17Nov 2017
Advantages and Disadvantages of Odoo Development

Odoo is a comprehensive platform that effectively manages diverse business applications from a single space. It is available in three different variants including an enterprise version, an online model and finally the community version which is available as open source.

In comparison to other open source ERP software models, Odoo is one of the fastest growing software. Its database runs on postgreSQL and the language used in development is Python.

Like any other platforms, Odoo web development has its own unique advantages and flaws.

Let’s take a peek

Advantages of Odoo

  • Comprehensive software:

    Unlike many similar platforms, Odoo handles a range of business needs that covers project management, e-Commerce, warehouse, CRM, billing, manufacturing, accounting and inventory. This tool seamlessly integrates all these operations to improve the overall efficiency. This user-friendly platform always includes innovative applications on the go to enhance its overall performance. Moreover, this platform is compatible to any work settings.

  • User Interface:

    Odoo is minimalistic in terms of appearance but the platform is extremely user-friendly. Any sized enterprise can benefit from this complete solution that is rich with several features and functionalities. The less cluttered interface makes it easy for even the beginners to easily work with the software. As it is a universal solution that covers many operations from a single place, it may appear to be complex at first place. But in fact it is unparalleled in its performance with its streamlined nature.

  • Navigation:

    The travel through the pages looks really simple as the navigation designs are better with easy directions. So once logged in, user finds it really convenient to reach the place they want in really quicker time. The search functions across the screen have really added to the overall usage convenience. Using the particular field criteria in the advanced search category, users can filter their searches.

  • Pace:

    The users need not worry about any delay while using the software as it works on very good pace. The time it takes to view pages are minimal and they can have a good website usage experience with a quicker response time and fast access to menus. This robust ERP solution can really boost the website performance with its quick functionality in addition to accuracy. So users can benefit from minimal task completion time and use the saved time productively.

  • Modules:

    It is built on a modular structure which means that particular processes or functions can be handled by separate modules. The availability of 1000 plus modules is the key speciality of Odoo development. Users can conveniently implement the desired module to cope up with the particular business requirements. The marketing module is really impressive unlike its counterparts with options such as Lead Scoring, Live Chat and Email marketing.

  • Flexibility:

    The user can start off with basic modules and they can add on new modules in future when the business expands. This sort of flexibility is really helpful for uncertain business plans. Its easy integration and customization options are an added benefit. Multiple module installations are a lot easier with the latest version as you just need to access the list view and select and install the desired modules on the go. This lets users to tailor the software to meet the most specific needs of their business.

  • Easy integration:

    Odoo is known for its easy to configure nature. Many of the ERP systems face issues with data consistency and business processes. Unlike these counter parts, Odoo shows a remarkable improvement in the efficiency while integrating with other platforms. Users need not compromise the initial advantages offered by Odoo despite what all applications are included on the go. Its easy integration with e Bay, Magento and Channel Advisor has made the overall processing easy and effective.

  • Budget friendly:

    When compared to similar ERP platforms, this open source solution can be really handy when you have budget constraints. The license can be accessed for free and you can use the money wisely for customization and implementation at needy times. The software can be downloaded for free from the official website. Odoo is a cost effective choice as this regularly updated tool lets you swap other BPM apps in the initial place itself.

  • User experience:

    The seamless adoption of the software has assured impressive user experience. Its options for integration and flexibility have guaranteed a smart ecommerce solution for many complex business projects. After all the evolving customer needs are carefully handled by a group of active community members. Also the source code availability lets you do the necessary with the help of a talented group of developers and vendors. Moreover, as the licensing problems won’t come your way, you can start off with your project right after setting it up.

  • Up-to-date technology:

    With a marketing approach, the software is always up to date in correlation with the advancements in the technology. It is designed on a technology stack which they keep on improving with the latest paradigms. A constant lift to the overall functionality with the changing business scenario is always a plus to compete well in the industry.

Disadvantages of Odoo

Odoo is not a flawless system and it does have some limitations. However, it’s benefits out numbers its flaws that makes it a favourite choice among a major group of merchants. Let us have a look at the cons of Odoo development.

  • Backward Compatibility:

    This is one of the key areas that are taken into mind when designing an ERP platform and competitors like SAP have always given importance to backward compatibility in their design. However, this is a drawback when it comes to Odoo as their design lacks this functionality. At times of new version release, user needs to go through the hassles of code and data migration.

  • Bugs:

    Top ERP models boast of the minimal bugs or no bugs at all. They do the resolving process at regular intervals to make this possible. However, Odoo is not so fine tuned in this regard as it is comparatively new in the market. It needs a lot of time to come up with such standards. It is just the 8th version of Odoo that has started to resolve bugs. However, things are getting better over time and Odoo is improving its bug fixing issues.

  • Usability:

    Some people have complains about its lack of an idiomatic approach. The use of custom systems may not be favourable for everyone as they might have better plans of implementing it. Also XML is not regarded as a good match for Python as it might get used to everything. As it comes with a custom package system, the inheritance system can be challenging at times. Similarly, module system can be treacherous if not synchronized properly in Odoo web development.

  • Documentation:

    The way it is documented is not appreciable like the conventional systems. It results in a lack of organization. The categorization within the documents is not that favourable for business users and developers. As the documentation is different for varying versions, it may take some time to switch between particular documents.

More than 2 million users are presently using this advanced open source platform considering its proven quality and error free nature. And they have close to 730 partners. Start up business ventures which are finding it hard to manage the finance can choose this open source software which is a cheaper alternative to improve their online exposure in this highly competitive era. Its highly modular nature has silenced the image of conventional ERP systems. You are just one step behind to achieving productivity, quality and efficiency from a single place. But if you are looking to run large enterprises and have enough money to invest heavily on it, you can go for fully established conventional systems such as SAP. However, the final decision should be based on what your actual business is all about and what you are looking for when choosing an ERP system.

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15Nov 2017
France ecommerce Market

In 2014, e-commerce market of France was 74 billion Euros. This year (2017) it is expected that the overall online market might touch 86 billion.

