Use of Web Apps in the Healthcare Industry


September 6, 2018

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The healthcare industry is going through so many changes with the advancement of technology. Even other industries are adopting mobile application technology and earning a huge amount of revenue from it.

Well, health care is not far behind as it is also adopting the latest trend of converting everything into web applications and mobile applications at a fast pace.

Individuals are widely using apps to meet their healthcare requirements and fulfilling their demands.

Even more healthcare companies are coming up with more application ideas in new yet simple ways to deal with an enormous standard of people anytime of a day.

Scope And Evolution

Medical applications are essential for both the parties – doctors and patients. There are so many medical requirements that can be satisfied with the help of these applications.

These applications have eliminated all the complex process of the health care sector that was not worth it for a customer.

The struggle and time it used to consume for all the manual workersare not replaced by these applications.

The medical and healthcare application has made the life of anyone related to the healthcare industry a lot easier.


In 2013, the medical industry started to give a lot of importance to the healthcare industry.

The market for the applications is increasing at a tremendous rate with its scope. On top of that, the applications are not dependent on the positions that you might have in the healthcare industry.

A patient, doctor or clinician can take advantages of this application of the healthcare industry to come up with solutions that are related to health or some medicines.

In future, if anything, these applications are going to boost at a fast pace. The new features are being added to them and bugs are fixed to make them more reliable.


They are helping people at a lot with their flexible strategies and just click away features.

Every individual is slowly depending on them to get an appointment, order medicines or even checking out with doctors online itself.

There is so much of the mobile application for the mobile industry that can’t be expressed in simple words.

Types of Mobile Healthcare Application

Medical and healthcare industry is rapidly increasing and adopting new technology with open arms.

Even the developers are working at a terrific rate and giving their time for the improvement of the healthcare sector.

However, the healthcare sector is a vast industry with a number of domains. This has made developers work in different fields and come up with ideas of cover different types.

Here are the few types of healthcare mobile application that are covered till now.

  • Clinical support apps
  • Effectiveness/communication apps
  • Universalcapability information apps
  • Healthy life apps
  • Monitoring apps
  • Patient portal apps
  • Reference/database apps
  • Reminder apps
  • Speciality apps
  • Super apps

This is not it, now with the advancement; there are wearable devices that will track the heart rate of a patient.

If there is any abnormality in the heart rate then it will send out an alert to the respective doctor.

Till the time a patient will reach the hospital, the doctor will be all ready to check his condition.

This tracking and the alert system works in the real-time and is one of the most advanced features of the healthcare sector because it will work outside the hospital.

Challenges Of Healthcare Industries

However, with the advancement come many things that are making healthcare sector take each and every step with caution. Few of such challenges are:

  • Data Privacy is at the top. All the data is stored online that make it easy for people to hack it and put it at risk. It requires data protocols and standards so that the transmission done in real-time can be secure.

  • Integration is the main concern with the protocols and mobile platforms. It is only because the manufactureris not yet at the level of communication standards and protocols.

  • Data aggregation is a very difficult and time-consuming process because of different standards and protocols.

The rise in the mobile application in the healthcare industry has opened many doors to new opportunities for us.

Now, we can easily take advantage of several applications that can help us without us going out and standing in a queue. Yes, it will take a lot of time to grow and get to the same level as other industries.

But health care is doing everything in its favour to reach a specific goal in targeted time.

With the addition of wearables, ingestible sensors, moodables, computer vision technology and healthcare charting, the time is not far away when healthcare will experience a revolution that will be enough to change the face of the industry.

It is helping us to facilitate the deliveries and improve the product but now we have to bring the bigger effects into play.

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