14Mar 2017
10 Programming Languages that would be Very Important in 2017

The secret to a good programming language is that it must enable faster, smarter programming with fewer bugs. Though the languages released earlier had assured that, almost all of them failed to meet the promise. Though the programming languages these days promise the same, we can’t abandon them assuming that they will be just like the earlier versions. It is necessary to adopt new programming languages as the projects are getting bigger day by day.

There are new programming languages coming up, with increased automation. This can help to improve efficiency with fewer chances of errors, thus, keeping in terms with the promise of faster, smarter programming with fewer bugs.

Here’s a list of 10 upcoming web programming languages that may define the future of coding:

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JavaScript is one of the most commonly used web programming languages. It is used in most of the web pages today as it helps the web developers to manipulate elements and to make the web page dynamic, thus, allowing users to interact with the web pages, click on elements and change the page. JavaScript supports object-oriented programming and procedural programming. Web developers can rejoice as the updated JavaScript, ES2017, is all set to be launched this year.


Java is another programming language that is here to stay for long. It is an object-oriented language. At present, Java is used by over 10 million developers and is run on 15 billion devices worldwide. It is used to create Android apps, software, games and website content. Some of the popular websites that use Java include LinkedIn, eBay and Amazon. Java9, the latest version of Java, will be out in 2017.


Python is an object-oriented language like PHP and Ruby. It is similar to English language, making it easy for beginners to learn. YouTube, Reddit and NASA are some websites that use features of Python. Python 3.6, the latest version of Python, was released in December 2016.


PHP is a commonly used open-source scripting language used mainly for web development. It aids in the swift and easy expansion of web applications. It is used as the basic foundation of in Content Management Systems like WordPress and websites like Facebook and Wikipedia. The latest version, PHP 7.1, was released in December 2016.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails makes it easier to use Ruby. However, it is important to have knowledge in Ruby before using Rails. Many businesses, large and small, have made use of the framework since its launch in 2004. You may have used some of the applications like Airbnb, Twitter, SoundCloud, Shopify etc. that were built with Ruby on Rails. The latest version, Rails 5.1.0 beta1 was released on Februar23, 2017.

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Go or GOLANG is a Google product and has gained popularity ever since it was launched. It compiles fast and has an outstanding standard library that goes well with concurrent programs. Netflix, YouTube and Adobe are few sites that use Go.


Swift is one of the rapidly growing programming languages. It is a product of Apple and their plans for Swift do not seem to end here. Therefore, it is necessary to keep note of the language for its gaining popularity. If you aspire to be an iOS developer, Swift is the language you must learn. Swift 3.0.2 is the latest version that was released in December 2016.


Elixir is a dynamic, functional language that has been designed to build scalable and maintainable applications. One of the notable features of Elixir is its consistency and therefore, it’s great to use for large applications that handle more than one task at a time. Pinterest, Moz and Bleacher Report are some of the websites that use Elixir.


Rust is an open-source programming language that is used to create fast and secure applications that exploits the powerful features of present-day multicore processors. Rust has been selected as the most loved programming language of 2016 by Stackoverflow. Dropbox and Coursera are the sites that use Rust.


TypeScript is a free and open-source programming language designed by Microsoft. It compiles to JavaScript and is also the most popular language for writing Angular 2 apps. The latest version is TypeScript 2.2.

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04Jan 2017

ProBytes Software and Technoalliance, India is happy to announce a new Product Development Company that will be headed and managed by Intek J. The name of the new company is Spectra Solutions.