This jaw-dropping rise is the reason why France has been named as 3rd largest e-commerce market in Europe and 6th largest in the world.

As the number suggests there has been a rapid increase in online sales in France in the past few years. In 2014 around 37 million French people went online for purchasing and now it’s 66 million (87% of the population of France).

So what are the specialties of such a huge online market?

Let’s have a look

1.It’s insanely huge!

As mentioned above the e-commerce marker of France is booming, after all it’s the 3rd biggest in Europe and 6th in the world. There are around 200,000 active online stores in France. Around 66 million French people went online shopping through their smartphones.  Among the huge online store list 80% of the sellers have mobile-based version of their state.

2.M-commerce revenue is on a steep rise

In 2016 there was a 34.2% increase in the m-commerce market in France and it is estimated that 25% of the entire online sales in France will be taken over by mobile platforms by the end of 2017. In the case of the choice of devices smart phones is their favourite. It is expected that by 2020 the m-commerce revenue of France will be USD 17.5 Billion.

3.France, the Mecca of Fashion is changing

The fashion industry has always revolved around France. When it comes to fashion, France has always been the benchmark. However, a recent survey revealed that there is a rise in online purchase and around 28% of people who participated in the survey said that they are now frequently purchasing clothes online rather than a ready-to-wear chain. Even though most of the people in France prefer to buy clothes, accessories, and shoes through face to face deal now, statistics are indicating that there is a huge wave of change happening. The increase in the percentage of people willing to shop online is indeed positive.

4.Innovative Ideas

It is indeed true that e-commerce market in France is crowded. Since the completion is tough new business owners who wish to sell their products online should develop new, innovative strategies.

Meryl Job and Renaud Guillerm two entrepreneur first developed an online fashion community and started sharing and discussing fashion. He developed the platform to a huge online fashion enthusiastic community and Later on the situation was monetized by creating a website so that community members can buy as well as propagate the commodities.

5.Language Matters

French People are very much particular about their language. So it is less likely that poorly translated language in websites will succeed in France.

A recent survey revealed that 70% of the French e-commerce customers wish to see their preferred search results to be on the first page itself. So the only solution here for non-eu citizen web-developers is to install the best language translation plug-in possible and optimize the website in accordance with search engines.

6.Impeccable online payment methods

Carte Bancaire has their strong foothold in France owing to their flawless payment system. Majority of the people (e-commerce customers) depends on Carte Bancaire. However, there are other payment methods available too. Payment methods like Atos, CM-CIC, Paybox, Stripe, Ingenico, SagePay, Authorize.net, Skrill etc.(card based) and Paypal etc. are catching up in France.

7.Famous e-commerce platform in France

In France, lion share of the merchants are small scale and a fully fledged e-commerce website is not at all economically viable for them. So there are e-commerce solutions which can build as well as maintain websites affordable rate which will cater all their basic sales need.

For instance, Prestashop is one of the famous e-commerce platforms which French merchants rely on. There are around 30,000 plus Prestashop users in France alone. Apart from Prestashop, merchants also rely on, Shopify, Magento, Bog Commerce, Yokart etc.

8.Most of the websites offer free shipping

The power of offering something free can create wonders for merchants. For example Amazon the e-commerce giant when entered the European market, especially France faced a huge backlash owing to their shipping charge. The sales took off when they introduced free shipping. This is the exact example now sellers are following in France at the moment.

9.Customer has to pay EU tax

A customer or an importer is bound to pay VAT/import tax/excise duty if they have to purchase goods. Tax rate of France is similar to that of many European countries.

10.Remember! They are in plenty

France e-commerce market is overcrowded. More than a dozen websites are getting launched every week. E-bay, Amazon etc have also their foothold in the market. Innovative digital marketing is the only way to thrive in the crowded market.

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14Nov 2017
Methods to Speed Up Your Prestashop Store

Notwithstanding the fact that it calls for a great deal of technical knowledge to speed up your online store, you don’t need to fret when Prestashop is by your side.

You can completely rely on Prestashop which promises you a host of methods to hasten up your online shopping interface.

Methods to Speed Up Your Prestashop Store

However, it is indeed true that user experience is the key to the success of any website. Slower the time takes to load higher will be bounce rate.

If you are looking to improve the loading speed of your Prestashop website, below are the 10 different methods that can make your website fast.

The Rate At Which Your Website Sends and Processes SQL Queries

Website administrators thrust a great deal of significance on HTTP requests which can be used for securing your portal. These contain MySQL queries which can be encrypted. However, you need to spend lots of money for encryption and server-side decryption; both of which influence your online store’s performance.

Added to this, it takes a lot of time for these activities to be performed, doubling up the time required to execute a query. So how can you address these concerns? A time-tested move would be uncheck this option.

  1. Time Taken to Read the Information That is Transferred by the Server

Data compression and data encryption are the two modes of securing your online data. It is important to note that data that is accessed from the database and transferred back by the server can be either encrypted or compressed. You might be of the opinion that since data is compressed, the speed of transference is enhanced. And you are right to some extent. But it demands to have a holistic view of the scenario when both compression and decompression both weaken the data processing time leading to a negative balance.

Here comes a tip to tide over this situation. And that is to select the “Ni encrypted nor compressed” mode.

  1. Make the Most of the Progressive Loading Option of Prestashop

The latest versions of Presta Pricing 7.0 and Presta Categories 6.0 bring in the added advantage of a novel category loading mode called as Progressive Loading. Use this latest mode and you are all covered. With this mode, you can accept only the first level of categories which will be loaded into memory and displayed. You can allow sub-categories to be displayed only when the need arises. This pushes the speed of your Prestashop online store significantly.

  1. Have A Check on the Number of Lines Displayed Per Page

If your online stores has over 5000 lines, then it undoubtedly hampers the processing speed. Hence it is best to keep a tab on the number of lines that are displayed per page. To limit the number of lines, you will have to dedicate your efforts towards working page by page; restricting the upper limit of the line number to 5000 and nothing more.

