Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Before ProBytes, our core management team has had experience working with IT companies, ranging from mid-sized to top global giants. During the ventures in the outsourcing and off shoring industry, they happened to discover quite a lot of loopholes. One of them was the uphill task SMB’s, individuals & entrepreneurs faced while finding a good off shoring partner. The primary reason for this being, that the top companies preferred these IT giants over small or medium business owners. Moreover, small and midsized companies lacked the kind of tools necessary for them to technically compete and stay ahead in the competition. Our team found ProBytes Software to solve this and other loopholes that plagued our off shoring industry and provide the best of our services for SMB’s round the globe. This is our vision.

Remote Staffing doesn’t mean that we are exclusively a staffing company. We also provide much more than just staffing and recruiting.

Most start-ups, entrepreneurs’ and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) simply cannot afford having full-time staff to take care of the company’s information technology (IT) requirements. Instead the companies share resources across companies, thereby avoiding the need for full-time staff.

We provide a “remote staff person” to companies. These staffs may only be needed for a few hours a week or month or even for only a specific project. Hence the companies can save a lot on staff expenses while being benefited with the skills of an expert in a particular area.

The past several years have seen an enormous growth in SME’s and our track record of providing services to all kinds of companies, even start-ups are unmatched. Our principles of CMMI, Lean and ITIL ensure timely delivery. We add value to our clients and also ensure cost-effectiveness, not by using low-cost resources or sub-standard infrastructure but by using a combination of best practices and maintaining work ethics.

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