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Barspro’s website is exclusively meant for bar, pub and restaurant owners. The main purpose o f the website is to offer services like marketing, cocktail recipes, GP calculators, supply directory etc. What we did for them Cocktail Recipe Page
  • Constructed the page to promote the website.
  • As per request of the client renowned cocktail recipes were included in the page with photos.
  • The recipe listed in the page can be shared via social media websites to increase the reach of the page.
Flyer and Menu creation page
  • Members of the website can design flyers as well as menu card in accordance with their wish and taste.
  • Incorporated with fully-fledged image editor to the page which allows customer to design flyers and menu cards.
  • Software we installed in the Prestashop framework for this purpose was Design Software Ninja Prestashop.
  • Forte of this software is its ability to allow user to not only edit the text but also the banner as each and every aspects of the template design is in editable layers.
  • Through the dashboard of the page admin can create flexible pricing for the design.
Resources Page design
  • This section of the website has four pages,
  1. Sports Fixtures
  2. Supplier Directory
  3. GP calculator Catering
  4. GP calculator Liquor
  • Supplier page is meant for listing out alcohol suppliers for bars and restaurants.
  • Sports Fixtures page offer latest sports updates and sport news feed.
  • Using PS modules we created a calculating module for GP calculation pages with an in-house formula for calculation.

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