To make this line number adjustment possible, you can employ paginators that Prestashop offers. You have the luxury of using super paginator that allows you to pre-fix the upper limit of webpage lines.

  1. It is best to restrict the numb er of columns

Another proven method to increase the effectiveness of your Prestashop online store is to not only limit the number of columns but also to choose them with a clear sense of discretion. To do this, you should only check the columns that you actually need. You should keep in mind that not all columns are effective. There are some columns which drain your resources and server reserves as well. Hence it is best to avoid such sapping columns by relying on Sitolog.

Sitolog is a module which helps you make the right choice of columns since it indicates those which have a damaging influence on your processing speed. Hence the trick would be to have less number of columns so that you are not kept waiting in queue for your query to be processed.

There are other columns which are checked and come with the “hyper-slow” tag. Speaking of such columns, it is best to avoid using more than one column at a time. In the event that you raised a query of 3 such items in these columns, you pave the way for a crashed CPU.

  1. Put the Column Configurator to its Best Use

By now, you have understood the significance of important columns that favor your online store. Going a step further, you should employ the “pre-settings” also called as “column configuration” so enable your store to switch between columns; with a single click.

The day is not far when you can employ the new configurator that permits you to create limitless column configurations (which are currently restricted to 6 at present). You can effortlessly use the “drag and drop” option to choose your columns and rearrange them.

Want more?

You can also choose the titles that are displayed in the tables along with their widths.

  1. Keep A Close Watch On The Number of Tables That are “Switched On”

Another prudent way of speeding up your online Prestashop store is to keep a close watch on the tables which are “switched on”. To explain you about “switched on” tables, these are tables which display data and which automatically refresh the data after the parent table changes rows or refreshed.

You will agree with the fact that if more tables are triggered, the time taken to display products increases substantially. Along with this, images in the tables hamper the processing speed. Hence the trick would be to unlink all the tables that you no longer require to display your store data.  This will substantially improve your processing speed.

  1. Deselect the “Line Counters” Option

The next in the list of “speeding-up” tricks for your Prestashop store is to uncheck the “line counters” option. Your data table has a number of rows and columns along with their respective totals (row totals and column totals). Thus, if your store calculates all these totals, it can cause a major drain to your processing speed. Hence it is best to uncheck the “Line Counters” option.

  1. Employ Pre-Filters in Place of Column Filters

A pre-filter is a filter that keeps a check on the number of rows that are returned by the SQL queries. This filter acts in unison with the level of requests which are all written in SQL. It is through this pre-filter that you can bring about an efficient push to the speed of your online store since it considerably reduces the volume of data that is sent by the server. You can customize these pre-filters and enjoy the benefits of a faster online Prestashop store.

A sharp contrast is with a column filter which hides some lines and displays the data that is received from the server. Hence this option does not save any time.

  1. The Challenges with Multi-Lingual Sites

Given the fact that your online store supports multiple languages, it comes as an intelligent move not to refresh your category list when toggling between one language to another. You hence need to check the “figer langue categories” option to make this choice. Magic unfolds when your categories will feature in the current language even when you choose another language to display your product listing.

Closing Thoughts

Primarily aimed at improving the speed of your online Prestashop store, you can bank on the above-mentioned 10 super-efficient ways to give the much-need speed push to your online shopping interface.

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10Nov 2017

It is common knowledge that businesses owe a great deal to web development companies who can churn out websites with least effort and money.

To make this possible, it is indeed a wise move to choose the Best Python web development team that will provide secure, reliable, time-saving and cost-effective web solutions. And to arrive at a perfect choice with the above-mentioned characteristics, you can knock on the doors of global companies which specialize in Python web development.

However, in the case of Indian Python Development teams, there are certain traits which are so convincing that they become the reasons to contact them. These come with an unwritten promise to offer you comprehensive web development services.

If you are curious to know the positives in favor of Indian Python web development teams, here are they

  1. A Nation That is Skewed To IT Development Churns Out Skilled Professionals

According to figures related to the global outsourcing industry, India is expected to beat its competitor China, through the growing patronage of mobile users. Along with this, India is regarded as a territory which is dominated by trained professionals.

With each passing year, thousands of skilled Indian IT professionals join the stream of software development. And this was a trend that prompted the growth of the Indian web development industry.

Adding to the list of positives, the Indian software industry is conspicuous with finer coding skills that are fueled by flexible work schedules. There is another advantage of hiring Indian IT professionals. And that is linked to the nominal and competitive salaries that are demanded by such professionals. It is based on the above strengths that Indians are a majority, making their strong presence felt in global IT players like IBM and SAP.

  1. Indian Talent Class Promises The Cream of Web Development Companies

Every year, the Indian technical institutes which are the most promising training institutes of the nation proudly present batches of promising IT talents. These skilled IT professionals lend a hand to startups and medium scale business enterprises. With a fillip given to infrastructure in the field of Indian education especially concerning software and web development, Indian Python web development teams will be poised to make their strong presence felt on the world map of web application development.

  1. Technical Expertise of Indian Teams

When you sign up with an Indian Python development team, you will be sure of hiring professionals who have a thorough understanding of the various frameworks that come with Python. It is a common scene with most of the Indian IT professionals who register and appear for certification examinations. Upon getting certified by a renowned authority, these certified professionals can become your pillars of support, delivering your dedicated projects on time and of superior quality.

  1. A Comprehensive Knowledge of Agile Methodologies

Indian Python web development teams have a complete understanding of agile methodologies. This way, notwithstanding the domain of your project, you can rest assured of delivery of your project at every stage of SDLC. You don’t have to worry about the intermediate stages of web development that will be taken care of by your outsourced Indian Python web development team.

  1. Indian Developers Have A Thorough Understanding of Global Standards

Sign up with an Indian Python web development team and you are all covered. However, it is pertinent that you hire developers from reputed Indian firms. By doing this, you will be bringing to the table the latest global technical know-how that will manifest through your websites coded using Python.

Such developers will be abreast with the latest developments in the sphere of software development along with supporting activities like Quality Assurance (QA) and data validation. Hiring such a capable team will eventually lead to satisfactory project deliveries in line with the emerging trends in web development.

