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School Munch

About Client Through School Munch high school students can order food of their choice from leading restaurant chains. Restaurants listed in the website are from the local community itself. What we did for them Created PS Wallet Checkout Module
  • We created SchoolMunch Wallet so that ordering food from restaurants will be quick and easy.
  • Those who order from the website will have a SchoolMunch account to ensure safety.
  • Money can be added to the wallet via offline or online. The added money will be deducted from the next purchase.
Integrated Facebook Store to the official page
  • Set up a dedicated Facebook page for sales
  • Integrated sales tab to the banner and the footer page
  • Users choice regarding product display in Facebook
  • Homepage categories in Facebook store page is directed from the Prestashop website.  .
Filter Modules for school and the restaurant
  • Admin of the website will be able to add school as well as restaurant list to the search module of the website
  • Main categories of the website can also be associated to the new list
Integration of Time Slot Module
  • After the selection of school as well as restaurants account owners can order food on the desired date.
  • Once the date has been entered via calendar there will be a time table which will show on what time and day food will be available for purchase to schools.
Driver Module
  • If a customer has placed an order, details of the driver (Photo, Name and address) who will carry out the delivery will be available for them to avoid any confusion at the time of delivery
  • Admin can assign drivers as well as time schedule for the delivery
  • A back end page for admin to create driver profile which includes (Name, Photo and address). Customers can also avail driver details to avoid confusions at deliver rate.
  • Tips and advice for drivers in accordance with the quantity of parcel
Referral Tracking Module
  • Schools which have account with School Munch and those who has authority to access the account can refer another person of their choice.
  • On the account screen underneath the school dropdown menu there will be a referral form for the users with access to fill
  •  The school or person who referred another customer will get a discount in purchase.
  • The discount amount will be added to the wallet of the person who referred the customer.
  • Reference amount will only be added to the wallet after checking whether there is any balance that needs to be paid by the referrer.
Attribute Wizard Module
  • Displaying attributes such as radio button, drop down, group images, description and control the order of groups.
  • attributes of Prestashop  are completely customizable
  • We have added images and descriptions (HTML) next to the attributes
  • Added attractive colour to the attributes.
  • Price impact displayed to each option and can reflect changes

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