10 Features That Make Yii Framework Special

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October 21, 2015

10 Features That Make Yii Framework Special

Yii framework is a free PHP5 based open source framework ideal for developing web 2.0 applications. It is more malleable, efficiently active, extensible, and modular.

So, what makes this framework special? It’s mainly because of the features shown below:

  • Collect feedback and validation: Yii provides simple ways for you to collect feedback and to confirm customer details. You can also find several validators and icons to help in collecting the correct feedback.
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  • Database Access Objects (DAO): It provides a basic API to access data stored in diverse database management systems (DBMS). Using Yii development solutions, web designing companies can be free from writing recurring SQL issues. This provides design information source in terms of objects.
  • AJAX allowed widgets: Designers are able to create really efficient Customer Connections as it is armed with rich set of AJAX enabled widgets a rich set of AJAX icons.
  • Codes are generated automatically:Yii helps developers to do the tough work of rewriting codes easily by providing tools. These tools help you to generate codes whenever required.
  • Easy form generation and validation: Forms are useful for a lot of purpose for a business website; they allow the business to collect data of significant importance and use it as and when deemed appropriate. Also, with the help of forms, certain level of control can be exercised depending upon the valid information given in the forms. Now, with Yii development being right in its place, it gets very easy for the developers to generate forms.
  • Authorization and Authentication:Yii comes with built-in authentication support. The Authorization through Hierarchical Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) support feature makes web development simpler yet efficient.
  • Security: It includes diverse types of protection systems like XSS, SQL hypodermic injection, etc., which avoids strikes on the web program. There is stringent security algorithms in Yii that help you to remove the virus ridden codes on the Internet intended to disrupt your application’s normal routine. The authentication methods in Yii are very strong.
  • Wide-ranging Library:Yii framework has a wide-ranging library containing numerous user contributed components.
  • Caching:Yii helps to reduce the page loading time to a great extent as it integrates diverse caching components on diverse situations.Thus, helps to improve the performance and speed of your website.
  • Error handling and Logging:Yii features comprehensive error handling and correction with errors being handled and presented more nicely, with all the log messages properly categorized.For example, if a PHP warning/notice occurs during the app execution, then one of the error handlers will control and start the necessary error handling process.
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Thus from the above features, we came to know about why Yii framework is special. Aside to that customers can also go for the support of Yii Development Company to create their web page better one. For implementing Yii Structure Growth, you just need to seek the services of Yii Development Company.

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