04Jan 2017

ProBytes Software and Technoalliance, India is happy to announce a new Product Development Company that will be headed and managed by Intek J. The name of the new company is Spectra Solutions.

Intek says “We have been in outsourcing business for past 10+ years and have been constantly evolving to give better and better solutions to our clients. The new venture is all our learnings formulated and organised together in one to give our clients better output at much lower rates. We have built products for certain domains and will work only on these products based projects. We already have a team which has both very strong domain and technical knowledge of these products and eventually I are sure that our team will be best across the globe in these products based jobs. Our clients should not come to us bcoz we are offering competitive prices, it should be more because they want the best team. We are changing the concept of outsourcing to RIGHT-SOURCING”

Few of the products that we are already released in market are:-

Food Delivery System – eDeliveryApp – which already has got a huge userbase in short amount of time. eDeliveryApp is a turnkey online restaurant ordering system. It’s built for restaurant owners and local delivery businesses. eDeliveryApp can be fully customized and re-branded as your own online restaurant ordering system. You get benefit of a custom built software for your business that increases your sales many fold, at a fraction of the cost.
We have a complete food ordering system with Frontend website + Android App + iOs App + Facebook App and can be further extended for custom functionalities using modules and plugins. It works out of box with all major payment gateways and POS systems.
eDeliveryApp can be used for single restaurants or multi-restaurant aggregator businesses.

T Shirt Design Software – Our Tshirt design software is a web to print software module that allows shopping cart owners to give the functionality of custom design and buy feature for various customizable products like t-shirt, phone cases, signs, greeting, labeling, photo frame, lettering, sticker, apparels, mugs, poster, business cards, shoes, hats, badge pins etc.It allows your customer to add both Custom Text and Images andto drag, rotate, flip, resize and customize them in multiple ways. Your customers can upload images and clipart from their own folders, social sites like facebook or use from admin uploaded images and cliparts. The module is already available for Prestashop and Magento 2 module has just been released with other platfroms planned soon.

mCartApp – mCartapp is native eCommerce app that works out of box with WooCommerce, PrestaShop and magento stores. Our woocommerce android app is the most popular solution and has been garnering a good following.

We have other products also work in progress and will be released shortly.

Probytes Software will operate completely out of Trivandrum development center and continue providing IT services to our clients, all Pune team member will move to new company.

Wishing the new team best of luck and lot of success.

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09Dec 2015
Magento Marketplace to Arrive In Early 2016

New Magento Marketplace will be fully launched in early 2016.

It will be replacing Magento Connect.

Each extensions and providers in the marketplace will be reviewed by Magento. This review ensures that the right quality of products and services are offered by Magento Marketplace.

The extensions in the Magento app store will go through an automated basic check which will check for plagiarism, security including malware and viruses and Magento coding standards.

According to Magento Revenue Share model, 70% of the revenue will be distributed to providers and 30% to Magento itself.

The only drawback is that Magento users will see less extensions available than previously under Magento Connect.

The good thing is that there is no fee to submit apps.


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23Nov 2015
The new platinum level is introduced by Magento commerce is trusted worldwide by businesses for deeper partnerships

Magento commerce, trusted by over 250,000 businesses worldwide develops deeper technology partnerships.

“These strategic changes to our technology partner program enable us to curate a set of best-of-breed partners and extensions that create great merchant experiences with the Magento platform,” said Mark Lenhard, SVP of Strategy and Growth at Magento Commerce. “We are committed to making strategic investments to develop the quality of our global ecosystem and to accelerate the sales momentum of qualified technology partners who are selling and supporting Magento Commerce solutions.”

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“PayPal collaborates with leading technology partners like Magento to put exciting new products and features into the hands of customers that help millions of merchants and their shoppers more easily connect,” said Steve Fusco VP, GM North America Distribution, PayPal. “PayPal is honored to be named by Magento an inaugural platinum level partner. Together, PayPal and Magento have helped countless companies grow and prosper, and we look forward to working even more closely together in the years to come.”

It recognizes segment leaders and provides for deeper collaboration in key categories of greatest interest to dealers.

“We have always striven to provide sophisticated functionality that delivers the best marketing ROI for retailers in a way that is entirely intuitive and easy to use. We are delighted that Magento has recognized these unique strengths and awarded us this prestigious global Platinum Partnership status”, said Simone Barratt, CEO of dotdigital.

