Why Hiring a Yii Development Company is Beneficial to You?

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January 7, 2016

Why Hiring a Yii Development Company is Beneficial to You?

Yii is the most preferred framework for projects ranging from simple to complex websites and web applications. Yii has become a favourite among developers due to its object oriented nature and superb performance capabilities.

Time is money for every web developers and hence they prefer less complicated installation and configuration. Hence Yii is the most preferred framework for every client.

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Yii is at the top open source web application framework. It is made to solve the faults of previous versions of PHP framework. The platform of Yii framework can deliver efficient and responsive designs.


Yii Development is an alternative to older PHP system such as PRADO.It is considered as an extended version of PHP framework by developers. Comprehensive knowledge of PHP coding can help developers a lot. Yii framework has many features which make it favourable among modern users. The users need to hire expert and experienced developers who knows and understands the codes very well.

Some advantages of using Yii framework:

1. Application of Modal View Architecture (MVC) framework 2. Useful forms and validation features 3. Use of authorization and authentication controls 4. Asynchronous Javascript and XML based widgets 5. Use of innovative techniques for skinning and theme creation 6. Existence of Query Builder, Active Record and Data Access Objects (DAO) 7. With the help of its powerful features, development speed is increased 8. Use of security functionalities such as Structured Query Language (SQL) injection, input validation, output filtering, cross-site scripting prohibition etc 9. Session and user controls 10. Extensive help functionality 11. Comprehensive image library with manipulation facilities 12. support of hooks and class extensions

Hiring a good Yii development company plays a decisive role especially in the creation of quality websites. The following are the advantages of hiring a Yii framework for clients:

  • Business and web applications can be developed and delivered efficiently with the help of feature rich functionality found in the Yii framework
  • The developers will be able to create ideal web applications using Yii framework
  • The developers in Yii development company will have extensive experience in Modal View Controller (MVC) principles
  • Optimum use of Data Access Objects (DAO) by the highly skilled developers
  • Presence of outstanding expertise in skinning techniques and in creating themes of Yii framework
  • Developers will have enormous experience in designing web application on the basis of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques

The developers in the Yii Development Company should properly use the benefits of Yii framework so that they could easily imply those benefits to web and business applications. They should be able to create web applications within short time according to the needs of the client. Above all the developers should be an expert in using Yii framework.

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Yii framework is the first priority for every reputed company as they fulfill their urgent requirements on time. It is one of the fastest protocols for PHP web application development.


Usually, the Yii development company provides the best support to customers according to their business needs. The main aim of Yii development company is to create beneficial and highly interactive websites or web applications. High security, ability to reuse code for building new software, high performance are some of the specialties of Yii framework.

Yii framework is the synonym of efficient, robust, scalable and extensible web application.

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