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May 15, 2018


From clothes to groceries, apartments to jewelry, we are buying everything on the web these days. This is a direct result of the reality that we find online shopping more intriguing and advantageous. In this way, various eCommerce sites are released each day. There are numerous open source eCommerce sites accessible with different themes, templates, and plugins. To fulfill this need PrestaShop is an eCommerce platform that professionalizes online stores in a consistent way.

It is exceptionally prescribed for medium to small-scale business. Comprising of different capacities, more than 310 dynamic features, 25,000+ plugins, and a lot of attractive themes PrestaShop has achieved wide notoriety among e-Commerce site proprietors.

The PrestaShop developers build up your site with all the basic data, features, and give it another expert look. An excess of technical learning isn’t required to modify your site with this platform.

In case that you need your webpage to pick up an aggressive edge and emerge from other online sites, at that point using suitable PrestaShop Development features is an unquestionable requirement.


PrestaShop Development Features incorporate

Templates and Theme:

Most of the customers visit an online store by judging the from its appearance. Hence, planning a site is one of the organized things that ought not to be disregarded. To enhance the image of your online business a proper website is certainly needed. So, with Prestashop, your sites will have a tendency to be more mobile friendly, SEO friendly, and easy to understand with a magnificent look and feel.



PrestaShop has a huge number of plugins to meet all business prerequisites of online store traders and clients. Your specialist development team will design, create, and execute PrestaShop augmentations according to the necessities and details. In this way, you can upgrade the ability of the e-store.



You can incorporate PrestaShop sites with numerous payment gateways to offer smooth and secure payment administrations. With the assistance of this integration, you can maintain an effective online business without fretting over the payment procedure in your e-Commerce store.


Why pick Prestashop as your e-Commerce solution?

Here is a couple of the great reasons I’ll like to specify why:

    • It is free and always will be with open source community specialists supporting it to retain it that way.
    • Building on the web stores from the basic is very simple. Store components are adjustable so you can acquire their corporate components and make the stores yourself.
    • Stores and interior capacities can be enhanced with add-on plugins.
    • Master and complete training contents are given to you at all levels, guaranteeing that you get the most out of your Prestashop online store.
    • Integrations with a wide multitude of driving business administrations and applications.
    • Segment your visitors depending upon rational built-in algorithms or build custom target groups.
    • Broad capabilities for overseeing product listing, manufacturers, suppliers, payments, and transportation.

Getting started

Though as we said earlier PrestaShop is open-source and totally free still it is a hosted platform. So, you’ll have to get to their website to download it.

Drop your name, email address, and status as either a merchant, freelancer or organization are totally discretionary.

How to Install PrestaShop?

Extract the Prestashop package locally on your PC.

Transfer the package through cPanel’s File Manager or utilizing an FTP client. Remember that your uploaded package ought to dwell under the web root folder for your account- the public_html directory, or otherwise under a subdirectory of it.

Before starting the installation, another database ought to be made. For this, you can easily add the corresponding user to the database from cPanel >> MySQL Database.


What benefits you’ll enjoy after downloading the package?

  • The Dashboard

Otherwise called the Back Office – it is a really a smooth panel. Not at all like numerous other online business platforms available, the PrestaShop dashboard isn’t content heavy, nor does it offer compressed menus and pages.

You will find that Quick access to the product listing, profile settings, and your store’s home page is given at the top menu bar.

The sidebar can likewise be effortlessly minimized, enabling the primary window to become the dominant focal point.

The top menu, that gives access to most registrations, latest orders, messages, achievements etc. are flawlessly designed and un-intrusive, even with its drop-down menus. Along with this, you will get lots of accessible functions and feature in the left-hand sidebar, which are all listed beneath a convenient search bar.

Concerning the real dashboard page, you’ll rapidly discover how fact and detail drove it is. Charts and tables are the central part, and everything looks greatly professional and modern. You could state that it’s all the more a control center than a conventional dashboard.

Dashboard stats incorporate various diagrams which show deals, profits, orders, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Different widgets show things like current visitor action, abandoned carts, open shopping carts, etc.

Further, you can even integrate your dashboard with the Google Analytics module, which thus gives you more stats without the necessity to drop your PrestaShop admin panel.

