9 Points To Remember Before You Go For a Stylish Website


June 8, 2018

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While creating a website, it is essential to pay special attention to the features that enhance its visual appearance to make it stylish enough to grab the attention of the site visitors. Apart from keeping people engaged, your site should have a stunning ergonomic design and unique features to make them share your site within their contact circles.

Focusing on critical aspects, such as user-friendly features and easy navigation will be helpful in the long run of the website. Implementing the tips mentioned below would help in creating an attractive website that will make your visitors have a better first impression.

Tips To Create a Stylish Website

  1. Choose a Quick Loading Website Design

When you are planning to create a trendy website, it is imperative to choose from fast loading designs, as the visitors tend to get bored if the site takes a lot of time to load. Using motion graphics in the background of the page would improve the brand impression among the visitors within a few seconds.

Such animations with JavaScript have less loading time and are a better replacement option for simple banner images. Make sure that the website designs you choose are well optimised and go for the ones that load within 15 seconds. Creating a site with a fantastic design will not work favourably if the loading time is too long.

2. Go For Catchy Illustrations

Illustrations are a versatile choice to display information entertainingly and creatively. Pay attention to the size of the images, headshots or graphics based on the layout and size of your webpage. Make sure that the illustrations or pictures you create have a personal touch for representing the brand identity in a better fashion.

Using CSS sprites can speed up the images of your site. If you plan to use many illustrations across various web pages of the site then utilizing sprites will be helpful to cache images. Plus, when the images are stored as a single huge one, it cuts down the HTTP requests for the page while enhancing the speed greatly.

3. Clear-Cut Navigation

When your site has a visitor, he or she must be intrigued to look further. To achieve precise navigation, you must place all the significant links at the apt places. Web designing experts opine that placing the important links at the top of the page will make the visitors notice it immediately. The menus can be placed at the left or right side along with the links to your other pages. To kindle their interest to other pages, make sure that the visitor gets easy access to the information on the other pages.

4. Check Compatibility with Browser

When creating a site, make sure that it is compatible with all the popular browsers. If your site is facing any issues with other browsers or its versions, then get it fixed immediately. As many browsers and latest devices do not support Flash, you can create browser friendly sites using jQuery, Ajax or JavaScript.

5. Pay Attention To the Content

Writing content for the website can be tricky. Visitors of your site will skim through the content of your page just to get an idea about what you do. Your site should have precise information, which answers their queries quickly while offering enough details to the ones who are interested in a product or service. So, it is important to create fine content that is well balanced without being too elaborate or having very less information.

6. Use The Right Colors

If you wish to develop a stylish site, then choosing the right color is important to have the best connotation with your audience. This year, the web designers are using more contrasting colors than simple shades. Try using colors by forming hard or slashing angles instead of horizontal headers. Explore the colors that you wish to use in the text, backgrounds, UI etc. based on the functionality of the elements in the page.

The colorful theme with vibrant tones would not only reflect the culture of the business but will also attract more page visitors. Follow the same rule while choosing colors for the fonts and make sure it is maintained across all the pages. Such visual coherence of the site will help in strengthening the firm’s identity among the audience.

7. Dynamic and Bold Typography

Make use of dynamic fonts instead of the typical ones, as this powerful tool will urge the readers to have a look at your content, evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression in the minds of your visitors. Create attractive heading as well as sub-headings with bold typography, as it can transform your UX into a stylish one.

8. Division of Layout

When the site has a simpler structure, it will be more comfortable for navigation. Every section of your page must convey a story. It should offer both the outcome and a reason to the visitor. Using asymmetric layout will make your site have a distinct and creative look. The design should support the content by highlighting the critical aspects of the story to reach the reader’s eyes quickly.

Also, make sure that there aren’t several calls to action on the page and each section should lead to the final solution that the business offers. Choose a simple asymmetric layout and make it look trendy by adding only the essential components that are user-friendly.

9. Impress with Prototyping

Prototyping plays a vital role in the process of web designing, as it can help you review the concepts at every stage of site development. With the help of prototyping tools, you will be able to create an interactive mock-up of the website and identify the design usability and the shortcomings in the flow. You can also impress your visitors by conveying your innovative ideas and concepts in a simple way using prototyping tools without giving a lot of explanation.

Gaining the attention of your online audience is only possible when you own a great website with fresh and stylish features. Push your limits even further by adopting the tips we have mentioned right from using motion graphics, illustrations, and vibrant colors to bold typography.

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