Intek says “We have been in outsourcing business for past 10+ years and have been constantly evolving to give better and better solutions to our clients. The new venture is all our learnings formulated and organised together in one to give our clients better output at much lower rates. We have built products for certain domains and will work only on these products based projects. We already have a team which has both very strong domain and technical knowledge of these products and eventually I are sure that our team will be best across the globe in these products based jobs. Our clients should not come to us bcoz we are offering competitive prices, it should be more because they want the best team. We are changing the concept of outsourcing to RIGHT-SOURCING”

Few of the products that we are already released in market are:-

Food Delivery System – eDeliveryApp – which already has got a huge userbase in short amount of time. eDeliveryApp is a turnkey online restaurant ordering system. It’s built for restaurant owners and local delivery businesses. eDeliveryApp can be fully customized and re-branded as your own online restaurant ordering system. You get benefit of a custom built software for your business that increases your sales many fold, at a fraction of the cost.
We have a complete food ordering system with Frontend website + Android App + iOs App + Facebook App and can be further extended for custom functionalities using modules and plugins. It works out of box with all major payment gateways and POS systems.
eDeliveryApp can be used for single restaurants or multi-restaurant aggregator businesses.

T Shirt Design Software – Our Tshirt design software is a web to print software module that allows shopping cart owners to give the functionality of custom design and buy feature for various customizable products like t-shirt, phone cases, signs, greeting, labeling, photo frame, lettering, sticker, apparels, mugs, poster, business cards, shoes, hats, badge pins etc.It allows your customer to add both Custom Text and Images andto drag, rotate, flip, resize and customize them in multiple ways. Your customers can upload images and clipart from their own folders, social sites like facebook or use from admin uploaded images and cliparts. The module is already available for Prestashop and Magento 2 module has just been released with other platfroms planned soon.

mCartApp – mCartapp is native eCommerce app that works out of box with WooCommerce, PrestaShop and magento stores. Our woocommerce android app is the most popular solution and has been garnering a good following.

We have other products also work in progress and will be released shortly.

Probytes Software will operate completely out of Trivandrum development center and continue providing IT services to our clients, all Pune team member will move to new company.

Wishing the new team best of luck and lot of success.

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17Aug 2016

A Landing Page can be any web page that a visitor arrives or “lands” at when he/she clicks some Ad or sponsored link. Basically, a landing page is a stand alone web page, designed for a particular goal of conversion which is distinct from your main website. It may not have any navigation link with your website, focusing on just a distinct purpose. The main reason for limiting the navigation on a landing page is to present the visitors with a page which you have designed to serve a particular conversion goal.

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Types of Landing pages you can achieve

Basically, you can make two types of landing pages for your purpose:

1. Click through Landing pages

Click through landing pages are crafted with the aim of persuading a visitor to click through the links which would direct him/her to a new page. It is designed specially to describe a product or service. For example, the landing page of an online shopping site may directly lead you to the product page by clicking the “buy now” CTA button where you may find the product details, price, ratings, reviews, and add to cart options.

2. Lead Generation Landing pages

These pages are designed especially for the purpose of capturing the data of visitors such as email id, contact number, name, address, etc. The data captured is utilized for lead generation in the subsequent time when required. These links may lead you to a page where the website motive is to get a form filled by the visitors regarding their personal details. It means it may lead you to a sign-up, registration page, or inquiry page for gathering the required customer data for a site.

Importance of Landing Page Optimization for your Online Business

Landing pages are very basic part of any successful digital marketing strategy. They generate leads for you and increase the conversion rates. For an effective marketing strategy, they are part of every campaign you run for your online business. They are different from the ambiguous homepages where a visitor has no idea about what to do next. Landing pages are the indispensable part of each and every marketing strategy one can actually think of.

You need Landing pages for

a. Generating Leads.
b. Advertising your offers.
c. A platform where the user can redeem your offers.
d. Collecting information about the prospects of your customers.
e. Conversion targeting pages where you can have an idea about what is important for the customers and what is not.
f. Improving the cost cutting on Ad campaigns.

Most of the landing pages are found to be the converting ones. You focus your idea on a single prospect which makes the customer aware of your concerns about that particular product or service, resulting in a converted landing Page.

Make your Landing Pages Converting 

Optimize your Landing Page for Boosted Conversions

  1. Be precise and to the point

While designing a landing page, you must remember that your page must give the exact and precise information as shown on the link or banner of the landing page. Do not stuff it with irrelevant information. You should always get straight to the point. You need to focus on the tail terms of your content for spreading your message clearly.