Step by step guide to Edit the Home Page of your PrestaShop

  • Sign in to your back office, click “Modules” tab, and discover “Home Text Editor” module under “Tools” menu.
  • Now you click to “configure” button on the right side. There you can change what you need, or simply delete to not display anything.
  • You can change the image by uploading a new one, yet you can’t erase the image from your back office. To delete it login to your FTP and discover “editorial” module under “/modules/article/”. Then you will see picture named as “homepage_logo.jpg”, by deleting a picture from here, it won’t be shown on the homepage.
  Adding Products

Normally, product creation assumes a major part with regards to choosing your online store. Obviously, PrestaShop has perceived this, and have done an intensive work in this fundamental region.

You can utilize the Quick Access menu over the highest point of the dashboard to rapidly locate the “New Product” menu.

The product creation page is very much detailed, enabling you to describe your product broadly. This incorporates determining whether the product is virtual or physical, its name, reference codes, description, visibility etc.

Duplicating products is likewise an element effortlessly available from the product creation page, alongside singular product deals stats for a current product. You can likewise review products before publication, which is dependably a convenient choice.

Generally speaking, there is an abundance of traits concentrated on product creation, and PrestaShop has figured out how to classify them well. None of these additional product determinations are compulsory. Thus, you should feel comfortable uploading a wide range of products, regardless whether they are exceptionally detailed or simple.

How to Add Products to PrestaShop?

  • Log in to your admin panel and go to the Catalog tab. Click the “Add new subcategory” button.
  • On the next page, you need to add the information of your category.
  • Now you can add a few products to this category. Go to the Catalog page again and tap on the “Sample category” interface in the table of categories.
  • Tap on “Add a new product” with a specific goal to add an item to the chosen category. Then enter the details for your item – name, price, image, qualities, etc. on the next page.
  • Click on either “Save and stay” or the “Save and back to the category” relying upon whether you are finished entering data for the item or not.
  • When you save and launch it, the product will be accessible for your visitors to buy.
  Templates and Themes

Through the PrestaShop Official Marketplace, you’ll get more than 1,500 templates. more than 600 of them designed by certified accomplices whose pricing begins from around $84. Alongside 500 of the premium templates whose price range starts from as high as $157.

Over that, there are further templates created by other outsiders. That sums up as a lot of templates for us! Community created templates run from totally free, straight up to around $319.

PrestaShop’s templating alternatives are broad and – generally – of high quality. Nonetheless, it is decent to see premium templates begin at marginally low costs.

How to Install Themes in PrestaShop?

  • You can select between various outlooks from Prestashop. To introduce a new PrestaShop theme, you need to download it locally and extricate the document at your PC.
  • You ought to upload the whole theme folder to the “themes” directory in the folder that PrestaShop subsists in.
  • After that sign in to the admin panel of your shopping cart and go to Preferences then Appearance. From there, select the recently uploaded theme from the rundown of accessible themes. Click the “Save” button.
  • Your theme is installed! Check out the site’s new look at the front end!
  Shipping, Payment Options, and Taxing

With regards to shipping choices, PrestaShop completes a strong action of enabling you to set up various carriers as you would anticipate. PrestaShop provides manageable shipping add-ons and is completely integrated with important carriers. You can give shoppers reliable shipping opportunities and the facility to add custom messages.Extra benefits incorporate the capacity to set default carriers, handling charges, etc.

In case that you wish, you can likewise configure at what order price free shipping starts at.

For setting payment gateways, PrestaShop has a pleasant assortment of free alternatives like PayPal, Google Checkout, Bank Wire payments, Cash on delivery and many more as per our preferences.

To place taxes for various areas, you have to go for Localization. Here, you just need to include the name of the tax, before giving it a rate.

In any case, to really configure tax rules for these same taxes, you’ll have to explore to another page called Tax Rules. Here you may then choose your current taxes, before allotting things like area, zip/postal code range, and so on.

How to Add Payment module in PrestaShop?

  • To set up the payment systems for your site, please sign in to your admin panel and tap on the “Payment ” tab. From this page, you can install, uninstall and arrange the supported payment procedures.
  • Go to back office – >module
  • Here you can download the zip file of the module.
  • Then search for “Customer Wallet” in the search box of the module and click install.
  • After the installation, you can configure the module.

How to Change or Add the Default Currency in PrestaShop?

Admin can also choose if the wallet will be operational for single money or various currencies.