This ensures a higher level of satisfaction and confidence with dealers and solution partners, while providing market differentiation for Magento technology partners and developers.


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06Nov 2015
Magento- No Longer an Ebay Company

Magento, leading provider of open omni-channel innovation launched as a separate company, backed by Premira funds.

It boasts a strong portfolio of open-source and cloud-based omnichannel solutions

Magento, worldwide leader in eCommerce, powering more than 240,000 sites globally and supporting over $50 billion in gross products volume.

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“Magento is at the forefront of a tremendous market opportunity. As an independent company, with the full support and global resources of the Permira funds, we are poised to accelerate our leadership as innovators, creating products that drive exceptional experiences across every stage of the commerce lifecycle”, said New CEO Mark Lavelle.

“During our time as a division of eBay, Inc., we grew revenue fivefold, made significant investments in our core platform and added innovative mobile and omni-channel products. Now, we will build on this momentum–continuing to innovate with speed and at scale while we put renewed focus on expanding our market leadership with stronger emphasis on our global network of system integrators, technology partners and developer community”, he added.

Magento Marketplace is the largest commerce application marketplace providing merchants with a curated user experience in finding high quality products and services.

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16Oct 2015
E-Commerce Makes “Kollu Dolls” Accessible At Buyers’ Doorstep


Many agents make the door delivery of dolls ease to the people living abroad so that they don’t have to come Mylapore tank area to buy Kolu dolls.

Digital Marketing has changed the way of purchasing KOLU Dolls.

“Until last year, I would make a trip to Chennai and Puducherry to buy new dolls, but this year, I have ordered a Brahmotsavam set online,” says Praveena Suresh, who lives in Pune.

“When I moved to the United States, I did not buy new dolls for two years. I would instead use toys that I bought locally. Now, with agents guaranteeing safe delivery of these dolls at my doorstep, I have started ordering dolls every year,” Hema Nandagopal from Ohio says.

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G.Segar has been sending dolls to the United States and Malaysia for the last 10 years now. “Now, I am able to WhatsApp pictures of the dolls to my clients, and they tell me if they want something else. Since I work with multiple doll makers, I make sure the customers get the right dolls, even if I have to buy from different vendors,” he said.

“There are a few vendors in the United States that take the dolls I send them and distribute them there through their e-commerce sites,” he added.

With the advent of e-commerce sites, and WhatsApp, demand for these dolls from overseas has suddenly increased.


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08Oct 2015
Walmart Strengthened E-Commerce services with Fulfillment Center

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is enhancing its shipping deliverables with fulfillment center.

This instruction applies only to a small number of its 4,500 U.S. locations which are scheduling workers for more hours than expected.

“We’re rapidly enhancing our fulfillment capabilities to give customers more choices and fast shipping, while keeping our costs down so we can continue to lower our prices,” said Neil Ashe, CEO Walmart Global e-commerce.

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 “Whether shipping to home or picking up at a store, our digital and physical fulfillment assets come together and let customers choose the most convenient way to receive their online orders”, he added.

This is the third e-commerce fulfillment facility opened by the Wal-Mart in the second half of the year.

Last month, Wal-Mart announced plans to hire 60,000 employees to fulfill the holiday shopping demand, as well as several additional holiday help in its e-commerce fulfillment centers.

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09Jul 2015
Postal dept final posting

Department of Posts is heading towards e-commerce sector in order to facilitate national markets for rural entrepreneurs. The new initiative is modelled after the pilot e-commerce implemented at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Venture of Indian Post into e-commerce will promote small and middle-level manufacturers, artisans, craftsmen and weavers in the rural areas. They will be benefited just like the urban manufacturers and business entrepreneurs. S. Rajendra Kumar, Postmaster General, South Karnataka region, confirmed on Wednesday that the suggestion of introducing e-commerce platform was recently received.

The postal department was told to look for products suitable for portal marketing. “We are in the process of establishing links with rural entrepreneurs, weavers, artisans, craftsmen and others and enter into an understanding with them for marketing their produce to the clientele across the country,” he informed. When asked about the time of expected roll-out, Mr. Kumar said, “The roll-out is expected soon with at least a few products.” Postmaster general said Channapatna toys are proposed to be included in the e-commerce biz.

