E-Commerce Makes “Kolu Dolls” Accessible at Buyers’ Doorstep


October 16, 2015

E-Commerce Makes “Kollu Dolls” Accessible At Buyers’ Doorstep

  Many agents make the door delivery of dolls ease to the people living abroad so that they don’t have to come Mylapore tank area to buy Kolu dolls. Digital Marketing has changed the way of purchasing KOLU Dolls. “Until last year, I would make a trip to Chennai and Puducherry to buy new dolls, but this year, I have ordered a Brahmotsavam set online,” says Praveena Suresh, who lives in Pune. “When I moved to the United States, I did not buy new dolls for two years. I would instead use toys that I bought locally. Now, with agents guaranteeing safe delivery of these dolls at my doorstep, I have started ordering dolls every year,” Hema Nandagopal from Ohio says.

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G.Segar has been sending dolls to the United States and Malaysia for the last 10 years now. “Now, I am able to WhatsApp pictures of the dolls to my clients, and they tell me if they want something else. Since I work with multiple doll makers, I make sure the customers get the right dolls, even if I have to buy from different vendors,” he said.

“There are a few vendors in the United States that take the dolls I send them and distribute them there through their e-commerce sites,” he added. With the advent of e-commerce sites, and WhatsApp, demand for these dolls from overseas has suddenly increased. Source(s)

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