I like what I am hearing about your team but can I take the team for a test drive?

Absolutely, We have complete confidence on our teams capabilities and believe that the proof of pudding lies in eating and we offer a completely risk-free, no strings attached “TEST DRIVE” where you can practically see the expertise of our team and only then commit. Click here to know more about how our test drive works.

My project is half completed and I am looking for a team to pick up the project midway and complete it? Can your team do that?

YES, Infact more than 40% of projects we take up are usually half completed and for various reasons(usually client is not happy with their current teams delivery)the client wants us to complete the project. We have a set process for taking the handover and completing the learning curve.

Can your team work with another team of offshore/in house/local resource?

Yes, We understand that it is a business requirement sometimes for a client to use different vendors for different requirements and skillsets and would be more than happy to work with any other team that you want us to work with.

Do I make upfront payments? Are delivery tied to payments? How would the payment option would be?

NO, we do not require upfront payments to start on your project (though that is also a payment option we have). Our payment schedule is designed in such a way that we deliver and you pay. You can make payments by wire transfer or credit cards

How frequently delivery happens?

Delivery is generally based on client preferences however we recommend weekly delivery

How to give sourcecode and database access to team?

You can share the user ids. And password with the team and if your server security requires, you may need to add our ip. in your firewall/server security to allow us access.

Is it safe to handover the source/server details to someone who is almost half the world away from me? What security measures do you follow?

Rest assured it is absolutely safe. We will be signing an NDA with you and all our employees are bound by similar NDA. Plus we follow best security measures and ensure the integrity of your data is safe.

What all things you require from me to begin with?

For a project where we have to start from scratch we would need:- A document which explains the functionality and scope of the project. If the project is still just an idea in your head then our Requirement Analyst will work with you to convert your project to a functional scope document. A development server where we’ll upload the code and test it. This can be your server or we can set this up on our servers. For an ongoing project we would need:- Access to server and code of the ongoing project so that team can review the code and understand it completely. If you have any documentation that explains the functionality of the project it would be helpful however if you don’t have any it wont be a roadblock. A development server where we’ll upload the code and test it. This can be your server or we can set this up on our servers.

What happens to my project when a developer leaves your company midway?

We have a very low employee turnover rate so the chances that this will happen is very low however we have a process in-house through which the developer who has resigned hands over the project to another developer during his notice period. The handover is completed internally and the project pace is not affected at all. This handover cost is absorbed by us.

What would I do if I am not satisfied with the developer assigned?

If you are not satisfied with the delivery from your team member you just have to let your account manager know. We’ll either find and remove the root cause of the concern or replace the developer (at our cost)

Will the developer be working on the other projects along with the mine?

Absolutely NO, when you hire a dedicated developer he would work only and only on your project we don’t even let the developer do minor inhouse work if he is assigned to a client. The developer will be treated as a direct employee of our client. However we also have shared developer business model where the developer works part-time for you only in such case the developer will work for another client.

Is the developer good in Web Designing?

Each of our developer is an expert in his own core technology. Web designing is entirely a different skillset where one requires graphical creativity so we don’t suggest that you use your developer for web designing however each of our designers is good in HTML/CSS and can do most of generic frontend work.

How is the communication skill of the development team?

The primary attribute we look for in a developer is that he should be very talented technically and should have good requirement understanding and give secondary importance to English language however we keep a minimum benchmark in terms of communication so that you can understand the developer properly and also we have project managers who are good communicators who fill in the gap just in case the developer falls short.

How will the communication works? How will I be able to communicate considering time zone differences? What if I have an issue in the middle of the night?

We normally communicate via email and Instant Messengers like Skype/MSN/Yahoo however one member of your team will have a local phone no and you can contact your team anytime as they are always just a phone call away. Additionally we also use an Instant Messenger for smartphones “whatsApp” through which you can be connect to your team 24/7 on the move.

How do you hire developers? How am I assured that I get only top quality developers?

We have very stringent hiring process which involves Rigorous technical tests, and then an interview with a panel of 3 senior members of our company and an employee is hired only when all 3 members agree that he is a good match for our organization and our service offering. The interview are conducted using a very innovative hiring sheet which we have developed that converts qualitative attributes of a resource to a quantitative no so that we can make more informed hiring decision. Click here to get a demo from our account manager

How will I know that web developers are working for me?

The developer sends daily timesheets to you and you can also track the progress of your project through Project Management Tool and weekly demo’s. Also in case client requires we have an automated productivity monitoring tool which is the world’s best remote productivity monitoring tool through which you can even track the productivity down to a minute. Click here to get a demo from our account manager.

Will the web developers work in my time zone?

We generally recommend that you let the developer work in their local time zone with a couple of hours of overlap with your time zone as that way you will get optimum productivity however if working in your time zone is a business requirement we can arrange for a developer to work in your time zone.

How do I get started?

Getting started with us is a simple 3 step process. You contact our Account Manager who will understand your requirement and ensure that we are a good match for each other. Then we complete the paperwork and assign the team/developer to you. Team/developer reviews your requirement goes through the learning curve of your project and when ready asks your approval to get started with the development work.

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