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Yii is the most preferred framework for projects ranging from simple to complex websites and web applications. Yii has become a favourite among developers due to its object oriented nature and superb performance capabilities. Time is money for every web developers and hence they prefer less complicated installation and configuration. Hence Yii is the most […]

Yii is an open source PHP5 based high performance framework used for devising web 2.0 applications. This will be helpful for you in developing applications within a short period of time. Yii has helped developers to create some great PHP frameworks by giving a wide range of niche functionalities. This supremacy in providing time-saving web […]

The development of Yii framework began on January 1, 2008. It is an open source application that supports object oriented programming. It is also a component based MVC (Model-View-Controller) web application framework. The purpose for its development was to fix the drawbacks of a then widely used PRADO framework. PRADO was incapable of delivering a […]