  1. The Luxury of Choosing the Best Fit

All thanks to Indian companies which allow their clients to pick and choose the team they wish to work with. You as a client will have the freedom to match your project requirements with the skillsets of developers. This flexibility in choice goes a long way in delivering a dedicated project which is in line with the talents of developers.

  1. An Unmatched Client Support

Indian IT professionals, with the specific mention of Python web development teams can promise you timely and accurate client support. Global clients find it easy to liaise with Indian developers who are well-conversant with the nuances of client interactions.

Hence, if you are client looking to outsource your Python web development tasks, you will be making an intelligent move by signing up with Indian teams, who are informed about project management and reporting tools. High on listening and interpretation skills, Indian IT developers make client interactions a breeze.

  1. Budgetary Benefits

Given the fact that web development is an expensive affair, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pockets by signing up with pricey web development teams.

As mentioned earlier, Indian teams can be identified with the “cheap and best” tagline. You can complete your Python web development project by shelling down 1/5th of your hiring cost that you would have actually spent if you hired a web development team from any other nation.

Thus, it is a good deal to rope in Indian Python web development teams who will promise you affordable and comprehensive web development services; at all times. You can also avail the advantages of a solid and detailed contract with reputed IT firms which promise you an after-sale service of the deliverable.

  1. The Guarantee of Long-Term Commitment

Clients find it easy to interact with a full-time developer who will take on the mantle of a dedicated single-point-of-contact. If you hire a developer who is ordained to exclusively work on your project, you as a global client can make the most of the time and efforts of the Indian Python web developer.

This way, you can ensure that the Indian developer will be available at all times to answer your concerns about project delivery. You will be saving a great of time to develop and execute your web pages when you hand over the responsibilities of building a Python website in the hands of an intelligent Indian IT developer.

  1. Indian IT Professionals Welcome the World of Web 3.0

Indian IT developers are up-to-date with the emerging trends in platform technicalities. You can bank upon them to change your search engine algorithm and ensure that your deliverable complies with the upcoming standards of web 3.0 generation of Python web pages.

Closing Thoughts

In view of the above thoughts, the rationale behind hiring an Indian Python web development team is well established. All in an attempt to churn out an all-inclusive website that is coded using Python programming language, you can knock on the doors of Indian IT expert teams with a conviction that you have made a well-informed decision.

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09Nov 2017
Why Choose Prestashop for Online Store

Your search for a programming platform that promises a high rank to your online store based on a host of functionalities ends with Prestashop. This is an open-source platform which bestows a plethora of practical and aesthetic options to your e-commerce site. These benefits are the actual reasons that will prompt you to tread the Prestashop way so that you can take pride in presenting and managing a user-friendly online store.

1.A Multi-Faceted Platform

It will not be an exaggeration to quote that Prestashop is a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce website development requirements. Prestashop promises effective performance coming from its modern features. Tag these benefits to the user-friendly interface that you can provide to your customer base. And you will have an e-commerce site driven by Prestashop that guarantees business growth.Using Prestashop, you can effortlessly manage a multi-product site which comes with unlimited categories.

2.Ease of Use

The next best thing that makes Prestashop an attractive choice revolves around the fact that is utterly simple to use. You do not have to master technical skills to set up the platform. It is as simple as downloading add-ons and installing them and you are all covered. A little effort to dig deep into the source code will go a long way in churning out a unique store for your online business. In this manner, you can integrate these add-ons of Prestashop into any of your online businesses, without any hassles.

3.A Cost-Free Solution

Prestashop is best suited to meet the website requirements of small and medium-sized online businesses since it does not demand any premium to create an account. You can access a number of high-quality add-ons which come with zero investment. Hence, Prestashop comes with the “freemium” tag that substantially reduces the financial burden of small online shopping businesses.

4.A Highly Versatile Platform

With Prestashop, you can exercise a complete creative control over your e-commerce site. Out-of-the-box themes are the hallmark of Prestashop that will facilitate you to make any sort of a changes to your site. Not only is Prestashop compatible with a computer-based website, you can also employ its myriad features to churn out an M-Commerce site that can help online shoppers order your product lines through their smartphones.

5.Customization – A Promising Reason To Opt for Prestashop

You can refer to the Prestashop documentation that is available on the Cloud to customize your online store. Along with the advantage of installing several themes, you can make the most of the umpteen modules that can expand your online shop; based on usability preferences. In this way, you can guarantee a unique look to your website that will be appreciated by the global shopping populace.

6.An Effective Tool to Manage Your Online Products

With Prestashop, you can exercise better control over your online offerings. You are in a favorable position to engage in the daily management of your online merchandize. Prestashop allows you to categorize your products under various heads, thus permitting online customers to proceed with hassle-free shopping.

With Prestashop, you can declare your offerings tagged under the heads of “Discounted Products” and “Products without Shipping Cost”. This is made possible when you employ the Product Management module offered by Prestashop.

7.Stands in Good Stead With Latest Developments

Prestashop allows you to make the most of the latest versions of add-ons. You can simply download the new version that is launched and your website will eventually meet the growing expectations of online shoppers. In this manner, Prestashop will enable you to gain a competitive edge over your competitors who are spending loads of money to create e-commerce sites; that are not as versatile as yours.

8.A Path-Breaking Marketing Platform

You can make use of the Marketing module that Prestashop offers to not only promote your products but also to improve the user experience. This platform will spread a good word about your brand, ultimately bringing about brand awareness amidst online shopping circles.

With the growing dependence on social media platforms to make a purchasing decision, Prestashop helps you integrate your website with these platforms. This can work wonders to your online store, manifesting in the form of improved customer reach and retention.

9.An Interface that Makes Promotional Activities a Breeze

With Prestashop, you can effortlessly create successful online promotions, launch new products, run newsletter campaigns and engage in referral programs. You can initiate innovative practices to promote your online offerings which will show up in the form of increased website traffic.