  • By default, you will find three standard currency forms – The Euro, the Dollar, and the Pound. But, you can include or change new currency standards by going to the sub-tab under the “Payment” option and click “Currencies”.
  • Click on “Add New” to include another currency form and fill the form.

Secure Connection

Let customers feel safe about buying online. The SSL Certificate in PrestaShop offers you and your visitors with greater security amid shopping time. A secure connection is crucial to start receiving payments. Due to SSL certification, PrestaShop comes outfitted with everything a trader needs to be protected.In case that you need to employ an SSL Certificate, you may buy it from:

Client Area -> Order -> Extra Services -> SSL & Security

How to Set up the SSL Settings of Your PrestaShop?

  • Ensure SSL is as of now installed and runs with your domain name. To do that, go to the Admin area of your PrestaShop site and tap on Preferences – > General
  • Then tap on “Please click here to check if your shop supports HTTPS”.
  • Subsequent to doing as such, if the check was successfully done, you should see the green HTTPS symbol shown by the domain name of your site.
  • Subsequent to doing the vital check and ensuring HTTPS protocol to work for your site, you can easily activate it by heading off to same Preferences – > General page and enabling the two alternatives.
  • You can set Enable SSL to Yes which will approve HTTPS certificate for customer account ID and order process. In the event that you need to enable it for all your pages, alsoclick the button- Enable SSL on all pages to Yes.
  • At last, tap on the Save button.
Apps and Extras Plugins To get additional usefulness out of PrestaShop, you can move to the PrestaShop Module Marketplace. Modules extend from payment security extras to advertising tools. More than 80 of those plugins have been created by PrestaShop, while more than 400 have been created by certified accomplices.

You’ll find that all of them are perfectly sorted, just hit the download button and you’re ready to use them!


Let’s now discuss the 10 best PrestaShop Modules that every e-Commerce website owner must Download.

Much the same as other well-known CMS applications, PrestaShop likewise gives its users benefits to install add-ons so as to expand the proficiency of their stores. These add-ons are known as PrestaShop Modules.

Many of us must have noticed that some first-time web store proprietors are picking PrestaShop over others available platforms due to its oversimplified navigation involvement and functionality that this Content Management System (CMS) offers. There is a wide range of useful free and paid modules available to add to your website store.I have listed some of them below –

MultiLogin 12 in 1 Module

We all hate filling forms due to the tiring task of adding same details again and again. To help many from this problem this module was created.

This Module enables users to sign on to a PrestaShop store by linking with one of 12 online networking logins, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. Once an online networking account is associated, the store account is consequently made. Along these lines, clients can purchase their desired item without the issue of filling the details in the form.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

Prestashop SEO Meta Tags Manager

This PrestaShop SEO Module gives a complete support to create the meta tags for your shop resources with only a single tap. Utilize applicable keywords to your business to enhance the search engine ranking on the search engines.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

  • Welutions Friendly URLs for PrestaShop

Provide your Prestashop store readable and simple URLs that are helpful with search engines. This add-on enables you to expel dynamic id from your URLs, and supplant them with SEO-friendly URLs, including products, CMS pages, categories, manufacturers, and providers.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

  • Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro Module

Every one of us has this habit of topping off a shopping cart and afterward neglecting it. For such diverting personalities, an email update is a significant friend in need.

This module does exceptionally the same activity. It reminds clients through email notifications that they had yet not completed the shopping procedure of their orders. The email sent by the add-on is customized with the client’s name and abandoned things.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

  • Trusted Shops

Organizations have discovered that their shopping promotions were tapped on more frequently when they indicated ratings thus it ended up less expensive to publicize.

So, Trusted Shops is a site reviewing add-on and you can add their module to begin getting reviews from your clients. The reviews incorporating a rating out of five stars and this rating can likewise show up in Google which can help impart more trust from new visitors.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

  • PrestaShop Request Info

Include a contact button on the item page to ask for more information about it.

This module will let you increment your sales by giving clients a simple method to ask about a product feature, accessibility, request a discount, and so on.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –


You will need to contact your consumers and you likely don’t have time to schedule for sending messages physically. SendinBlue is an answer that enables you to send emails to your contacts. You have limit of sending 9000 emails every month (300 emails each day) with a free account, which ought to be possibly enough when you have just begun your business.

With the free module, you’ll be utilizing the SendinBlue IP address. Thus, they need to abstain from being related to spam.

