Postal Department to Join Hands with E-Commerce


July 9, 2015

Postal dept final posting

Department of Posts is heading towards e-commerce sector in order to facilitate national markets for rural entrepreneurs. The new initiative is modelled after the pilot e-commerce implemented at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Venture of Indian Post into e-commerce will promote small and middle-level manufacturers, artisans, craftsmen and weavers in the rural areas. They will be benefited just like the urban manufacturers and business entrepreneurs. S. Rajendra Kumar, Postmaster General, South Karnataka region, confirmed on Wednesday that the suggestion of introducing e-commerce platform was recently received.

The postal department was told to look for products suitable for portal marketing. “We are in the process of establishing links with rural entrepreneurs, weavers, artisans, craftsmen and others and enter into an understanding with them for marketing their produce to the clientele across the country,” he informed. When asked about the time of expected roll-out, Mr. Kumar said, “The roll-out is expected soon with at least a few products.” Postmaster general said Channapatna toys are proposed to be included in the e-commerce biz.

Mr. Kumar said, “Our venture is different from entities in the e-commerce business as our initiative is only to market the rural produce. It does not sell branded commercial goods but products like honey and coffee from Coorg as being done at Postal Shoppee.” On the question of status tie-ups with rural entrepreneurs, he said, “The postal divisions are exploring the possibilities of an agreement with the groups or societies of weavers, craftsmen, and others.” Mr. Kumar confirmed that a link will be available on the India Post website for those who wish to access the e-commerce portal, “Anybody sitting in the remotest corner of the country can order for the products available in another corner. With an unbeatable network, the delivery will be faster.”

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