Mr. Kumar said, “Our venture is different from entities in the e-commerce business as our initiative is only to market the rural produce. It does not sell branded commercial goods but products like honey and coffee from Coorg as being done at Postal Shoppee.” On the question of status tie-ups with rural entrepreneurs, he said, “The postal divisions are exploring the possibilities of an agreement with the groups or societies of weavers, craftsmen, and others.” Mr. Kumar confirmed that a link will be available on the India Post website for those who wish to access the e-commerce portal, “Anybody sitting in the remotest corner of the country can order for the products available in another corner. With an unbeatable network, the delivery will be faster.”

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08Jul 2015
Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Meet BRICS Leaders final

NEW DELHI: Issues related to small and medium enterprises, e-commerce and the World Trade Organisation will be discussed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his counterparts at the BRICS summit in Russia.

BRICS members include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The meet is for two days and will be beginning on Wednesday. It is conducted to focus on issues related to economic cooperation

“While India will give its full support for proposed cooperation in the SME sector and the WTO, it will express its reservations in e-commerce,” the official added.

BRICS members, especially Russia, aims at strengthening barrier free environment which is really important for the better environment between partner countries.

PM Modi insists that inside each country, the development of e-commerce should happen within the existing policy framework.  Presentl,y India allows 100% FDI in business-to-business e-commerce but bars business-to-consumer segment.

Strategy of WTO

For a work programme at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the five nations will be working together on a joint strategy. Next WTO Ministerial meeting will be held at Nairobi in December. The main objective of the meeting is to reach an agreement on selected issues from the whole gamut of areas being negotiated under the Doha Round launched in 2001.

“The BRICS nations need to work together to ensure that the developed countries do not get away by pushing for only the issues of interest to them and that developing country interests are also taken care of,” the official said.

Other Meetings

The inaugural meeting of the BRICS-backed New Development Bank is scheduled to conduct along with the BRICS meeting.  Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will be attending the inaugural. The meeting of trade ministers will be attended by Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Along with the BRICS meetings, Modi will also be participating in bilateral meetings with his counterparts from South Africa and China.

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01Jul 2015

There has been a lot of hype about the growing business opportunities in China. As a result, many companies have operated their businesses in the country. Some of them have been successful while some failed. The reason analysts say is that foreign multi-national companies have been slow in identifying the shift towards online shopping in China.

China’s e-commerce market has grown by almost 50% since last year. A research by Nielsen reveals that half of China’s consumers are purchasing groceries online compared to a quarter globally.

The research has questioned the survival of Fonterra in the market, which aims at enhancing product sales in China by tackling online challenges. However, the company has not announced about going online while announcing its distribution partnership with Chinese baby milk maker Beingmate Baby & Child last year.

Fonterra hopes that the tie-up will benefit the sales of its Anmum infant formula brand in China. Achyut Kasireddy, the company's vice president of greater China brands said, "Previously in China, physical reach was a key driver of success but that is rapidly changing with the growth in e-commerce and innovative marketing platforms." He said that products under the Fonterra brand that includes Anmum and Anchor already have strong online presence through various Chinese e-commerce platforms, including Alibaba's Tmall.com.

"In the case of Anmum, we saw positive results with online sales during its pilot phase and our partnership with Beingmate will take it to the next level," Kasireddy said.

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30Jun 2015
Magento Founders to Launch B2B e-commerce Software

Oro Inc. showed off their newest product OroCommerce software at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition this month. It’s the same team that founded Magento. “OroCommerce will disrupt B2B online commerce,” the product tagline goes.

No official declaration has been made about the release of the software till now. However, the Oro website says that it is “coming soon.” The company is launching the software at the right time when there is an increased demand for B2B e-commerce technology. According to Forrester Research, the investment in B2B e-commerce technology is going to surpass investment in retail e-commerce very soon. As a result, many technology vendors have decided to introduce B2B versions of their software into the market.

According to Oro Inc. OroCommerce will “focus on being an open source best-in-class commerce platform, with tools specifically for the B2B online sales market.” The software is designed to integrate with OroCRM, Oro’s first product, which is an open-source customer relationship management system. OroCommerce can also be integrated with other business software applications such as product information management, and inventory and financial management software that are often modules within enterprise resource planning, or ERP, systems.

OroCommerce is said to have built-in “B2B-specific” tools that are designed to feature online multiple price lists, a “simple yet customizable” quote-to-order process, quick order forms, and online corporate customer account management. “We combine these B2B-centric features with personalization, localization to multiple countries, currencies and languages,” says Oro Inc.

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