  1. Optimize CTA buttons

The CTA buttons or images play a very important role in compelling people to perform the desired action you want them to undertake. You must give an accurate and clear message on the CTA buttons and images for grabbing instant customer attention.

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  1. Use contrasting colors

In order to highlight the main information or the CTA section of your page, you must use the contrasting colors to make them more visually appealing. Make sure it is easy for the visitors to see where to click in order to complete the required action.

  1. Logo of trust and privacy assurance

A visitor landing on your page must be presented with a sense of trust and security from your side, otherwise, he/she might not complete the action if he/she doesn’t find your site as trustworthy. You can build a trust for your landing page by including your company logo on the page, or various security badges and trust seals from various security experts like McAfee, Norton, etc.

  1. Do not clutter your landing page with extravagant visuals

Web testing and tracking tools like A/B testing and Click Heatmaps have already proven that applying extravagant visuals on your pages might not help you in conversions. In fact, they often distract the readers from the main point of the landing page. Even graphics might increase the loading time of your page. Trust me, you would not want your page to load slowly for losing conversions and sales to your rivals.

  1. Do proper formatting

While designing the landing page, you must properly consider the formatting standards. Apply the best formatting methods for clearly visualizing the images, CTA buttons and texts distinctly.

  1. Show your social presence

Always feel free to show your social presence on the landing pages. This provides a trustworthiness among readers. Most of the people find the information from social platforms to be trustworthy and reliable. Thus, your social presence might help you a lot in persuading your customers for a product purchase.

  1. Perform web testing to check the performance-

Various web testing tools are present in the market which can boost the performance of your landing page. You must perform web testing in order to determine which are the best elements of your page, and which parts are not performing well.

So, these are some of the very basic landing page optimization techniques which will help you in getting a better and converting website. The importance of landing pages cannot be overlooked as they are one of the most important ingredients for creating a promising and converting website these days.

Written By:- Mockingfish

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30May 2016
7 Things to Consider while Hiring a Magento Developer

Magento is an open source content management system (CMS) and it is considered to be one of the complex eCommerce environment today. It is more capable in services like search engine optimization, modifications and customization, user capabilities, automation of orders and shipments, product types, gift codes, coupons, catalog browsing and management etc when compared to Woo commerce and Shopify.

Complexity of Magento makes it suitable for developers, difficult to layout and operate separately. It is not an easy task to find a good Magento developer.

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When hiring a Magento developer, the following seven things should be considered:

  1. Know What You Need

It is necessary to create a clear cut plan with all your needs and desires written on paper before contacting the developers. There is no need to become a Magento expert, but it would be useful to understand the basics, sweet spots and difficulties of the online store. In addition to this, there should be a clear understanding about priorities, timetables and the budget.

If the research regarding the above details is done properly, then professional developers will take those details very seriously. For being successful, it is necessary to stay up-to-date and get involved during the development process.

2. Gather Potential Magento Partners

It is advisable to ask for recommendations of a trusted colleague about finding the best Magento developer. If there is no colleague available, it is better to seek the aid of third party service providers such as hosting agency or accountants. Otherwise, one can also explore connections on Linkedin which helps to find professionals in any field.

3. Look for Certified Magento Developers

In order to certify developers using Magento platform, Magento corporation operates online training courses. And Magento certification exams are given to professionals who want to differentiate themselves from the existing competition with Magento credential. This shows their seriousness about the work.

According to the type of expertise within the Magento platform, different types of certifications are given. An example for this is a Magento Solution Specialist is a person who can efficiently place business objectives with Magento functionality and thus optimize the use of native features. For this they require a deep understanding of business in general and eCommerce in particular.

Other certifications include certified front end developer, Magento certified developer, social learning group certification, modification kit and Developer plus.

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4. Find an Agency

Magento is having different type of certification as it has many aspects of eCommerce, such as business logic, drop shipping, PHP programming, content marketing, design and implementation, usability etc.

As mentioned above it has so many aspects to cover, hence no one can manage all of them alone. Hence it is better to hire a Magento Development Company for addressing all aspects of establishing and managing a Magento enterprise. These companies may differ in quality, size and availability.