You can also utilize SendinBlue to send sales affirmation messages, newsletters, autoresponder situations, order affirmations, password reset notification and significantly more. There are layouts you can utilize or you can move to make your own configuration.

Compatibility – PrestaShop v1.6

  • Module Backup All Module

Prestashop Administrator BackUp module for all database, files and both! This module empowers you to easily back up your Shop on standard bases – manually or automatically.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

  • TM Advanced Filter

To streamline your store navigation, utilize this advanced PrestaShop module.

This is less demanding when your store is in use, for the more time customers will remain there. It’s your best need to let them feel comfortable when browsing your stock and locate the essential thing as soon as possible. It gives clients a chance to limit their item inquiry to the minor details and remove products that don’t fit their needs.

Compatibility – PrestaShop 1.6.x.

Watch the video tutorial on how to activate this module:

  TM Lookbook Module

TM Lookbook Module displays how items look in usage, e.g. clothes on the body, furniture in rooms, makeup on your face shade etc. In the manner, you show your items has an immediate influence on customers’ decision to buy from your store or go somewhere else. Thus, you can boost the effectiveness of your product exhibition with this PrestaShop module.

Learn how to manage the lookbook!

Compatibility – PrestaShop 1.6.x.

  • Professional Blog

A blog makes a smart decision to achieve high ranking as it draw in the more visitors. The Professional Blog add-on fills this need and brings some extra advantages as well. It offers multi-store and multilingual support that makes it without any doubt a perfect option for a wide range of Prestashop stores.


Compatibility – PrestaShop – –

  • Protect My Shop

You should have just got a reasonable understanding by its name. Indeed, Protect My Shop add-on is a module that secures your commercial center from hackers and thefts. With protection as a noteworthy worry for online stores, Protect My Shop module ends up being a real assistance. The module incorporates 9 security scripts which can be initiated or inactivated one by one.

With this, you are secured against SQL Injections, SHELL Commands Injections, XSS Injections, CGI Injections, Code Injections, and so on.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

  • Print Labels Pro

You can spare some time when you can mechanize the procedure of formation of delivery labels. With Print Labels Pro module, you can get ready and print delivery labels and stick them on the orders and dispatch for delivery.

The module functiondoesn’t simply stop at label printing yet offers you alternatives to print certificates, envelops, and imperative documents. You can also include barcodes and images to the labels and alter all of your fields.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

  • Google Merchant Center

Envision uploading your store items to Google Shopping and getting very qualified leads?

With the Google Merchant Center, all is conceivable to get several customers purchasing on your online business store. It is amongst the most capable devices accessible in the market today. It incorporates friendly configuration, simple installation, and is exceedingly customizable.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

  • Cache Manager

With the help of this add-on, you can describe the zones of your site that should be cached. It in this way it viably diminishes your store’s loading time by nearly 50%. Speedier loading time would enable more clients to invest more time in your store, consequently expanding the chances of turnovers.

Additionally, your store’s position on search engine rankings is likewise enhanced, that moreover extends your transformation rate.

Compatibility – PrestaShop –

How to Install the PrestaShop modules?

When you have downloaded a module from the Add-ons online store, it’s dependent upon you to have it introduced on your PrestaShop webpage. There are two methods to install a module: either utilizing your FTP client or using the dedicated form.

A PrestaShop module is provided as an archive document in ZIP format. An archive comprises of a collection a few files and envelopes into one file, either compressed or not compressed. A file is made with the assistance of compressure software, and such programming is important to play out the reverse task, that is to state to expel the material of the archive keeping in mind the end goal to run the module.


Installation utilizing an FTP client:

To launch a new PrestaShop module manually follow these steps:

  • Unzip the module .zip archive file. This must bring about another folder.
  • Utilizing your FTP client, put the folder in your PrestaShop/modules folder. Focus NOT to transfer that folder to some other module’s folder (which can result when drag-and-dropping things). You have to upload the entire folder, not only the files it contains.
  • Now in the “Modules” tab go to your back-office.
  • Find the new module from the modules list. You may need to look down; you can likewise utilize the rundown’s search box, which should give you a progressively refreshed list of coordinating module names.
  • In the line for the new module, tap the “Install” option.
  • Your module is currently installed and ought to be activated as well with a green tick confirming the activation. In case essential, tap on the “Configure” link of the module. Give careful consideration to any notification that may be shown by PrestaShop.

When setup is finished, make sure to test the module promptly to affirm that it fills in as needed.

