E-Commerce@ Probytes? We provide you a dedicated team of business analysts, technical leader, developer , designer and a QA. This will ensure you cover all aspects of your need. The team is highly expert in Prestashop and Magento with a proven record of tons of ecommerce product delivered. You save on consultancy and project management as your team comprise of ecommerce domain expert and technical leader. 100% availability of team during business hours on Skype/Email/Mobile. Team provide you access to your product throughout the project life. Regular deliverable working products will be demonstrated. Daily reports on the progress. How we work? Consultation Talk to one of our E-Commerce Consultant/Manager about your needs. E-Commerce Consultant will analyze your needs and gather insights about the market & competition. <> Propose Technology to meet Business Needs They provide technical architecture that will meet your business and help you achieve business goal. Meet your Team Based on your needs, we will suggest you the right mix of team for your business. Team is assigned to you within 2 days. You will receive direct access to them. Skype Tracking and Monitoring Technical Lead will provide you a comprehensive plan outlining breakup of Milestones and the final delivery of your product Your team provides you with a daily task report highlighting accomplishments and the plan for next day. Why Consultant? (Choose the best E-Commerce Platform) After a lot of research, you have finally decided that it’s worth your effort to go online. You get a cool name for your domain, and now, it’s time to build your website. So you talk to a number of web developers or look online and finds out you need a ecommerce platform to build the website. In fact, you would have heard of many free and commercial ecommerce frameworks by now. So, you start thinking which among them is more beneficial to you. Well, here our Consultant plays a very important role and decide for you the best platform meeting all your needs. How to Increase your presence to boost Revenue? In current competitive market all web application are complemented with mobile application. Almost our entire customer wanted to get onto the mobile world and we have successfully helped them integrate their mobile application with existing web application.


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