It is essential to thoroughly study about various agencies and their services before making the decision.

5. Visit Customer Sites

Customer reviews can greatly help Magento developers, but at the same time such reviews can also mislead developers. Customers may not be able to judge the difference between a medium quality site and a high quality one.

It is really a good idea to see excellent reviews written by people who liked the developer personally and those written by people who have negative remarks regarding their website development.

One can check the portfolio yourself in order to pay attention to details like ease of use, user flows, internal links and accessibility of information.

6. Find a Long Term Relationship

Online store can sometimes work improperly due to virus, attack by hackers or simply not function well. There also requires regular updates, license renewals, add new features and ideas. All these should be managed by a programmer who will be available to solve in the long run.

7. Seek the Tycoons

It would be wise to look out for influencers who are well informed and have a good reputation in the industry. Such person should be an acceptable person who has authority to speak in conferences or one who post regularly either on a blog or on social media.

Seeking a good Magento developer is a critical step in the successful development of the web store. All the above seven things can be helpful to hire a good developer. Also, as the case of every developer, they should care the needs of the client and remain with them whenever the client needs them.

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19May 2016
How to Find an Expert Magento Developer

Magento is considered to be one of the most complex e-commerce environment available today even though it is trusted by world’s reputed brands. When compared to other platforms like Opencart and Shopify, Magento have better capabilities of Search Engine Optimization, product types, automation of orders and shipments, user capabilities, coupons, modification and customization, gift codes etc.

Magento is more suitable for developers but it is difficult to set up and operate independently. Only a Magento expert can use Magento regularly and resume the initial structure and development of a Magento e-commerce business irrespective of its size. It is not an easy task to find an ideal Magento developer.

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The following are the seven things that should be considered while hiring a Magento developer:

  • Know Exactly What is the Requirement

It is a better idea to build a detailed plan about needs and desires of the company. There is no need to become an expert in Magento but it is advisable to know the basics which helps to understand about the focal points, advantages and difficulties of the online store. Also they should have a good understanding about priorities, timetables and regarding the budget.

The key to success is to stay up-to-date and involved throughout the development process.

  • Gather Potential Magento Partners

One of the best way to find a developer is to ask for recommendation from a colleague and someone from the industry you are working. If not, it is better to seek the aid of third party service providers. Linkedin is a great platform to find professionals in this field. Another way to find the developer is to check out in groups like Magento Developers Group, Magento Universe or any other Linkedin groups.

  • Look for Certified Magento Developers

Magento corporation conducts online training courses for certified Magento developers. Magento certification exams are made to know how effectively developers work and withstand the competition.

There are a variety of certification provided to developers depending upon their area of expertise. For example, Magento solution specialist is a person who can appropriately align business with magento functionality and optimize the use of native features.

Other examples of certifications include certified front end developer, moderator kit, magento certified developer, social learning group certification and developer plus.

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  • Find an Agency to do Everything

Magento includes many aspects of e-commerce such as PHP programming,content marketing, usability, business logic, design and implementation of programs and much more aspects.

A magento development company with can be hired to properly address all aspects of setting up and managing Magento enterprise. This company will provide members with needed skills. And these companies may vary in size, quality, availability and price.

  • Ask to see Customer Sites

Customer reviews are having great importance. It is difficult for customers to differentiate between medium quality site and a truly remarkable site. In order to avoid this, they often refer customer reviews that have negative as well as positive remarks. Special attention should be given to accessibility of information, ease of use, internal links and user flows.

  • Find Yourself a Long Term Relationship

If websites are built properly, sales processes will be automated without the requirement of programmer’s front. But there is chance for viruses, hackers or improper functioning. Here comes the requirement of a good developer. And that developer should be available for problem solving in the long run.

  • Hire the Best one with the Help of Influencers

If you are aiming for a big budget project, you can choose influencers who are well informed and have a good reputation in the industry. And those influencers can be respected people who may speak at global conferences or who may regularly post about topics either on a blog or a social media.

