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About client Microcolumn is a renowned company specialized in the sales of consumables used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for research and quality control analysis. The purpose behind their official website was to create an e-commerce platform for their products.  What we did for them Website pages developed for MIcrocolumn was through PrestaShop 1.7.There was 17 pages in total and among these 17 pages product page was the biggest one since they had thousands of products. We were asked to create an advanced top menu to simplify navigation and usability of the site. First of all, we shipped a full configuration interface to the menu which allows user to customize the menu bar without much of technical knowledge.  Features of the menu bar includes,
  • Unlimited tabs
  • Unlimited category addition
  • Graphical personalization can be easily done
  • Automatic menu generation from catalog
  • Conditional display based on the status of the visitor
Next we were asked to create advanced product filter integration for the menu. For which we complied and created integrated advanced product integration to the menu. Featured of this new integration includes,
  • Products can be filtered by categories, attributes, manufacturers, alphabets, price range etc.
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Easily optimizable for high performance.
We also developed a compatible product module for the entire website. And the features of the module includes,
  • The user will have the power to chose  product which will be interconnected
  • Related products below each product page
  • User-friendly design
We made product addition and management to the website much easier by integrating total import module
  • Allowing the user to upload CSV/XML file and to specify a file path or download it from URL or FTP.
  • Existing 20,000-30,000 data given to us in excel sheet was converted to CSV file and uploaded to the website.
  • Products can be added, updated and reset.
  • Product combinations can be easily imported.

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