Installation utilizing the dedicated form:

  • To add another PrestaShop module “automatically”, tap on the option – “Add a module from my computer” link at the topsection on the rundown of modules. This will uncover another segment.
  • Two choices are displayed in the “Add another module” area:
  • Include a module from a web server: just put the URL to its online compress file and approve.Include a module from your PC – so, browse from the module’s Zip file that you downloaded, and approve.
  • In the two cases, you should point to the module’s Zip archive, and not any of its unloaded files or its folder.

Once approved, PrestaShop will load the module (either from your computer or from the web). Now, unpack it, put the files in the right area, and refresh the page.All this is done in just a few seconds!

Check out the tutorial for better understanding:


What if any of the modules get deleted?

Often mischances happen and modules get untied from where they should be or information gets entered inaccurately in them. The most straightforward approach to settle them sometimes is to reset the module.

When you reset a module, it erases the majority of the data related to the module and reinstalls the module from the beginning.

Method to Reset a PrestaShop Module

To reset a PrestaShop module you should go to your modules page in the back office. When you are there, you should discover the module that is leading to the troubles. When you have discovered the module, you can tap the menu on the right side and select the reset option.


Performing this step will reinstall the module. Any information you have entered in the module will be deleted and gotten out of the database. Just reset modules in case that you needn’t bother with the information saved in them any longer.

PrestaShop SEO and URLs administration

Search Engine Optimization is very vital nowadays. Fortunately, PrestaShop gives a lot of alternatives to enhance your site’s SEO. Steps to manage SEO and URLs:

  • You may analyze them by exploring to the Shop Parameters menu > Traffic and SEO.
  • In the tab of SEO and URLs, you would see a couple of segments and we would talk about every one of them individually.
  • The first is named SEO and URLs.
  • In that segment, you may alter each page’s URL independently by tapping the Edit button beside it. Another screen with altering choices would show up.
  • You would have the capacity to change the Page Title, Page Name, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, and the Rewritten URL.
  • This is very useful segment as it enables you to setup Friendly URLs with simply the flip of a button. You may likewise empower Accented URLs in case that you need to utilize non-latin characters in your URLs.
  • In this area, PrestaShop enables you to pick whether you need to utilize Redirects to the approved URL and which HTTP divert status to be utilized (Permanent or Temporary). In this area, you may likewise enable or disable the Apache’s Multiviews alternative. You can utilize it when you have problems with URL rewriting, links demands for non-existing URLs to the nearest URL) and mod_security module.
  • Scroll down to go to the next area called Set Shop URL.
  • As clarified in the segment’s name, here you may refresh and change the space utilized by your PrestaShop application and the folder in which it dwells.
  • One of the last areas is named Schema of URLs.
  • Here, you can change the manner in which friendly URLs are produced by changing the route to an asset on your shop. When you have refreshed your fields, remember to save your modifications, then head on the Save button to recover your .htaccess file.
  • The last segment is the Robots File Generation.
  • Tapping on the Generate a robots.txt document option would automatically include robots.txt file with exclusion mandates for directories and files that are not intended to be public and ought not to be indexed.

How to Add Languages to PrestaShop?

You can undoubtedly add multiple languages in your PrestaShop site.

  • To do as such, you need to login to your site’s admin section and head to the International > Localization option.
  • At that point pick the desired language in the Import a localization pack area. You may likewise select what content you need to import alongside the language.
  • You ought to likewise select in case that you need to download the data pack from the PrestaShop site or utilize the one in the folder of the localization of your PrestaShop establishment. When you select the favored alternatives, tap on the Import button.
  • Once the pack is introduced, you would view a message to notify Localization pack imported successfully.
  • In case that you need to control the presently installed languages. Simply go to the International then Translations menu. You can examine, export languages from it update and furthermore change translations.

New version launched? Learn How to Easily Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store to the Latest Stable Version.

An immediate upgrade from PrestaShop 1.6 or older to 1.7 version can’t be performed because of significant differences in the application’s structure. In case that you need to perform such an upgrade, you should simply install a new application with the needed version and move your content to it.

Although when you are utilizing an outdated version and you need to upgrade to the most recent and stable one, the procedure would be very simpler.

What you have to do first is to login as an administrator to your PrestaShop’s admin board and go to the Modules > Modules and Services segment of your admin board.

