12 Best Programming Languages To Learn in 2018


March 27, 2018

best programming language to learn

2017 had already ended. The majority of us make our goals for the ongoing year which might or might not be reached. But as a software engineer, one of our objectives is to learn new programming languages and technologies, so, which languages would it be a good idea for you to learn in 2018?

Programming is a dynamic sector. New and popular programming languages and frameworks can develop, ascend to notoriety, and after that blur away. Programmers need to continually adapt new aptitudes to remain significant.


To achieve that here’s our list of 12 best programming languages to learn in 2018.

1. Python

There is no denying that Python is administering the market at the present time. It operates on an interpreter. Python has an exceptionally straightforward syntax since it utilizes indents rather than curled braces for gathering blocks of code, the code is easily readable.

Unleashed in 1991, python can be utilized as a part of many domains like Game Development, Web-Development, scientific research, scripting, and nearly anything you envision.

2. C++

In 1983, C++ was made as an option to C language. Probably the most well-known products of C++ advancement for MS Windows and Google Chrome.Also, the bigger share of Amazon and Adobe site is coded in C++.

It has picked up notoriety all through these years due to its versatile application in fields like Telecoms, e-banking, Finance, Retail, and Games.

3. Swift

Developed by Apple, Swift was designed to consolidate and enhance numerous specs of the Objective-C, similar to its speed. What’s more, it rivals Objective-C in type security, safety, and better on-hardware execution. Swift also includes features from other programming languages.

It demonstrates a high code intelligibility and a high-level security. Swift is an advanced language and a simple tool to utilize.

4. Java

Java is dependably aproficientlong-term tool and viewing the details, it doesn’t appear to leave in the near future.

It’s utilized by more than 10 million programmers and 15 billion devices run Java around the world. Yes, you read that right!

Java is utilized to make Android Apps, games, software, and site content. A few sites like LinkedIn, Amazon, and eBay are using Java.

5. R

One more programming language which is broadly utilized for machine learning. It is considered to be the competitor of Python. It has an extraordinary functionality of data visualization for the data interpretation. Many machine learning algorithms can be effortlessly executed in R.

6. JavaScript

Utilized for the web development, its popularity is going to stay. As today every business needs a site and for this learning of JavaScript is fundamental. As JS file is utilized majorly to operate client-side JavaScript code on a site page. The file incorporates all the HTML HEAD and BODY objects in the HTML page tags. Thus, disregarding JavaScript can negatively influence your occupation.

7. PHP

PHP has been very famous all thanks to WordPress. PHP is used in many websites in some way, including Wikipedia and Facebook. There are no hard standards on the most proficient method to build features, and it rejoices adaptability in taking care of issues. It’s additionally utilized generally for famous content management frameworks.

So, for web development, learning PHP is obligatory to progress. Learning PHP places you in the place to make dynamic, stunning sites and web applications. PHP can be used for different web development ventures, including mobile application development and e-commerce.

8. Kotlin

There is no better choice than learning Kotlin programming language for Android App development in 2018. It is likely the subsequent huge thing occurring in the Android world.

Despite the fact that Java is the favorite language, Kotlin has got native help and numerous IDEs e.g.  Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA are using Kotile for Android development.

9. Rust

Rust is a universally useful language that enables developers to make quick, secure applications which employ the effectual highlights of present-day multi-core processors.

It’s likewise the most cherished programming language on StackOverflow for 2017 which is enough as a proof.Locales that utilizesRustare: Dropbox and Coursera.

10. Ruby

One of the fastest developing programming languages, Ruby is an object-oriented programming language created for data-hungry people. It’s so easy and basic to run that you can make an application in only 10 minutes.

neural networks python

Truly! For that, Groupon, Airbnb, Bloomberg, and Pxlr, all have been coded in Ruby. It is for the most part required to control code databases of various popular sites, and with time, its fame is growing.

11. GO

Google Go is good to advance in controlling the market. This is a consolidated language and breezes through the code-built test in a couple of seconds, that makes it more famous. It addresses the difficulties over multi-processor computing condition. In a couple of years, its market will precisely increment.

The celebrated DevOps tools like kubernetes, docker, and terraform are written in Go programming language.

12. C#

A gaming sector is swapped with the C# programming language since it has few extremely cool features. Although it has slowly reduced its popularity that is the reason it has been put on the tenth spot. In any case, the eventual fate of C# is splendid and settling it in your resume will help you in 2018.

As it serves as applications controlled by .NET systems. In this way, if that is your market, C# is the best programming language to use for building applications indigenous to the Microsoft platform and is further the suggested language for creating games utilizing the Unity Game machine.


Choosing the correct programming language is a significant approach. You need to have a reasonable view of the target you need to achieve. As any language you learn, you must be familiar and sufficiently adaptable to connect to various necessities. In case you couldn’t comprehend which programming language to pick, hope this post act as a guide for you on taking the right decision to accomplish your goal.

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