Finding an efficient and expert magento developer is the first step in making a successful web store. It is also one of the crucial steps that may affect the business in the future. The above things can greatly help in hiring the right magento developer for the company.

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05Apr 2016
Magento Customization: The Best Magento Extensions for Online Store? - Probytes

Magento Customization has solidified its place as the most supported content management system for creating online stores. It is easy to use, versatile and permits stores deal with their operations easily. Magento gets its true force from extensions which permit developers to execute functionalities in an exclusive way. Extensions that support deals are the highest point of the pick for any Magento designer.

Here are some of the extensions that help your deals.

Mobile Shopping Cart

To make sure smooth and secure online transactions, you can make use of the Magento extension Mobile Shopping Cart. All kinds of debit and credit cards are acceptable. This extension helps you to procure the tag of reliability by protecting the personal financial details of customers. These features bring you popularity in the competitive market of web business.

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Reward Point

Reward Point is one of the best extensions for Magento and a reliable system to extend your objective business sector. This income boosting extension for all intents and purposes permits you to modify your online store as indicated by your need.

In the event that you need to add any additional feature, it is possible to install this extension with a basic configuration. Besides, it empowers you to concentrate on the requirement of your clients. The implementation of this extension guarantees you increased profit and wider reach.


In order to increase revenue and improve the sales, SEO is important for your store. It is true that Magento is a built-in SEO platform. But enhancing performance will give you more profit, which can be done with CreareSEO extension.

This extension allows you to customize settings and to enable new tools as well. You can manage issues like unwanted 404 pages, duplicate content, etc. with this feature.

Out of Stock Notification

The entrepreneurs and customers are able to know about the status of their items stock with the help of Out of Stock Notification extension. It will enable the entrepreneurs to arrange their products as needs be, clients can expect the interest of those items. Definitely it helps to develop a pseudo craze among buyers.

Online Auction

You can join the auction and bid for your favorites with the Online Auction extension of Magento. With this revenue driver extension entrepreneurs can ensure the demand for their product in the market

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Product Review

Keeping in mind the end goal to enhance your deal figures, Product Review extension is important to acquire the trust of your clients. As clients regularly check the feedback of individuals who are as of now utilizing the products, this extension will give clarity through survey, and reviews of products.

Daily Deals

The Daily Deals extension helps you to increase your sales dramatically. This extension offers you to imbue the marketing technique “up selling” into your business. Charming the clients through daily deal concept can be a fruitful revenue enhancer.

People always wish to get products at a reduced cost and Daily Deals is successful in bringing products at a discounted price. Moreover, you can list your special products for the day and make it available for 24 hours via this extension. This will definitely give you results.

Magento One page Checkout

One Page Checkout is a much needed Magento extension to boost your business. It is unpleasant for customers to go through 3-4 page checkout process for completing a deal. As the name indicates, this extension gives a pleasant shopping experience to customers who visit your site to buy a product by offering them a single page checkout process.

Cart abandonment is greatly reduced owing to this feature. SagePay payment method is another smart feature of this extension.

Magento Customization is a blessing for your web business. Installing the right Magento extensions will definitely boost your online business. So, if you haven’t installed these extensions, you might be missing some good business deals. What are you waiting for! Start with Magento.

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10Mar 2016
10 Must have Skills of Magento Developer in Magento Development Services

If you are one among the young aspiring business people, who are searching for a great opening of their E-commerce project, then you are at the right platform and reading the right article. With Magento development services you can own a clear E-commerce store.

However, to acquire the undeniable advantages of this open – source platform, you have to use Magento designer for getting ideal benefits in setting of business growth and income generation. These passionate web designers try to execute best of class web development ventures for your business.

With the increasing demand of exclusivity in E-commerce industry, the established as well as the rookie businessmen are switching to conventional shopping stores rather than the traditional ones which were used earlier. The main question, apart from choosing the best web development platform, is how would you know if the designs and development strategies which your hired Magento developer is applying are correct or not? It would be difficult for you to know it if you are not that technically sound.

But don’t worry, here is a list of 10 brilliant qualities which you can search for while hiring an expert Magento developer.