Afterward, in the Selection tab, find and introduce the module labeled 1-Click Upgrade. After the module’s establishment, you would be provoked to login once more. When you re-login, at the list on the left and you would see that another segment named More has surfaced. You would discover the 1-Click Upgrade in it. Tap on the list to open up the upgrade alternatives.

You would be diverted to another screen where a framework check would be performed. On this screen, you would likewise discover backup creation choices and update options – make a point to modify them as preferred.

In the event that your site isn’t in maintenance mode, caching is empowered or there is another component that may meddle with the refresh, a notification would show up.

Make a point to determine those notices, else, you would not have the capacity to continue. Once the application is set up for the upgrade and the notice messages get out. You would see the button – Upgrade PrestaShop Now!

Tap on this Upgrade PrestaShop Now! option and wait for a couple of minutes until the point that the application is being updated.

Once the procedure finishes, you should see an Upgrade finish message with notifications for any files that may have been missed amid the update or backup.

To be clearer with the steps you can prefer the given tutorial too:


What benefits your business receivefrom installing the PrestaShopin a long run?

Search Engine Optimization

Every one of your endeavors could be purposeless when clients can’t discover your shop through search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Regardless of whether, your store has a tremendous assortment of items, low costs, and 24/7 customer support. PrestaShop is upgraded for various search engines. Keyword tags, meta description for categories and products, modified URLs and several different traits are accessible to make your store more available in the list of search result.


You would need your online store to emerge and this is the place PrestaShop prevails upon other web-based business advancement platforms. Its 25000+ modules enable you to accomplish wanted usefulness in your site. From multi-payment alternatives to social media integration, these modules let you accomplish all that you need.


PrestaShop gives an extensive variety of benefits to make your store more appealing to the visitors. The newsletters membership assists in contact with customers and get them think about new products and offers in your store.

Extraordinary compared to other devices to influence clients to visit your store, over and over, is its commitment plan. PrestaShop permits remunerating clients with points which they can change over into a rebate to use later. In the back-office, you may efficiently configure the program and set up it in your own particular manner.


In a universal world, you understand the significance of multi-lingual websites. PrestaShop platform maintains all the main languages on the planet and this enables you to enter profoundly into the market regularly going past the domains of a normal online store.

Adaptable and Easy to Manage Backend

The purpose behind why a huge number of online businesses claim a PrestaShop store incorporates it’s adaptable and simple to oversee backend. PrestaShop has got the most intelligent and simple to maintain backend from where a store proprietor can without much of stress upload items, visualize sales details, generate an invoice, make coupon codes, envision consumer action, search inquiry, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Mobile Friendly

Not just the UI, yet besides the admin can be run/managedvia mobile. True. PrestaShop allows simple to use backend management app and a completely responsive default template which best suits gadgets ranging from tablet to smartphones, up to iPad, computer, and also for continuous e-commerce activity.

Simple Learning Curve

Not at all like other online platforms available, you will find PrestaShop platform very much simple to learn. There aren’t any confused configuration frameworks or coding to manage. You and your colleagues would have the capacity to effectively deal with your store’s backend.

No Restriction in Product Number

Many of CMS’s can provide you a trouble with product number limitation. In case you want to display more stocks in your catalog – spend more.

But PrestaShop has announced a public policy on product number, that presents it as ready for an online store of any size — a theoretical second Amazon can develop anytime from PrestaShop.

Wrap up

PrestaShop is an extremely smooth and exceptionally point by point platform, as it offers an overwhelming detail of statistical information for vendors to examine and enhance their performance.

Viewing your very own net revenues continuously alongside orders, sales, and different parameters would normally goad you on to enhance and sharpen your store. These bits of knowledge are novel to PrestaShop, and they on a great level make a convincing case for the well-known platform.

PrestaShop offers all the important features to create your online store to make it profitable and popular. Indeed, we have seen in this article, the diverse range of available modules provides endless opportunities for the growth of your business.

This shopping carriage has improved SEO and marketing devices, its templates won’t leave you indifferent. All the processes are ensured by established standards and certificates. So, your customers will precisely be in safe hands. Further, the platform can claim stable business reporting policy and about 40 usable languages. Thus, when you choose to start your online business, PrestaShop can undoubtedly convert into your dependable associate on your way to progress.

If you find the entire process tedious or even tricky you can contact any Prestashop E-commerce website development company and seek their assistance so that the process will be carried out as swiftly as possible.

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