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Waterfilterman.co.uk is mainly built to sale water purifying equipment online. They have vast range of products in their website and it was indeed one of the challenging projects.

What We Did For Them?
  • Custom design and theme
  • Integrated Payment module
  • Integrated Shipping Module
Subcategory Image Filler Module
  • Enables user to make visually pleasing sub category boxes
  • Replaces subcategory image box with store owner’s name of choice
  • With this module image for your sub category menu can be added with ease
  • Without adding a new theme any the store can be converted to a beautiful one
  • Website can be made beautiful with variety of fonts and colours available in the module
  • Colours, Patterns and borders can also be added to the subcategory menu.
Integrated Blog Module to the website

For your website to be heard in the online platform, blogs are the easiest way. A Blog section was added to the website after the integration of blog module.

Features of the blog modules include,
  • User can publish blogs and articles on their website
  • Custom content editor for back end use
  • Ability to add comment section to the front end
  • The comments can be moderates to filter our inappropriate ones
  • Articles and blogs can also be scheduled
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Add link between articles for conversion purpose
  • Added Google reCaptcha

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