Optimize your Landing Page for Boosted Conversions


August 17, 2016

A Landing Page can be any web page that a visitor arrives or “lands” at when he/she clicks some Ad or sponsored link. Basically, a landing page is a stand alone web page, designed for a particular goal of conversion which is distinct from your main website. It may not have any navigation link with your website, focusing on just a distinct purpose. The main reason for limiting the navigation on a landing page is to present the visitors with a page which you have designed to serve a particular conversion goal.

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Types of Landing pages you can achieve Basically, you can make two types of landing pages for your purpose:

1. Click through Landing pages

Click through landing pages are crafted with the aim of persuading a visitor to click through the links which would direct him/her to a new page. It is designed specially to describe a product or service. For example, the landing page of an online shopping site may directly lead you to the product page by clicking the “buy now” CTA button where you may find the product details, price, ratings, reviews, and add to cart options.

2. Lead Generation Landing pages

These pages are designed especially for the purpose of capturing the data of visitors such as email id, contact number, name, address, etc. The data captured is utilized for lead generation in the subsequent time when required. These links may lead you to a page where the website motive is to get a form filled by the visitors regarding their personal details. It means it may lead you to a sign-up, registration page, or inquiry page for gathering the required customer data for a site.

Importance of Landing Page Optimization for your Online Business Landing pages are very basic part of any successful digital marketing strategy. They generate leads for you and increase the conversion rates. For an effective marketing strategy, they are part of every campaign you run for your online business. They are different from the ambiguous homepages where a visitor has no idea about what to do next. Landing pages are the indispensable part of each and every marketing strategy one can actually think of. You need Landing pages for

a. Generating Leads. b. Advertising your offers. c. A platform where the user can redeem your offers. d. Collecting information about the prospects of your customers. e. Conversion targeting pages where you can have an idea about what is important for the customers and what is not. f. Improving the cost cutting on Ad campaigns.

Most of the landing pages are found to be the converting ones. You focus your idea on a single prospect which makes the customer aware of your concerns about that particular product or service, resulting in a converted landing Page. Make your Landing Pages Converting 

Optimize your Landing Page for Boosted Conversions

  1. Be precise and to the point
While designing a landing page, you must remember that your page must give the exact and precise information as shown on the link or banner of the landing page. Do not stuff it with irrelevant information. You should always get straight to the point. You need to focus on the tail terms of your content for spreading your message clearly.
  1. Optimize CTA buttons
The CTA buttons or images play a very important role in compelling people to perform the desired action you want them to undertake. You must give an accurate and clear message on the CTA buttons and images for grabbing instant customer attention.

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  1. Use contrasting colors
In order to highlight the main information or the CTA section of your page, you must use the contrasting colors to make them more visually appealing. Make sure it is easy for the visitors to see where to click in order to complete the required action.
  1. Logo of trust and privacy assurance
A visitor landing on your page must be presented with a sense of trust and security from your side, otherwise, he/she might not complete the action if he/she doesn’t find your site as trustworthy. You can build a trust for your landing page by including your company logo on the page, or various security badges and trust seals from various security experts like McAfee, Norton, etc.
  1. Do not clutter your landing page with extravagant visuals
Web testing and tracking tools like A/B testing and Click Heatmaps have already proven that applying extravagant visuals on your pages might not help you in conversions. In fact, they often distract the readers from the main point of the landing page. Even graphics might increase the loading time of your page. Trust me, you would not want your page to load slowly for losing conversions and sales to your rivals.
  1. Do proper formatting
While designing the landing page, you must properly consider the formatting standards. Apply the best formatting methods for clearly visualizing the images, CTA buttons and texts distinctly.
  1. Show your social presence
Always feel free to show your social presence on the landing pages. This provides a trustworthiness among readers. Most of the people find the information from social platforms to be trustworthy and reliable. Thus, your social presence might help you a lot in persuading your customers for a product purchase.
  1. Perform web testing to check the performance-
Various web testing tools are present in the market which can boost the performance of your landing page. You must perform web testing in order to determine which are the best elements of your page, and which parts are not performing well. So, these are some of the very basic landing page optimization techniques which will help you in getting a better and converting website. The importance of landing pages cannot be overlooked as they are one of the most important ingredients for creating a promising and converting website these days. Written By:- Mockingfish

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