10.A Potent Tool to Improve Your Bottom Line

An increased website traffic to your online store will eventually translate into increased sales. You as an online store owner can effectively manage your site through your Prestashop account and boost your conversion rates. You can also register increased product sales stemming from customer engagement.

You have the “One Page Super-checkout” plugin from Prestashop that is a dynamic tool which replaces the default checkout process. This plugin promises a compact, interactive and compelling checkout that can be carried out on a single page. Use this plugin to engage better with your customers and reap the fruits of your labor coming in the form of increased sales.

11.A Promising Platform for Efficient Store Management

The Store Management module offered by Prestashop helps you customize your store activities, while promising you an improved store performance. With Prestashop, you will be able to create customized invoices matching a particular product. Automation of store activities is another promising feature of Prestashop.

You can simplify the process of managing your products, categories and orders along with a dedicated attempt to attract your customers. All thanks to the intuitive interface of Prestashop, store management can be made extremely simple. To top it all, all these store activities can be performed through multiple Prestashop features; all in jiffy.

12.The Checkout Module Can Transcend Geographical Barriers

It is a well-known fact that online stores thrust a great deal of importance to customer comfort and user friendliness. In line with this basic premise of online shopping, Prestashop offers the Checkout module that helps customers proceed with the multi-currency option to pay for their online orders.

The platform allows customers to choose their currency through a secured payment gateway. Easing out the checkout process, this Prestashop module can help customers to proceed with a direct order which gets created in a short time. To sum it all, this module helps you increase your product sales while substantially bettering your conversion rate.

13.Numbers Are a Testimony To The Popularity of Prestashop

Tagged as the most commonly and widely employed programing platform that can churn out interesting e-commerce websites, a close look at the following numbers will strengthen your reason to pick Prestashop.

Launched in 2007, this platform has so far supported the e-commerce needs of more than 250,000 active stores which are spread across 190 countries. Offering more than 310 features, you will be surprised to know that Prestashop presents an array of over 3,500 modules and templates. Another reason that makes Prestashop the platform to develop a highly versatile online store is linked to the concept of localization. Choosing Prestashop will help you churn out an e-commerce portal in over 65 global languages.

14.The Latest Prestashop Version 1.7 Is Here!

A quick look at the promising features of the newest version of Prestashop 1.7 further supports your decision to choose it as your online store programming interface. Promising new architecture, the latest version further simplifies the checkout option through customization. Presenting a new starter theme, this version supports password security along with an easy website maintenance system. The list of benefits does not end here. Look up and install the latest version to enjoy an enhanced module integration with your current e-commerce website.

Closing Thoughts

All the above-mentioned reasons are in the actual sense the benefits of Prestashop. With so many advantages in place, you can make the most of the flexibility and scalability offered by this platform. An additional benefit comes through customization; a feature that is looked up to, by your brand loyalists. Thus, an in-depth explanation of all the reasons speaks volumes of the capabilities of Prestashop, bestowing you with umpteen bright spots that can illuminate your online store to your utmost surprise and satisfaction.

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06Nov 2017
python vs ruby on rails

When you are looking to improve the online exposure of your venture, choosing the right programming language for web development is always a challenging task. A number of advanced languages are available at present each with unique features and advantages. Python and Ruby stand out in the list as both of them are open source languages which can be accessed for free without any expense. They look quite similar visually and run on high-level coding with an object-oriented concept. There is a lot in common for both these language and so are its noticeable divergences, especially in the way they solve problems. However, whether it is for web services, web-based apps or to develop a competing website, these languages have proved to be a great choice. And now it causes a dilemma on whether to go for Python or Ruby to build a platform for your business.

There are a lot of areas to be considered before you make a final decision on whether to go for Python web development or Ruby on Rails web development. They run on a pretty different syntax and philosophy. Here we can have a look at how Python differs from Ruby in their role as a good web development programming language.

1.Learning Curve:

While choosing a web development language, its learning curve is equally considered important just like their efficiency. A language with clean codes will be easy to understand and that makes Python to top the list of languages with the best learning curve. Ruby can be handled by a programmer who has proficiency in another two or three languages but the simplicity of syntax has made Python the best bet for beginners. The programmers hardly need to remember any syntax which resembles pseudo-code and the explicit code structure makes it easy to debug.

2.Problem solving approach:

Python has got a direct mode of problem solving whereas it is more of magical for Ruby. Everything is made clear for a Python programmer and they get a clear idea of what they are into. This makes it easy for them to learn the art of coding and at the same time helps them to fix bugs well too. Ruby is more flexible and programmers would be glad to do some tricks to run the program which seems more magical at times and it appears to be empowering for them. But this approach can be troublesome at times when they have to sit for hours to track bugs.

3.Features and functionality:

Python is a conservative language which is a lot stricter in comparison to Ruby with better code readability. Both Ruby and Python is speedy and efficient in many respects while the former is more expressive and elegant too. Ruby runs on the philosophy of ‘doing more with less’ while Python’s philosophy is to ‘do things in the right way’. The Python boasts of a dynamic type system and works well with almost all major operating systems. Ruby is known for its speed and adaptation and needs minimal steps to set things up in most of the cases while its counterpart give way for more customization options.


Ruby is an ideal choice when it comes to building high-traffic and complex sites which is designed using pattern-matching structure. More than that, Python serve good for data-heavy sites and the ones that are designed with more calculations. In fact, data scientists make use of this language for data analysis and prototypes. It is shipped with a live interpreter which is text-based that helps users to learn coding on the go with immediate feedback. As resources are easily available on the internet, Python gives better beginner friendliness which is not the case with Ruby and the less frequent updates makes it more comfortable to use.

5.Web frameworks:

The web applications using Python are built using Django whereas Ruby uses Rails to set it up. Both of these trusted and reputed open source frameworks run on concepts such as controllers, views, models and database migrations but they differ in the way of implementation. In terms of libraries, Rubygems is the repository of Ruby and Python uses Package Index. Django features a pragmatic design and promotes rapid development. Python also runs on other reputed frameworks such as Flask and Pyramid. A web developer has nothing much to complain about the functionality of these two powerful frameworks.


