WooCommerce is now a Part of WordPress Family


May 22, 2015


Everybody who is somebody in WordPress will be quite familiar about the WooCommerce plug-in, which is solely responsible for driving WordPress.com with all its Online Store capabilities. This open-source plug-in with a global download of around 7.5 million it is easily one of WordPress’s most popular plug-in. This is the sole reason why Automattic, which is the company behind WordPress.com went ahead and acquired WooCommerce. Even though it is said to be the biggest acquisition by Automattic till date, the exact price is still a mystery. A great move The plug-in that launched on September 2011 already powers around 600,000 WordPress storefronts and the number just keeps on rising. With the acquisition of WooCommerce, the impact WordPress has on the e-commerce industry will leave no stones unturned. Adding products is made as easy as adding a new blog post. If you want to take payments, it comes with PayPal support and if you want to use Stripe/Amazon Payments/etc, all you need to do is just grab one of their extensions. It can even help you with shipping logistics, inventory management and analytics. Previously Automattic had also bought a WordPress security Plug-in “Brute Project” from within its own plug-in store.

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