widely preferred CMS, thanks to its multiple capabilities and compatibility across different browsers and operating systems. However, it has its set of challenges which has also led it to be detested by many. Read Also:7 Reasons Why Yii Out-Performs Other Frameworks Let’s see in detail why you should switch from […]

Yii is an open source PHP5 based high performance framework used for devising web 2.0 applications. This will be helpful for you in developing applications within a short period of time. Yii has helped developers to create some great PHP frameworks by giving a wide range of niche functionalities. This supremacy in providing time-saving web […]

Yii has its benefits for everyone involved in programming. If you are a businesses owner who attach more importance to the quality and overall value of the applications you launch in the market, Yii serves to be an ideal tool. Here are 8 reasons Yii Framework could be the best choice for your e-commerce store: […]

Yii is a PHP framework, designed for the development of high-performance applications. Developed by QiangXue, Yii is a fast, secure and professional PHP framework, ideal for developing large scale web applications. Abbreviated as “Yes it is”, Yii is free software, released under the terms of the BSD license. Even though this Yii development framework is […]

Since its arrival in the late ’90s, Content Management Systems (CMS) have come a long way. Now they are much more user friendly than in the initial days.  CMS is the primary tool used for engaging prospects and for converting prospects into customers. With this advanced system, businesses as well as organizations can directly update […]

WordPress is a popular and powerful open source CMS (0) that is currently ruling the industry. Stats show that a staggering 23.4% of the web runs on WordPress. Clearly, WP is the favorites when compared to other CMS. But what exactly gives WordPress that edge over Joomla, Magento, Yii development or any other CMS. Let’s […]