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Yii is the most preferred framework for projects ranging from simple to complex websites and web applications. Yii has become a favourite among developers due to its object oriented nature and superb performance capabilities. Time is money for every web developers and hence they prefer less complicated installation and configuration. Hence Yii is the most […]

Yii framework is a free PHP5 based open source framework ideal for developing web 2.0 applications. It is more malleable, efficiently active, extensible, and modular. So, what makes this framework special? It’s mainly because of the features shown below: Collect feedback and validation: Yii provides simple ways for you to collect feedback and to confirm […]

Drupal is one of the widely preferred CMS, thanks to its multiple capabilities and compatibility across different browsers and operating systems. However, it has its set of challenges which has also led it to be detested by many. Read Also:7 Reasons Why Yii Out-Performs Other Frameworks Let’s see in detail why you should switch from […]