Who’s Who?: Structure & Roles of a Web Development Team

If you are a client who have already made an order with a web development agency based on a Web application for your business, it’s good to know about their team for further business communication. Understand Who’s Who? the structure & roles of a web development team

We’ve written this info-graphic to help you figure out the precise roles of each person of the Web Development Team – in other words, what each person is actually responsible for

A Web Development Team Consist Of

  • Requirements analysts
  • UX and UI designers
  • Web developers
  • Quality Assurance specialists

Typical Responsibilities of Requirements Analyst

  • Eliciting project requirements
  • Communicating requirements to other team members
  • Analyzing product requirements
  • Developing necessary documentation
  • Managing the project’s scope

UX Designers are Responsible for

  • Create information architecture
  • Develop wireframes
  • Create prototypes for user testing

Duties of Web Developers

  • Write server-side scripts
  • Create and manage databases
  • Integrate the application with cloud computing services
  • Develop or integrate a Content Management System
  • Implement security standards

Important Responsibilities of a QA Engineer

  • Write tests
  • Test software quality
  • Performing regression and negative tests
  • Test the user interface and app compatibility with various browsers

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