10 Reasons Why Web Designers Rely On Ruby on Rails

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December 19, 2017

advantages of ruby on rails

One of the most asked questions by any aspiring programmer would be, “Which programming language should I learn?”

However, for that question one of the most common answers they would have got is.

Ruby On Rails

A language that is steady with a good pay in the market, Ruby on Rails. It’s an awesome language to start with for intricate web development projects. Ruby on Rails, or simply as its called RoR, is a powerful tool, which will make you progress quicker with more perks and best projects.

Sounds interesting?

So let’s go straight to the source and discuss 10 reasons why you need to learn Ruby on Rails right away:

  1. Rapid Development Framework

The ROR uses agile software development methodology which offers a collaborative platform for finding solutions for your critical development process. It has access to a vast library and user community making it user friendly in nature.

The Model View Controller (MVC) framework is implemented beautifully into the language which provides some of the best frameworks for your web pages.  The language will certainly leverage the future of web applications for sure.

  1. Offers IDE’s and Tools

Unlike the text editors used for development of web pages, Ruby on Rails provides an IDE (integrated development environment) that completes and highlights you code, assisting you in refactoring, interface and type inference. Error and syntax highlighting, fast documentation, code formatting and a lot more at the user’s disposal.

The powerful tools and debugger makes sure you run your code step by step using all the relevant information. The users can complete the code automatically, commit and rollback any changes in the code and build you application in the right possible way.

  1. Well documented.

Books on Ruby On Rails might be difficult to find at your local store, but certainly they are well documented throughout various channels.  There are ample of video tutorials to be found on the internet and the community forums.

The tutorials and online documents are fun to work with and easy to understand. There is no faster and nicer way to get your hands working on this amazing platform.

  1. Desired by many companies

This is something interesting for aspirants looking to learn the language. As you will start working with ROR, you will come across many new ideas and would like to implement it. This will certainly add up to your experience making you feel great about your work.

Many ROR developers have a very fair package compared to other languages. Also, you won’t find many experts in this industry which makes it a low competition field to opt for getting your changes of hiring up. So certainly it’s a worth trying out.

  1. Successful businesses website are built on ROR

Have you ever thought about websites that were built on Ruby On Rails and are earning a handsome turnaround?  It shouldn’t be of any doubts for people who already know. ROR has become a popular platform for websites to be launched because of its construction and full functionality.

Some of the famous websites built on ruby on rails includes Twitter, Groupon, Airbnb, Zendesk and the list so continues.  Ruby on rails is certainly a success as a language and a framework. It will continue to be a hot topic for many start-up successes.

  1. User-friendly community

It’s no doubt that ROR experts are paid well in the industry.  Unlike other languages, Ruby on Rails was developed by a community, so there’s lot of fun communicating with people of same interest. ROR is simple and elegant to use and it’s community has increased tremendously over the past few years.

Also, since ROR is an open source framework, you can find many components and tips of it shared on various community channels. This focuses on the strong community base  and easy for naïve users.

  1. Huge online resources for beginners

We would recommend a best way to start learning ROR is by getting access to its huge online resources  priming yourself on some of the aspects and concepts related to the framework. The video tutorials make you learning fun and easy.

You can find a huge online library for all levels and all kinds of concepts related to ROR.

  1. Cost efficient

ROR being an open source technology, developing and debugging code on the platform is easy and quick. This saves a lot of developer’s time, reducing the overall cost that precisely meets the business requirements. With it ready-made plugins and modules, many companies agree that it lowers their cost almost 40-50%.

Assured quality, security features, IDE’s and tools make the work simple without letting you start the development from scratch.

  1. Automated testing tools

ROR provides you with an automated testing option for finding bugs in your program. The tests are conducted on every line you perform and are done in a sequence. There isn’t any need to download a third party plugin for testing your application.

This not only saves a lot of time, but also ensures the system runs efficiently along the way you code. Do you think you need anything smarter and cooler that this feature? Be sure your application is bug free and scalable.

  1. Software Re-use

One of the few amazing thing RoR offers is that you can use and re-use the code for different projects simultaneously. During the development you can  lay a solid foundation and create building blocks for future use. It makes the framework expandable, multi-purpose and extensible.

The only thing that will bother you here is that, you will need an extensive documentation, sometimes including the source code file. You will have to put in some more efforts to build something that can be reused more efficiently.


Ruby is a language that is well-known among many developers due to its simple and uncluttered coding pattern. It is seen that it’s not only dominating the web application world, but also leveraging for robust applications for the future technologies.

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