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developers for your varied business needs!

We make sure that the .NET developers assigned for your company has astounding productivity rate, will be a master in solving problems and can be that integral part of your team

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  In-house developers Freelancers Hiring from Probytes
Time required 4-6 weeks 3-4 weeks 2-3 weeks
Training cost Very costly 0 0
Team scaling 4-6 weeks 3-4 weeks 10days – 2 weeks
Risk High Very High Low since our developers are accustomed projects of varied scope
Dedicated resources 4-6 Shared with multiple projects No Yes
Employee turnover impact High High Minimal
Termination cost High None None
Communication Limited to office time Very poor Seamless
Team backup Yes No Yes
Employee training Happens rarely No Periodically

What makes our
.net developers the best!


Developers with SME and enterprise-level experience


Strong background in ASP and .NET frameworks


Can build a custom solution for your needs


High MVC knowledge


Well acquainted with C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, AJAX, Silverlight, MVC, MS SQL, WPF, MS Access, etc.


Highly experienced with .NET based web development


Prior knowledge in .NET based enterprise app development


High .NET core database management experience


They have already built scalable, robust and secure apps

.Net Developers
Hiring Model

  Temporary hiring / contractual hiring Permanent hiring
Hiring time Min for a month Min for an year
Methodology Agile Agile
Communication Team, Skype, Custom Email client, Slack, Phone etc.
Project Trackers Custom Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmine, etc.

Hiring Process

Hiring initiation: Forming an impeccable talent pool

process flow

29 Days

to onboard highly skilled developers


Once the initial requirement gathering is done we will embark on a quest to form a talent pool of developers using social media, job portals, referrals etc. (7days required)


After collecting enough profiles, initial screening process will be done through interviews, assessments etc. (7days Required)


After initial screening only pristine developers reaches our clients for evaluation


When it comes to client side screening it can be done by us upon request or can be done in a combines manner (7 days required)


If the client is not satisfied with the candidates fresh list will be presented in front of them


Once our client is satisfied with the developers hiring procedure will take place ( 7Days Required)


Before onbaordng we make sure that proper orientation has taken place ( 1 day required)

Post hiring services

Periodical employee training and evaluation
Swift replacement in case of emergency
Regular meeting for performance evaluation
Dedicated hiring manager for support
Expert assistance in case of trouble shoot
Assistance in technology migration


Why do I need dedicated .NET developers?

Our developers can sync in with your team culture within no time. If you have a dedicated developer you can have someone to take care of your requirement within your limits. Other aspects include,



Complete control
Scalable hiring solution
Employee retention issue can be solved
Assures quality product
Make use of ASP .NET development for a stable product and better market infiltration

How much does it cost to hire a .NET developer?

Pricing will vary based on experience and expertise of the developers. However, you need to consider the fact that you are only paying for the hours you need to developer assistance based on the time estimation that’s ok for both the parties. So, maximum cost-effectiveness is assured. We have wide a range of .NET developers with us with a varied price range for you to choose from

I’m not satisfied with the developer

You can always change the developer the moment you wish to. However, we assure you that it’s a very unlikely situation that you will be not satisfied. But, if such is the case we make sure that replacement happens ASAP.

Our time zones don’t match; can I get developers who can work with our time zone?

Absolutely! The Hiring manager and developers will be available based on your time zone

We are very particular about deadlines. Will your developers be able to meet it?

We assure you that the .Net Developers we assign has years of experience and impeccable track record they will be able to meet the deadline with ease if it is reasonable.

Can I select developers of my choice?

Yes, of course. We will present you with a wide range of developer profile and you can personally interview them and select based on your business criteria

Our company is particular about security both intellectual and data. my choice?

First of all, we make sure that a strict NDA document is signed by us, the developer and our client so that secrecy can be assured. All the cybersecurity norms your company insists/ that’s required will be assured from our side.

Can we get a daily report?

Daily report is ineffective and consumes a chunk of developer time. So we assure daily work update and weekly task completion update and effort required will be updated in the weekly sheet.



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