7 Trends That Are Going To Be The Future of Web Development

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February 20, 2018

Future of Web Development

Keeping up with the ever changing web development changes is getting on the nerves for many.  While some of the changes are temporary and short lived, many of the others have a dramatic change prevailing the notions.

For example, Flash took the web development ethics to entirely a new horizon when it was initially introduced. But today, it’s just a design option.

While traditional web developers might see themselves getting out of fashion, the upcoming trends in web development will certainly bring in a new revolution. The following trends are worth our attention and how they are going to change the face of traditional web designs.

1. UI Animation

UI animations, or commonly referred as motion UI, is a SaaS library that’s used in custom CSS.  Although responsive web designs have been making around for quite some time, what everyone expects in the near future is something larger than just responsive.


UI animation allows web developers to create a more interactive, animated and unique transitional design that adds value to your website. The technology is busy finding newer methods to implement motion UI in a more easy and efficient manner.

2. PHP 7

PHP, has far by now remained the most preferred language for backend of web development.  The language has improved a lot more than anyone can imagine with its latest release of version 7.0. It is recognised as one of the latest trends for web development in 2018.

The Laravel 5.x, the framework used in PHP 7, offers you with ready solutions that make working with complex tasks a lot more easier than before. The open-source framework has a large online community, making you worry less for any problems with your web app.

3. Virtual reality WordPress site

We have already placed our foot in the world of Virtual reality(VR), which always fascinated us with its research, and the same is seen in the case of web development methodologies. VR changes the way we communicate and interact with the technology world.

Implementing VR to the world of web development demands support from a huge library. E-Commerce websites have already enabled their customers to interact with the products and create an all new experience for them. With WordPress bringing in support for VR content in their sites, we expect to see widespread use of VR in web design.

4. Card Designs

Use of card based designs, a fundamental material principle from Google, is a piece of content which includes a text, image or video, is broken down into separate cards which allows a user to navigate through a site.  The UI cards can show a larger amount of data just on a piece of card.


Also, the UI cards also blend well with mobile responsive designs and works best on tablets and various browsers. Cards also allow businesses to build robust systems which develop and organises data, which includes various filters and sorting options, to cater to specific needs of users.

5. Automated Coding

Believe us, automated coding, which is based on the principles of artificial intelligence can do wonders to developing your web strategy. Due to the much talked hyped about AI in web development field, many companies have now launch a DIY website builder, which builds you website with just a few inputs from you. Doesn’t that sound interesting!

But many of the researchers say that using AI in the field of web development can prove threat to developers. But that is not proved yet. Do you think artificial intelligence and automated coding can replace the human intelligence and design?

6. SaaS

Creating a code free website with the help of tools has become a trend nowadays. Companies offering these tools promise a breath-taking user experience that doesn’t require you to know coding and programming. You may only require to know a few basics of photo shop or any photo editor.

SaaS is a cloud based subscription model entity that can access your data via any browser.  Instead of downloading a product, installing it on your machine and then running the program, you just visit a SaaS site through your browser and access the product with their login details.

7. Conversational E-Commerce

Popularly known as Chat-Bots, this are computer programs that work like humans with the help of machine learning and natural language processing (NPL). They can communicate with the customer; get the message across giving illusion to the customer of being a human being. Chat-bots are widely used in E-commerce applications.

The Bot revolution has already taken the place of humans and only time can tell how far its going to take this trend. Lots of conferences and research paper are going deeper into the evolution of chat bots.


As long as the web lives, new trends will come and go.  Seeing the current trend, web developers need to look ahead and redirect their approach with new business ideas. The need to re-invent you will continue, especially for small enterprises.  All the web development trends above are going to help you stay competitive in the market work wonders.

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