Making an Attractive Brewery Website: Factors To Consider


September 5, 2018

brewery website

Creating and crafting a brewery website poses a huge challenge such as coming up with an idea that is attractive and appealing to people who love beers.

Although you might be able to come up with an idea and research for it, yet you might be eventually stuck in building the website.

Creating a website requires not only an idea, but once you decided upon the idea for your website, you will need a good website template to base you website on, and finally a platform to prepare your website.

Things to Consider While Creating Modern Brewery Website

While creating a brewery website, you need to be mindful of some key points, which would come in handy while you create a website. These key points include.

  • Know Your Own Product

Beer is a beverage that has a lot of varieties depending on the brewery that it comes from.

You’ll find many brew-chasing fans tasting their beer and you can totally tell the reaction from their face whenever they are trying to taste a new brew.

Your brew should also be unique in its taste, that people can easily signify what type of beer you are actually providing.

Is it mesmerizing? Or is it similar in taste to other competitive brands?

Know the taste of your own beer and how it is different from other brands. This will help you to project your idea in a unique way.

Sure the development process is the same, but there are various other resources through which a perfect brew is made, you can use resource origin as a sign to start off your website design.

  • Creativity is a Must

Every respected beer company is followed by its respected website. It has become a tradition for them to build a well crafted and attractive design for their website.

The only creativity you can think of is to build and design a website around your beer nature.

Creating a beer-related website is a fun task for the developers. You can add classics and rustic designs which matches your beer nature.

You can also implement various popular trends and effects to make your website look more rich and captivating.

  • Building a Design From Scratch

The design is very important for a brewery website. Often you have seen many websites using their logo and design which is indeed nineties.

Beer can draw out more attention if they are reflected as a classic design. You can use old-style design with modern techniques and tools to make it a unique design for your brewery website.

This digital era has helped a lot of brewery websites to achieve a proper old-style modern design for their website. Thus, you can also use this idea to make build your brewery website with a classic look.

  • Do not Design a Complex Website

You have put so much effort to create a unique design. But, you need to add a limited quantity of details to your website in order to make it less complicated.

You do not want your customer to find it hard to look for beer and where they can actually buy it. It can sometimes be frustrating if you find an appropriate beer but cannot find the exact payment location. If you want your customer to buy your beer from your website, you need to design your website around the customer and make it simple.

Choosing a Right Template and Platform

Post conceptualizing your idea and design, another thing you will need is the right template to begin your idea of creating a brewery website.

There are various sample templates which can give you an idea for you to implement and build a perfect modern brewery website.

When selecting a template, you need to think what purpose you are going to serve on your website.

After consideration, you can browse for brewery templates by focusing on its features and types. These features can be:

  • Information:

This will project the goal of your website, for instance; to provide information about the brew details and its overview. Visitors will be viewing this information to know more about your brew products.

  • Images:

If you want to display attractive images of your beer and related products to your website, this featured template can be easily available for your site.

  • E-Commerce:

If you want to sell products on your website i.e. brew, you can also choose this template to serve your brewery website purpose.

Once, you have considered what features you want on your brewery website, you can then browse for specific features for your website design such as:

  • Index Pages:

This will organize multiple pages of your website into a single collection using thumbnail images. This will also help to display your content from multiple selections on a single page using the summary block.

  • Gallery Pages:

This will feature a unique gallery page design to display your media in exciting and unique ways. You can look for sample websites on the internet, for any template you are considering.

  • Social Icons:

You can also use this feature for your template, as there are numerous brewery websites which support social accounts. This feature will enable your customers to link their social account to your website.

  • Navigation Menus:

You can also choose the placement and behavior of your menu. You can use the template in which it features a secondary navigation menu for displaying additional links or provide an option within an index page.

Choosing the Right Platform

In order to create the right design for your website, it is necessary to select the right platform. The following are some of the most prolific website builders available today.

  • WordPress:

WordPress is a popular website builder with numerous plugins and coding. It has been around for a while and due to its flexibility and ease of use, it has become the number one choice for any website builder for creating a website.

WordPress can provide several plugins and themes which can make it simpler for you to design and develop your brewery website. Also, there are a lot of forums and online wordpress communities where you can get any information regarding any difficulties.

WordPress is a very powerful tool which can be used to design a unique website. It provides themes like Craft Beer, GastroBar, The Brew House etc.

You can also look for available brewery themes in WordPress here.

  • Shopify:

This is another website builder through which you can create a brewery for e-commerce purpose. This will enable all the features through which website visitors can easily access and buy a brew from your website.

It also contains several payment gateways which also make it easier for you to provide the buying option for the customers.

  • Squarespace:

If you are interested in creating an attarctive attractive brewery website, then Squarespace can be a great option. Squarespace is a great, user-friendly platform that can help you in building a responsive website online.

Since it is easy to learn and operate, you can create your brewery website effortlessly. Squarespace manages all you updates and ensures proper functioning of your plugins.

Once you build your website successfully with Squarespace, you can proudly present your collection of Brewery on your website, using the wide variety of templates.

  • Visual Studio:

If you are looking to create a secure brewery website which is completely customized then you can create using visual studio.

It uses C sharp and ASP.NET programming languages to create web forms. If you want to make a secure your payments and product sales on your brewery website, you can use this builder to illustrate a good encrypted design.

It will help you to have a more secure payment gateway, while customers are trying to buy a brew from your website.

  • PrestaShop:

Attractive themes are the forte of PrestaShop. 4000+ themes are available for users to choose from.

Even though creating a basic e-commerce website using PrestaShop is easy and free as the website gets complex you might need the service of an experience PrestaShop website Development Company.

PrestaShop also supports multiple integrations making it a safe choice for creating a website.

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