A diverse community is the strength of Python in comparison to Ruby. Of course, the community of Ruby is growing with the introduction of Rails but cannot maintain the diversity like Python. The Python community has put excellent effort to deliver good documentation with English descriptions making it easy for a beginner to easily catch up and the ‘Doc Strings’ helps them to access it without any searching time. The comp.lang.python is pretty active all the time and the Ruby community is available online and offline.


Python was introduced by Guido Van Rossum in 1991 whereas Ruby came just 4 years later in 1995 and the language was put forward by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Some of the reputed websites built with Ruby-on-Rails include Hulu, Groupon, Airbnb, Shopify, Apple, Twitter and Github. Python is far way more popular with top websites and applications in the list that include search engine giant Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Mozilla Firefox, Washington Post and the National Geographic.

8.Key Benefits:

The ease of use is what makes Python to stand out from other languages. It has the support of a number of trusted resources and the developer finds it rare to get stuck up with any project. The other benefits include its simple to handle nature, flexibility, easy integration, quick processing capability and unparalleled performance that enhances the overall convenience and productivity. The feasibility analysis of a project can be done much faster with Ruby and a developer’s perspective can be better utilized. It is referred to as a cost saving technology and in fact it saves a lot of time too if things get right in the first step. And you can use the present custom application’s elements in your upcoming projects without the hassles of making a new one.

Developers love Ruby on Rails web development for its flexibility and freedom whereas Python is loved for its stability over change. When Python web development has a strong client base in the science world and academic applications, Ruby is mostly chosen by start ups. The same web application which is built using Python can be built with Ruby, as well. Despite the pros and cons of the language, it is important to look at how it actually benefits your particular application.

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02Nov 2017
benefits of prestashop themes

Being a user of Web 2.0, you must be familiar with Prestashop, an e-commerce software that helps you design and manage online  shopping carts. Tagged as an open source software, Prestashop finds an extensive use in the creation of online shopping interfaces. This software comes with a host of pre-designed and pre-defined templates that can be employed by your website developer.

Following are some of the benefits these pre-defined themes come with:

Benefits of Prestashop Themes

1. Customization – The Topmost Benefit of Prestashop Themes

All thanks to the numerous Prestashop themes that can be sourced from many companies, you can employ various skins which are available in multiple styles. Not one or two but an entire assembly of web design skins can be integrated into the shopping cart software. This promises the situation of “best of both the worlds” demonstrating a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and usability.

If you are looking to team an artistic product with a sophisticated look, you can go ahead and choose a befitting style that matches your requirement. This way, you can bank on Prestashop themes to bring out the perfect layout for your e-commerce site.

2.A Smooth Transition From “Free To Paid” Prestashop Skins

You must be aware that there are some Prestashop templates which can be availed without paying any license fee. However, there are others that are offered by certain companies which come with a price tag. With ample of options available in the market, a trial run of your online cart can include free templates. By doing this, you can check whether your online cart delivers a performance standard that is required by you. However, the second stage to this testing may involve payments to companies who provide you paid Prestashop templates.

You can pick a first-rate template which has the power to effectively market your products and services. Simultaneously, you can also call for a store makeover by altering the look and functionality of your online store with a palette of appealing colors and fonts.

3.Multiple Design Options

These themes come with umpteen layout options. Hence, choosing any one of the Prestashop pre-defined themes meeting your requirements can professionalize your e-commerce cart. Added to the assembly of layout options, you can cash on the convenience of multiple colors and fonts that can be changed to suit your design requirements. This way, you can choose and implement one from a plethora of well-maintained and high-quality customer-centric themes to transform your cart to rank high in aesthetics and functionalities.

4.Maintenance of Your Site Becomes a Breeze

The pre-defined themes of Prestashop simplify the task of maintaining your e-commerce cart. Just a click on the “theme update” option and you are all covered. However, in certain situations, you need to upload an“.ftp” file for the update to be initiated. Additionally, all these themes present a simple means to customize your site, without demanding any software coding.

5.Device Compatibility

Another star attraction of Prestashop themes is that these themes are compatible with mobiles as well. You can effortlessly employ these themes on to your mobile e-commerce site and will be thrilled to receive orders from satisfied customers. Customers who look up your site can read the online content on their mobile devices without any hassles.


You will thank yourself for choosing one of the Prestashop themes on the strength of its affordability. These themes which come with in-built themes do not burn a hole in your pockets when compared to the cost incurred with static websites. You can enjoy the benefits of bringing in a consistent layout to your site without bothering about “what next?”

You simply add your content to the theme and your website is up and running. This feature hastens the entire process of building and launching your website which ultimately results in money savings. You don’t have to invest in any unique software to make use of Prestashop themes. This further reduces your cost figures and paves way for a budget-friendly website development.

7.Better Control – The Reins of Website Development Are in Your Hands

You can be the master of your website when you choose to use the themes offered by Prestashop. Enabling you to have complete control over the development of your e-commerce site, you will be in a favorable position to project your brand in the best light possible. Added to this, you can churn out high-functional e-commerce interfaces that are in line with the needs of your customers by conductive trail runs; supported by research and development activities.

8.You Can Save a Great Deal of Time

As the Prestashop themes come with built-in functionalities, you can save a lot of website development time. You can simply include plug-ins and widgets that are required, without having to search for them. By picking Prestashop themes you will be in a position to link your site with your social media contacts alongside taking assistance to provide slideshows and side panels to your site that are helpful to online shoppers.

Final Thoughts

The above 8 advantages of employing Prestashop themes are a testimony to the fact that it is best to choose pre-defined themes. These themes help your website to have the best look among others along with a high level of usability.

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31Oct 2017

Python and JAVA experts have always been fighting to prove the upper hand of their favorite language. But if you see from the perspective of data science there is no such thing as favorite language. However, it is indeed true there are certain features which make languages too easy to work on.

The last decade has seen some unbelievable change when it comes to computer language. Birth of numerous languages has made the developers and projects polyglot.