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1. Developer’s Knowledge

The developer ought to have proper knowledge of all the technical fields. Additionally, he must show an enthusiasm to learn about the latest ideas and updates identified with his portfolio. This would enable him to understand the limitations and developments of the web business.

2. Innovative Mind

If you want to create a unique commercial portal, you have to hire an innovative web developer who has faith in researching new ways to create unmatched web designs, webpages, and so on for your business growth.

3. Imaginative Perspective

An experienced developer ought to hold an imaginative perspective to convert your business a success. He could work in line with the strategies of your business brand. Such a developer is fit for building an undeniable website from scratch.

4. Professionalism

Professionalism of your developer makes an intense effect on your business and also on your customer base.

5. Multi-tasking Ability

A passionate developer understands multi-tasking ability which gets exhibited while working on business projects.

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6. Marketing Knowledge

Creativity of a developer is a demonstrated advantage of enlisting an expert hand. They build exceptionally inventive and creative shopping stores that keep clients down to the site.

7. Quality of Work

Ensure that your magento developer is utilizing quality techniques and technologies as a part of your web ventures.

8. Experience of Developer

It is better to check the portfolio of the web developer before employing because experienced designers are reliable and responsible for their work and developments.

9. Awareness of your Business

The principle motto of your web designer is to understand the business motives, so that he can arrange out methodologies to take care of your demand.

10. 24/7 Availability

It is good to hire a web developer who is available day in and day out all through the process. They are capable of completing tasks on time without compromising quality standards.

Therefore, you can consider these 10 qualities before employing your web developers. Always keep in mind these skilled developers of Magento development services adopt brilliant methodologies to deliver demand specific projects ranging from Magento customization to upgrading and then to development.

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26Feb 2016
Magento development Services vs WooCommerce Which to Choose

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors on the internet, irrespective of the companies managing physical or virtual entities. It is not an easy task to set up an e-commerce website and sell online. Web development is a complicated task which involves several important decisions. Among those decisions, deciding the right e-commerce platform is most important for an ecommerce. There are certain reasons that makes us choose one platform over the other.

Magento is a popular content management system which is used specifically for e-commerce. It has several unique features and functions that can help small online shops transform into huge ones. Some of the powerful features of Magento include up selling, cross selling, comparisons and discounts which make it an excellent choice for businesses which focuses on online sales. Multiple online stores can be pulled together into one dashboard with the help of Magento development services. Global brands like Nike, Samsung and Olympus have been using Magento as their e-commerce platform.

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Features of Magento

  • Specifically made for e-commerce

  • Most appropriate for large e-commerce websites

  • Able to manage multiple stores in an excellent manner

  • It has a steep learning curve

  • Includes complex management system

  • It is a very strong platform

  • Selling more than 2500 products

  • Multiple variations in products

  • Its business is done on the basis of e-commerce

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce framework for WordPress. All the e-commerce fundamentals are done by WooCommerce. Unlimited number of products can be uploaded and categorized using this particular platform. With the help of this platform, users are able to feature best sellers, add reviews, filter by category, and search by product name.

Features of WooCommerce

  • It has strong basic functionality

  • Specifically designed for small and medium sized enterprises

  • Most appropriate for smaller websites

  • Easy to use

  • It has got limited functionality

  • Similar to the interface of WordPress

  • Its business has got additional focus

  • Products have few or no variations at all

There are certain reasons by which we prefer these two platforms over the other:

  • Cost Effective Development

One of the greatest benefits of using WooCommerce and Magento is that they are free e-commerce platform. There is no need of any hidden costs and subscription fees. Hence entrepreneurs can significantly reduce project cost and spend most of their time on development.

  • Open Source Success

Since WooCommerce and Magento are free e-commerce platforms, users will have access to everything associated with the platform. Once the website is created, the creator will be the owner and can enjoy every right related with it. Code completely belongs to them and they can do whatever they want with it.

