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Sceptical in choosing Yii as the platform for your website? Trust us; you are in for a surprise. Yii will far exceed all of your expectation.

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Yii, Why is it a cost-effective and impeccable solution for making web applications and websites?

First of all Yii is one of the best PHP framework that’s out there in the market. The framework is mostly used in the development of web 2.0 applications which demands flexibility and security.

This open source web application is rich in features can act as a the face of your business with impeccable speed and efficiency

What makes Yii unique is its ability to blend in to any type of environment and effectively automate the process with unbeatable accuracy.

However, to make use of the full potential of this PHP 5 framework, help of a Yii development company is needed.

Probytes has been in Yii development for more than 7 years now. We have successfully managed to mould Yii to suit all the needs of our clients. The web apps and websites that we have developed on Yii caters the need of clients of various sector of industries such as, health care, automotive cleaning, car parking, car rental etc.

Yii, is now regarded as one of the best! But why?

  • Security threats like data encryption, SQL injection, Cross-site Scripting Prevention, Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention and Cookie Attack etc. can be effectively prevented
  • Yii is built on a modern architecture
  • Since it’s built on MVS architecture. It is easy to customize
  • Works well with third party code
  • Application can be made easily
  • Data can be accessed using DAO (Database Access Object)
  • Ajax enabled widgets
  • Equipped with various testing features
  • Brilliant reserving framework

As a Yii development company what services do we offer?

  • Custom Yii web application development
  • Yii consulting
  • Yii app development
  • Yii Website Development
  • Yii module and Yii plugin development
  • Support and maintenance
  • Hire Dedicated Yii Developers
  • Migration
  • Theme designing and incorporation
  • Third party app integration


Yii is packed with SEO rich features. Functionalities such as attractive URL, tools to manage SEO Meta-descriptions, HTML text addition, SEO manager, etc. will make the website more search engine friendly and will assure its presence in organic search.
Installation is one of the easiest processes out there when it comes to Yii. The framework is installed using a composer. Even though the installation is easy it is advisable that it’s done with the help of an experienced and skilled Yii website development services company. The process can be carried over by them with ease. And there is a lot of work that needs to be done after the installation for the Yii to transform to the application of choice.
The design of Yii has been done so carefully considering all the modern as well as futuristic needs of web development. Third party code integration can be effectively done in Yii. However, it is essential that the code should be auto loaded to the framework.
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