In your search for the best e-commerce platform, you might have seen several options. One among those is Magento. It is hugely popular and is adopted by many brands such as Nestle and Samsung.

Read on to know why these brands make use of Magento for their websites.

Open source

Magento is a free platform. Simply download and start customizing the site based on your requirements. Being open, this platform is always on the top with regular updates.

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Hosting service is chosen independently

Magento allows you to select the hosting service according to your requirement as compared to others. This will be helpful in switching the hosting service if you find any problem with the existing one.


If you need a hosted platform, then Magento will provide you exactly the same with all benefits which is in Magento Community edition platform.

Flexible and Customizable

Magento is expected to be naturally highly customizable and flexible as it is an open source platform. It allows you to develop an amazing front-end customer experience.

You can modify your template and layouts according to your choice. Backend can also be redesigned to suit your business needs.

Made for SEO

Search engine traffic is one of the essential factors in promoting an online store. Creating a website SEO friendly is not an easy task and is a big issue for large e-commerce sites. But it can become easy with Magento.

With the help of HTML5 capabilities of Magento, you can easily develop mobile friendly websites. This will help avoid lot of trouble and save your time.

Run Multiple Websites with Same Common Backend System

With Magento you can run several websites with the same backend system. Each and every website has different layouts and domains for each website respectively. You can manage them simultaneously using Magento. It is an asset for e-commerce business.

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Magento has the efficiency to host several products in your online store. Several businesses start with free community edition and after they experience the growth, they switch to Magento enterprise edition. This platform really grows with your e-commerce business.


People have the fear that their website might be hacked. But with Magento, your website is highly secure. Because, its developers are always on the lookout for potential security flaws and take precautions as soon as they are spotted.

As you see, Magento is the best platform for your e-commerce business. Over 600.000 store owners are using Magento to sell their products online.

So, if you are looking for providing the best shopping service to your customers, then Magento is the one that you must select.

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