The emergence of new technologies at regular intervals has paved new opportunities to improve your online store. The most compatible and effective solution in attaining the desired heights is Magento. With a range of templates, plug-ins, themes and other Magento Extensions, you can control every aspect of your online store.

Following are the 6 amazing Magneto extensions to improve your online store:

  1. Full Page Cache

This is a great extension for Magento stores, significantly speeding up page load time. Full Page Cache improves website ranking, reduces server load and increases sales conversion. It is an extension which directly affects sales conversion and generates revenue effectively.


  1. Page Builder

Magento page builder helps you in creating receptive Magento themes easily. It is a useful tool to build as many pages as you want. It also offers powerful and intuitive control panel with drag and drop features.

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  1. MageMail – Triggered Email Extension

MageMail is a triggered email solution allowing you to set emails to be sent when required. It aids you in finding which emails are suitable for the particular situation and also in managing and monitoring results.

  1. Magento Live Chat

Magneto Live Chat is an excellent way of conversation which can make your customer closer to your staff. This results in having more number of customers.

  1. Magento One Step Checkout

Nowadays, many users avoid online shopping due to the complexity in checking out. If you wish to overcome the issue, you can easily utilize one step checkout extension. This extension will help you streamline the checkout process and reduce its complexities on the go. Thereby making the process easier, thus increasing sales and revenue.

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  1. Social Media Extensions

This will allow your visitors to share the offers or products they like through tweets or on their Facebook wall within a click. These widgets can blend with the layout of your site and can come in diverse sizes and color schemes helping them to sync in.

These are just some of the extensions that can help you improve the sales of your eCommerce website. There are a lot more. If you know some good extensions, do share with us in the comment section.

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