Magento Founders to Launch B2B e-commerce Software


June 30, 2015

Magento Founders to Launch B2B e-commerce Software

Oro Inc. showed off their newest product OroCommerce software at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition this month. It’s the same team that founded Magento. “OroCommerce will disrupt B2B online commerce,” the product tagline goes. No official declaration has been made about the release of the software till now. However, the Oro website says that it is “coming soon.” The company is launching the software at the right time when there is an increased demand for B2B e-commerce technology. According to Forrester Research, the investment in B2B e-commerce technology is going to surpass investment in retail e-commerce very soon. As a result, many technology vendors have decided to introduce B2B versions of their software into the market. According to Oro Inc. OroCommerce will “focus on being an open source best-in-class commerce platform, with tools specifically for the B2B online sales market.” The software is designed to integrate with OroCRM, Oro’s first product, which is an open-source customer relationship management system. OroCommerce can also be integrated with other business software applications such as product information management, and inventory and financial management software that are often modules within enterprise resource planning, or ERP, systems. OroCommerce is said to have built-in “B2B-specific” tools that are designed to feature online multiple price lists, a “simple yet customizable” quote-to-order process, quick order forms, and online corporate customer account management. “We combine these B2B-centric features with personalization, localization to multiple countries, currencies and languages,” says Oro Inc.

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