However, in the midst of fluttering computer languages, two has managed to be all time favorite of programmers.

Why do Java and Python have such a strong fan base all over the world?

Let’s see why they have become the all-time favorite and what gives one slight upper hand over the other.

python vs java

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26Oct 2017
prestashop benefits and its features

Prestashop is a free and widely-used Open Source e-commerce interface. Founded in 2007 in Paris, this is essentially a Content management system (CMS) software used to develop e-commerce shopping cart systems. The main objective of this software is to equip small sized e-marketing businesses to implement the best practices of a robust .e-commerce solution. Marketers across the globe can make the most of this software to create, launch and manage a full-fledged online shopping interface without having to cough up any license fees.

Benefits of Prestashop

If you are inquisitive to know about the features of Prestashop which can benefit your online store, then here it is:

  1. The Open-Source Benefit Facilitated by the Cloud

Web developers who are planning to tread the path of Prestashop can benefit from its open-source feature which runs on a cloud platform. This is a star attraction of Prestashop when you can lay hands on a plethora of website maintenance and development features without shelling out money in the form of license fees.

When you sign up with Prestashop, you will become a part of an active community of Open Source experts. This community of professionals can help you with your online store hosting plans without having to apply and pay for additional license to access the source code. You are at liberty to employ all the functionalities that this e-commerce software offers; all for free.

  1. Expert and Timely Support

Becoming an active member of the Prestashop forum will benefit you in more ways. Along with receiving timely technical support for all your web development and maintenance queries, you will also be able to extract the advantages of its appealing back end interface.

You can bank on the exhaustive training material that comprises of invaluable information collated from 8, 50,000 experts of Prestashop. You can engage in an online chat with an expert of the Prestashop team as a part of one-on-one problem-solving interaction.

  1. Ease in Setting Up and Maintaining Online Stores

Prestashop makes the core task of setting up an online shopping site a breeze. This is because this software is comparatively easier to use and understand. Doing away with the complexities of other web development scripting languages, Prestashop simplifies the maintenance activities of your online store.

You don’t have to take support from an external subject matter experts to handhold you with the workflow of Prestashop. You can work independently to set up your own online store with Prestashop by easily understanding the functionalities of this software. You can effortlessly launch your online store without downloading anything since the up-to-date cloud platform will provide you with the most recent version.

  1. Seamless Version Upgrade

It is with Prestashop that you can effortlessly debug your code. This paves way for an additional incentive that comes in the shape of a seamless version upgrade. You will thank yourself to have chosen Prestashop when you can initiate a software update without any hassles. This is a much-needed move to deliver high quality online stores.

Secondly, this software facilitates a provision to integrate an array of leading business applications and services. To name a few, you can incorporate a single app which can interact with your customer base through chats and emails to process their online refunds. This app is facilitated by support conversations between the help desk and the customer can also initiate online order edits. You can also automate your inventory and order management mechanisms through an application. These applications once ported on to your site can help you strengthen your presence in the online shopping space.

  1. Customization Made Easy

Tagged as a developer-friendly software, Prestashop offers a perfect solution to all your customization tasks. Permitting you to customize modules by including features according to your specific needs, Prestashop helps you implement out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions. You also have the advantage of bringing in your corporate elements as add-on modules which will make your online store rank high with versatility. You can also scale up your functions depending upon your changing needs.

  1. Multi-Lingual Support Cuts Across Geographical Barriers

If your online store attracts global shoppers, then it is best to use Prestashop which comes with a multi-lingual support. Capable of supporting close to 45 languages, this E-commerce solution comes with an additional benefit of facilitating multiple currency conversions.

  1. Portability

Prestashop is a light-weight software that demands very less installation costs. You can set up a new server on which you can run your online store applications without burning a hole in your pocket. Tagged as a powerful store builder, you can make the most of the swift installation features that Prestashop offers.

  1. Affordability

Tagged as a Freemium e-commerce platform, Prestashop is a popular E-commerce solution that can considerably reduce your website development costs. This is a “cheap and best” web development alternative which brings down your need for multiple server resources as well. With all these in place, this software can be looked upon as a purse-friendly alternative to churn out a robust online store.

  1. High on Functionality

The latest Prestashop v1.7 comes with a host of additional features that are now at your disposal. To name a few, you can make the most of the integration with bootstrap and the user-friendly look and feel that can be utilized.

You will be thrilled at an assembly of 2,000+ responsive themes that can be used to build mobile shopping interfaces. To top it all, Prestashop offers more than 25,000 plugins through which you can add multiple functionalities to your online store, backed by a plethora of shopping cart features.

  1. Themes – The Aesthetic Benefactors to Your E-Commerce Site

Web developers can make the most of the Prestashop Template which is a collection of images, files and modules; all supported by documentation. It is through this package with which you can build a complete e-store.

The various themes of Prestashop permit you to alter or modify the look and functionality of an online store, facilitated by a local language support. It is as simple as downloading the theme you like the most and installing it. You are now all set to hit the ground running with your fully functional and aesthetically appealing online store.

  1. Multiple Modules of Prestashop

Allowing you to have full control over the administration of your online store, Prestashop offers a host of website development services which are beneficial to your online shopping populace.

Payment module and the shipping module are the two important modules offered by Prestashop.

Along with these two modules, you can employ this software as an intelligent tool to develop an SEO compliant site, banking on the customized module. The list of benefits offered by Prestashop does not end here. You can bank on Prestashop to actively integrate your online stores with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

  1. A Multi-Faceted Solution

Through Prestashop, you can implement a number of successful shipping configurations and partnerships, by taking the support of the shipping module. Online shoppers will be satisfied with the benefit of a seamless customer checkout. A unique feature of this software is that it permits data migration from other shopping carts.

A host of customer service tools offered by Prestashop can make your online store stand apart from others. You will also be surprised that this software helps you integrate more than 50 globally-acclaimed payment solutions and gateways for billing purposes through its payment module. You as a digital marketer will also be in a favorable position to effectively manage your product listings through the extensive set of features that Prestashop offers.