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  • Flexible, Secure and Robust

Some of the qualities of WooCommerce and Magento development services include excellent support, outstanding security and a series of powerful e-commerce features. These specific features help these two platforms hold 40% of all e-commerce websites. Magento is a complex platform with advanced structural and functional platform which is specially made to e-commerce websites whereas WooCommerce is specially devoted for shopping platform and can be easily installed in any content management system. It takes more time to set up and customize Magento when compared to WooCommerce. While comparing with Magento development services, WooCommerce is the best choice for beginners and it is also very easy to use.

Before deciding which platform to use, one should think about the size and complexity of their shopping platform, number of products, capital investment and expectation of their business growth. Based on the above mentioned features, one can carefully choose among the two platforms to achieve greater results.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
09Feb 2016
The Best Magento Development Extension for Blogs (1)

Blogs are an extremely important part of websites. It nurtures your website with valuable thoughts and, information, news and much more.

Here is some of the best Magento Development Blog Extensions:

1. Blog – Community Edition by aheadWorks

The blog extension from aheadWorks is reckoned as the best for creating buzz and word of mouth marketing tips. It not only provides you regular customers with up -to- date information but brings additional visitors to your site, builds relevant SEO-friendly text links, and serves as assistance in building sales strategy. This Magento blog extension helps you in creating relevant and valuable content to attract and engage target audience.

It gives you a noteworthy opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors. With a blog you can create an interactive two-way communication platform to provide official information on your store news, upcoming products, promotions, and get customers’ feedback.

Blogging has proved to be one of the best effective marketing tactics. If your customers feel that they are listened to and their needs are responded to, they are more likely to come back to your store again and again.

2. nBlog – Blog Extension by Neotheme

nBlog from Neotheme enables you manage your blog without need of any additional framework. This extension is integrated into Magento backend so your eCommerce store and blog are both in one place. You can change blog layouts from the backend without need of any programming knowledge. Moreover, you will have complete control over the blog publish date and time.

3. Blog Pro

Blog Pro from MagPleasure is a new and extra powerful Magento blog extension of excellent quality. This blog extension comes with the social sharing ability which means you do not need to add any extra tools to allow your customers share your blog posts on social networking websites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc. It has intuitive interface that makes it easy to control each aspect of blog posts such as tags, description, comments, category, URLs, author etc.

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4. Simple Blog

Simple Blog Magento extension gives you an opportunity to run blog for your eCommerce store and helps you boost your content marketing activities. It is easy to install and manage extension comes with 15 days money back guarantee.

5. CMS Pro News/Blog by MageWorld

Manage your eCommerce store news and blog easily. CMS Pro News/Blog by Mageworld Magento extension is very useful and easy to install. It works brilliantly without any issue and delivers exactly what it promises. Customers who visit your store will see the latest news on the home page as well as the side bar. You can control the number of blog news to be shown per page with pagination support.

6. Blog Post

As we all know, today it is impossible to imagine a website without blog since blog is one of the effective ways to tell people about your blog stores upcoming deals and offers. It helps you interact with your customers. Blog Post – a Magento blog extension from Magegaga is a handy tool that helps you present the information on your Magento store and increase store traffic.

7. Blog by Innobyte

One should use this extension to communicate the latest Information (how to buy, current promotions, latest arrivals or even job openings) to regular buyers and on- site visitors. With this extension you can have user – friendly links which increase the opportunity to attract new visitors to your store. This extension is compatible with CE and EE edition and comes with 30-day money back guarantee. With Blog by Innobyte, it is easy to manage and create your store’s own blog.

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8. Magik BlogMate

Magik BlogMate is a very powerful, yet simple blog extension for Magento eCommerce websites. It provides an easy way to keep your customers connected with your store announcement and offers. It also helps build SEO – friendly URLs for better link building strategy. This extension enables you to create an unlimited number of categories disable comments for some post.

9. Marketplace Blog

Marketplace blog enables you create blog posts for your lovely customers and improve shop presence on the internet. Blog is one of the ways to improve shop sales and conversation. Use this extension for your Magento eCommerce store which comes with WYSIWYG editor for the blog post creation and generation of SEO friendly URLs.

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