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About the Website

Picaasi is a furniture sales company and the main motto behind their online presence was to feature their stunning and elegant products online.

What we did for them

First of all, we created a custom design for the website and incorporated a stable theme

Integration of Custom Banner and HTML Content MOdule
  • Our customer can add custom banner, HTML and sliders anywhere in the website
  • This module equips user the ability to insert images, videos or any type of custom HTML files to the website to increase the aesthetics.
  • Added banners can be converted to carousels, banner group or even separate blocks
  • Banners can be turned off or on or can be shifted from one place to another.
Features of the Module
  • Rich in options for customizations
  • Content can be added to numerous Prestashop hooks in the website and can be added to any kind of TPL file.
  • Content posted on these hooks can be scheduled
  • Random banner display in desired pages
Shopping List Cart Integration
  • Allows customers of your website to create, shopping list and wish list. Items can be also added to the existing shopping list.
  • Customers can also create multiple shopping carts and items can be added to any of these cards upon choice
  • Since the addition is made by Ajax application users will not have to leave the current page
  • Customer account will have add/delete/edit list
  • IF any of the products in the shopping cart is out of stock, withdrawn or even an error occurs, customers will be notified.

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