  1. A Proven Means to Enjoy Higher Page Ranks

Every marketer wants his online store page to reach top the list of Google search results. If you are in a way to develop an E-commerce site, Prestashop can become your top bet as it can help you achieve heights.


With so many features that Prestashop offers to digital marketers, you can effortlessly market your products and services which can be ordered via personal computer or smartphones. This software which comes with a designer guide makes it an easy job to build and manage an online store. With an opportunity to extract the best out of the wide range of customizable e-commerce themes, Prestashop allows you to rank your page with a high aesthetic appeal and functionality score.

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25Oct 2017
Prestashop ecommerce Development

Prestashop was introduced in 2007, it has gained popularity along with fully fledged Prestashop Ecommerce development solutions over the past decade. At this moment of time Prestashop has managed to provide an e-commerce platform for 1.25 lakh stores word-wide. What make Prestashop stand apart from competitors are reliable online shopping solutions and amazing user experience.

Of course, not all e-commerce solutions are perfect and will have some demerits or flaws along with impressive features and so is the case of Prestashop. Here let us have a look at the most important pros and cons of Prestashop E commerce development.

  1. Easy to install:

    The installation of the software is a very simple process. You just need to download the file on your gadget from their official website. Setting up a fully functional online store is just a few steps away. Deploying PrestaShop is not a big deal for even users that have only a slow internet connection as it is light with less than 6MB in size. Since the file itself is so small there won’t even be a question about slowing down of website and as a result, users can benefit from faster search options.

  2. Open source platform:

    Prestashop is an open source shopping cart website that can be owned free of cost. Unlike its counterparts, there is no need for a license fee to establish an e-store. This is a great option for merchants looking to start up a new online venture with minimal investments. A pretty decent store can be set up without giving a thought about transaction or monthly fees with this web based e-commerce solution.

  3. Easy to use and maintain:

    There is no technical brilliance needed to operate an e-store using this shopping solution. It is easy to understand, with a simple design and has a convenient back end interface. A user with minimal technical know-how can handle the website with ease, so maintaining the website is most of the time hassle free. The overall convenience to operate throughout the store is always an upfront giving way for only negligible technical jargon.

  4. User friendly interface:

    The convenience of handling the store with a user friendly interface is the key advantage of Prestashop shopping solution. This is really helpful in effortless management and maintenance of the store. The quicker processing and easy navigation throughout the website has added to its amazing user experience. The availability of 25000+ plugins plays the key part in building a fully functional store with ease.

  5. Customization friendly:

    Depending on the varying business needs, the shopping cart website using Prestashop can be easily customized. You can add or delete features of the store to make it suitable for your business type. Personalizing particular areas of your store can be done with complete flexibility during Prestashop website development Service.

  6. Demographic assistance:

    The support for multiple languages and currencies has made its localisation process simple. With enough demographic assistance, the stores using Prestashop are running successfully across USA, UK, India, Canada, China, Germany, and Japan. Even when the complete support is available for only English and French, the website can be easily translated to around 40 to 45 languages.

  7. Minimal system requirements:

    Running the store on your device doesn’t require much system requirements. All you need is a stable shared hosting plan. The store runs efficiently with just a stable operation system such as Linux, UNIX or Windows and PHP 5.2, MySQL 5. And operating from PrestaShop Cloud is a lot convenient in comparison to self hosting.

  8. Secure payment:

    Reliable and user friendly payment gateways are another important attractive feature of using Prestashop shopping cart solution. There is nothing to worry about fraud or time delay when using their payment options such as PayPal and Google Checkout. Moreover, secure transactions are assured through SSL protocol system. Above all, Prestashop’s one-page checkout process considerably speeds up the product purchase.

  9. Economic choice:

    With the need of only minimal investment and a fewer resources, you can set up an online store in a minimal time frame. The base version itself offers all the features of a fully functional store. The store can run on a shared hosting web service making it a great option for those merchants looking to start a new venture with budget constraints.

In addition to all these significant options, Prestashop is also designed to offer some out of the box features. This includes free promotional tools including coupons and vouchers, automation of Email follow-up and user convenient features such as ‘recently viewed products’, returns management and order tracking. Also you can have more in the store with its latest upgrade to Prestashop 1.7 that features enhanced product configuration and improved back office navigation.

Not all shopping solutions are built to perfection and have disadvantages or limitations when compared to counterparts. Here let us have a look at the pros of Prestashop website development that should be taken into consideration before going for it.

  1. Limited scalability:

    This shopping website is a great solution for small to medium sized stores but not so great when your business is looking to expand. This free software for online store can be an asset to improve the online exposure of your business with multi-vendor support but with limited benefits for large or complex projects. Its lack of multi-store feature is a major drawback when setting up a full-scale project.

  2. Unprofessional design:

    Prestashop comes with a pretty decent design to run a start up or low budget store but not good enough for large scale stores. The design lacks a professional touch even when it serves the basic functions. Some users also complain about a poorly designed statistics system and about upgrading issues. And it has only limited options for cross sell products.

  3. Paid functionality:

    Many of the features that come built in with its counterparts are not available with this open source platform. This free version is actually a basic solution with only standard features to run a medium sized store but not with advanced functionalities. You will have to buy additional modules to meet your advanced needs but need to spend a pretty sum.

  4. No official support team:

    Unlike other shopping solutions that has official support teams to deal with any mishaps; no official team is there to help you out with Prestashop. However, many of the Prestashop users are not considering this as a drawback as there is an active user community with over 700,000 members who are always out with a hand of assistance. The support pages on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the rich documentation with FAQs and user guide, are good enough to keep the system updated.

When you are planning to set up an online store for your business, you have to take a deeper dig into its pros and cons. If you are on a low budget and looking to have a standard online store with some decent features to give an online exposure for your business, Prestashop E commerce development has proved a good choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a fully-fledged store with advanced features for a large scale project, you can have a look at other alternatives.  You can also have a trial version before signing up to the original version for most of the platforms. After all, a wise decision is not to go after a platform with a higher rating but to choose the one that suits your exact business purpose.

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