Probytes Develops Website to Help Hospitals Discharge Patients Faster


May 28, 2015

With the revolutionary website for ‘Discharge Accelerator’ created by Probytes, hospitals can now easily work on reducing the discharge time of their patients. The idea of introducing such a website is to make the process of discharge structured and more organised. The discharging process being a time consuming and tedious task, the use of this website from Probytes can prove to be useful.

Probytes has put in the efforts to help hospitals improve their services with discharge accelerator website. The website is also a solution for hospitals to shift from the regular paper work to an electronic health record system. This has also help hospitals to reduce the human effort needed for these paper works.

The processes involved in discharge are made more organised and efficient with the help of these websites. The website categorizes the discharge process into 11 steps, with each step being handled by a team dedicated to it; patients can now be free from those never ending discharge episodes.

Steps involved in discharge

  • Discharge initiation is the primary step involved and is controlled by a nurse with the guidance of a doctor.
  • Writing a discharge summary which is handled by a nurse or assistant doctor.
  • A discharge summary team drafts a summary to be reviewed by a doctor.
  • The summary is reviewed by the doctor and any necessary suggestions are made.
  • The discharge summary team approves the summary once the doctor is satisfied with it and is used in the following steps of discharge.
  • Simultaneously a billing team begins reviewing the billing details.
  • Checking for insurance and adding its details to finalize the bill is the job for insurance teams.
  • The next step involves the payment of bill which is checked by the billing team.
  • Providing the patient with the required medicines is a task handled by the pharmacy.
  • After the completion of these steps the patient is discharged.
  • As the final step the room is made ready for the next patient to occupy.

With the Discharge Accelerator website from Probytes these procedures can be taken care of quickly and easily from the nurse’s workstation. It is also possible to monitor the time taken to complete each of these steps using a discharge accelerator app in a mobile device. This helps identify where exactly time is being wasted; thereby helping management teams to improve discharge time to achieve patient satisfaction.

KIMS hospital in Kerala have begun using discharge accelerator website and have reported a considerable improvement in discharge time. They are also profited by the website’s ability to organise and streamline operation within the hospital. The greatest benefit of using websites to handle discharge is that nurses and other staff needn’t visit each department to analyse a patient’s discharge status. It gives them the power to operate from their work stations with the discharge accelerator website.

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