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Moodsplanet.com is the e-commerce website of the famous brand, Moods condoms. The main focus behind the creation of the website was to boost the sales of their contraceptive products.

What we did for them UI Design
  • The design that we did for the client was highly responsive
  • Designed pop-up page and overlay check out page
  • Product details page was designed with utmost care
  • Login and signup page of the website was also designed in a way to attract and to collect customer detail for analytical and marketing purpose.
  • To ease up login and signup, Facebook login was integrated into the section
Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Pixels third-party code integrations

Adobe Media Optimizer predicts the impact of budget and optimization changes on digital campaigns and gives advertisers the power to manage their business with confidence and efficiency.

Social Foreplay Module:
  • YouTube channel provided by the customer was added to the front page of the website in a separate section. Once clicked the HTML player of YouTube will pop up with the video.
  • A section was allocated in the website for Facebook so that it will slideshow the photos that have been added to the Facebook page of the website.
  • An embedded player was also added to feature advertisements
Frequently Bought Module
  • Once customer clicks a product a pop-up page will appear with suggestions (Frequently sold products).
  • The feature was not a PrestaShop add-on.
  • Voucher and discount pop-up’s were added.
  • Stock availability will be validated in frequent intervals so that unavailability of products will be updated to the website.
  • Discount once entered by the admin will be shown in both percentages and in numeric on the website. (The deducted price will also be shown both in the product section as well as the checkout section)

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