25 Companies That Have Revolutionized Online Sales


February 2, 2018

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With over thousands of companies competing with each other in the same niche, innovative ideas are the one which always comes to the rescue.

By using new technology and digital advances, some companies completely changed their destinies to become some of the well-known companies across the globe.

Here are 25 companies that revolutionized their online sales:

1. Brooklinen

Brooklinen is a luxury bedding company that was started in 2014 in Brooklyn, New York. Rather than keeping the prices of their products too high, they kept the prices much lower, so that everyone can afford it. The usual cost of bedding set for a queen-sized bed is $300 to $400 but Brooklinen sells at $179 only.


2. Stitch Fix

By making personal shopping accessible, Stitch Fix takes into consideration that women of the modern world are constantly busy and don’t have to browse through websites. Instead Stitch Fix tells its customers to fill an elaborate questionnaire and send them a customized box of five clothing items.

3. Starbucks

Started in 1971, Starbucks dreamed of starting an online shop even before many thought of the idea. Today, in the United States one out of four Starbucks customers order their coffee online.

4. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet buys surplus products from other companies and sells them to customers at lower prices. It also purchases undamaged products from companies that are burnt down or liquidating their assets.

5. Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club saved hundreds and thousands of dollars for men by selling one dollar disposable razors. They have a subscription box system, very cost-effective, and convenient.

6. Sephora

Sephora is leading in interactive design. It has developed a technology that helps customers apply makeup on their face virtually. It saves tester products from being used by window shoppers and saves the effort of wiping off the makeup afterwards.


ASOS is one of the fastest growing online fashion markets as it puts over 4,500 products on its e-store every week. The fashion retailer has aced the supply chain game by opening production factories closer to their key markets, therefore, reducing the time taken to deliver products to the customer.

8. Elf Cosmetics

Everyone likes dressing up and putting makeup but not everyone can afford costly brands like MAC. There’s Elf Cosmetics for these people since it makes pocket friendly but quality makeup, which lasts long and doesn’t start any reactions.

9. Warby Parker

Imagine someone asking you five questions and finding the most perfect glasses for you and that also cheap! Yes, Warby Parker is the epitome of convenient shopping. They send you five pairs of glasses, you try them, and keep the ones you like and return the rest.

10. Wayfair

A simple “search with photo” option has helped Wayfair one of favorite online furniture shops in the US. After customers upload the photo, Wayfair finds the most similar looking one from their inventory.

11. Casper

Casper sells mattresses online and is delivered in tiny boxes making the mattress easy to lift and move around. It is vacuum packed, so once it is delivered you can lay it on your bed, and then cut open the plastic. The mattress will regain its shape.

12. Walmart

Walmart is trying its best to make grocery shopping entirely online. It does have an online store and so many people, especially the working class, are using the service to its maximum ability and making their lives easier. A person picks these products for you from the store and is delivered to your doorsteps the next day.

13. Bonobos

Bonobos was recently bought by Walmart and there’s a good reason why it is a worthy investment. Instead of having outlets, Bonobos has guideshops, which you can visit and try on clothes. With the help of the assistants there, you can order them, which are then delivered to your doorsteps.

14. Apple

Apart from making state-of-art phones and other devices, Apple just recently started Apple Pay. In just a year, it surpassed PayPal, which was started more than 10 years ago. The transaction volume grew by 450 percent from 2016 to 2017.

15. Adidas

Adidas is making the dream of owning 3D printed customized shoes a reality for people. Adidas has partnered with Carbon, which uses photosensitive resin to make the pair of shoes that takes two to three hours to make.


16. Sweetgreen

Salads are too boring for most of the people but wait until you eat at Sweetgreen. The salad bar has 67 outlets around the US and sells $10 salad bowls that are lip-smacking good. The greens and other ingredients are organic, which makes it a favorite among health enthusiasts.

17. Blue Apron

Delivering restaurant-style meals at the your doorsteps, Blue Apron has meals for two and four option. They send all the ingredients in packed in exact measurements. Each meal costs $10 for two and $20 for four.

18. Instagram

Online shopping is easy but Instagram shopping is even easier. Instagram has started the marketplace, using which shops can tag the price of the products they are selling. By tapping the Shop Now option, users can head to its online store and purchase the product.

19. Lidl

Lidl is German grocery store in the US that sells high quality food products at almost 50 percent of the retail price. Even though the products are limited, Lidl is giving a tough competition to big American retail brands like Target and Walmart.

20. Peloton

Going to a class for exercising is so boring, but you promise you’ll exercise if you can do a spin class in your living room? Peloton offers an urban solution by selling a stationary bike that live streams spin classes and pre-recorded classes as well. The bike is worth $1,995.

21. ModCloth

ModCloth sells plus-size clothing, which is fashionable, unlike other stores that make boring and plain clothes. It was bought by Walmart in March, 2017 and has surely increased the retailer’s value.

22. Aerie

Aerie is a strong lingerie brand that is considered as a threat to Victoria’s Secret. Unlike the world famous brand, Aerie doesn’t airbrush its models and has caught the eye of every woman in the US.

23. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx gained popularity during the Great Recession of 2008 when it brought in discounts all year round. That’s what everyone wants, doesn’t it? Affordable clothing all year round so that your pockets don’t grow holes after shopping at Macy’s or Nordstrom.

24. Amazon

Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe lets you try clothes, shoes, and accessories before buying them and more the products you decide to keep, the greater discount you get on your checkout amount. One of the other services that make Amazon a favorite in the US is same day delivery.

25. Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty offers salon services in their stores so that customers can buy the products that were used on them if they like it. The service makes everything every convenient because instead of going to two different places for getting your hair done and buying shampoo, you can get it in one place only.

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Most of these were unique yet straightforward techniques that caught customers’ eyes because of its user-friendly feature and convenience. Today, these companies have become an important part of every person’s life.

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