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July 19, 2018

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The entire website design process usually takes 30-45 days from beginning to end. On contrary, some website design can take longer as per the complexity and scope of the project. A simple website comprising of 10-15 pages takes about 4-6 weeks.

Each website is different and has its own characteristics. Thus, every redesign depends on the expectation of the product.

It depends on if you want a template based website or an e-commerce website, involving a lot of customization. Your choice on either of these is an answer to how long a redesign takes.

What is a Template Website and Custom Design?

As already mentioned, your expectations for the product can determine how quickly your website redesign will take place.

If you are not sure which website to look for, then put together a list of all the websites that you like or the features of a website you like and present them to your developer.

They will then be in a better position to suggest you on changes that fit you in your budget and time frame.

A Templated Website

It is a pre-designed webpage that is taken into use to “plug-in” personalized contents and images. They are faster to build and are more budget-friendly. Template websites are becoming more sophisticated over time, therefore giving more space for plenty of customization. This is the best-suited option if you are seeking for something with a modern feel with cost-efficiency.

Custom Web Design

It simply means that your website redesign will take more time. Custom web design builds your website from the scratch thus, taking a lot more time.

If you opt for a templated website, you have more chances of redesigning your website quicker than if you go to the route of complete customization.

For a website containing 25-40 pages, it can take some around 6 weeks to 6 months. Well, to be honest, it depends.

It depends on certain factors. Below are the five factors that determine how long your website will take to redesign.

Factors on which the time period of your website redesigning depends


The timing of a website depends hugely on how fast you provide content to your developer. This is a big obstacle as the content is provided by the client and not the developer. Otherwise, it would have been more convenient and efficient.

Clients are often so busy in their day-to-day business dealings that they are not able to spend the needed time in preparing the content. This is a problem which should be given serious consideration.


How long it will take to redesign your website largely depends on how big your project is. Obviously, larger projects will take a longer time compared to smaller ones.

If your project has more pages, it will naturally become large and thus, taking a long time in the process of redesigning. This is because every extra page needs additional quality assurance, SEO tagging, graphics, Mobile Design, etc, which consumes a lot of time.

Different Page Design

It’s not always about the size. A website containing 15 pages might take a long time to develop if each page is different from another one. A total number of pages are important but the total number of unique page design matters more.

Every website online has its own unique layout and design, but if you pay close attention to the inner pages, they are all the same. Sites with different inner pages are more complex and expensive and time-consuming to develop.


The design of your website is not the only factor impacting how quickly your website can be redesigned. It also depends a lot on the functionality. The dynamics involved in a website is referred to as functionality.

It involves functions of a website such as filtering functions like project portfolio items or categories. It can also be any effects you see on the screen done with a bit of additional coding.

Number of People Involved

Last but not the least, this is a simple but a very important factor determining how long a website redesigning process will take. The timeline of your website depends on what number of people will have input into the designing process.

Every new person added into the process increases the timing of a website project, geometrically. As it is said, “too many cooks spoil the food”. When too many persons are involved, not only the process gets affected but the final design too.

Until now, you must have been well-aware of the factors affecting the timing of a website redesign.

Do you know what a sitemap is? If you don’t, it is the most important thing when it comes to getting your site designed quickly. It is the architecture behind all the pages in a site and the relationships amongst them.

Getting a clear understanding on the sitemap, a number of pages, their relatedness, and determining which ones will be designed uniquely will help you define the scope and the time period for your website redesign.

“How long will it take to re-design a website” is rather a typical question to answer. We can never have a simple number of weeks or months. But we can estimate the time by evaluating the tasks which are going to be used in re-designing.

Website designing and redesigning are both similar things. The only difference is that to re-design you don’t have to create the whole content again rather; you just update the already designed elements such as a slider, homepage layout, and graphics.

Whereas, designing a website requires mapping out and writing the web pages on the basis of a comprehensive keyword strategy and SEO (search engine optimization) plan.

Let us see the simple processes and evaluate how much time does these process takes to re-design a website.

  • When you want to re-design your website the organization you’re going to hire will give you a website design questionnaire. In this list, there are various types of questions which target the inside of the client’s brain.
  • This list will give a brief idea about what design and what preferences you are looking for in a new design. This process might take 3-4 days to completely go through the website design questionnaire carefully and persistently.
  • The next step will comprise of the questionnaire evaluation which might take 2-3 hours. In this process, the review of the questionnaire will be held and both the client and the organization go through several hours of meeting and coming up with an idea. This meeting will clarify the doubts and the goals to re-design your website.
  • The organization which is going to re-design your website will have a proper knowledge and information at the end of the meeting.
  • After the organization has taken the information and design knowledge from you, the re-designing process will start soon. They will try to create a design which best suits your company and your information provided.
  • This process may take at least 8-9 days until they build a good design for your website. After creating the design it will undergo a review process.
  • This process includes reviewing the design made by the organization. The design which the organization has made is this design you were looking for or you need to revise a little. The time depends on the revising of the design.
  • The time which is to be needed will depend on the revisions which have to be made. The process may take 1-8 days.
  • This process undergoes the coding of the website once the design has been approved by you. This is the part where the process of your re-designing will take shape.
  • The content and the information will be loaded during this phase. The design implementation will take approx 3-6 days.
  • After completing the design and coding, it will go for the final review which might take at least 4 days. This will undergo the final review for any design or any information which need to be changed.
  • Once you will approve the design and coding, the final step would be the official launch of your re-designed website. This process will take at least 3 days until it is processed and ready to be served.
  • If we evaluate the time consumption based on these scenarios we can actually think of a simple number. It might take nearly a month or a little more to re-design a website.

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