Magento is an open source content management system (CMS) and it is considered to be one of the complex eCommerce environment today. It is more capable in services like search engine optimization, modifications and customization, user capabilities, automation of orders and shipments, product types, gift codes, coupons, catalog browsing and management etc when compared to Woo commerce and Shopify.


Complexity of Magento makes it suitable for developers, difficult to layout and operate separately. It is not an easy task to find a good Magento developer.

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How to Find an Expert Magento Developer

When hiring a Magento developer, the following seven things should be considered:

  1. Know What You Need

It is necessary to create a clear cut plan with all your needs and desires written on paper before contacting the developers. There is no need to become a Magento expert, but it would be useful to understand the basics, sweet spots and difficulties of the online store. In addition to this, there should be a clear understanding about priorities, timetables and the budget.

If the research regarding the above details is done properly, then professional developers will take those details very seriously. For being successful, it is necessary to stay up-to-date and get involved during the development process.

2. Gather Potential Magento Partners

It is advisable to ask for recommendations of a trusted colleague about finding the best Magento developer. If there is no colleague available, it is better to seek the aid of third party service providers such as hosting agency or accountants. Otherwise, one can also explore connections on Linkedin which helps to find professionals in any field.

3. Look for Certified Magento Developers

In order to certify developers using Magento platform, Magento corporation operates online training courses. And Magento certification exams are given to professionals who want to differentiate themselves from the existing competition with Magento credential. This shows their seriousness about the work.

According to the type of expertise within the Magento platform, different types of certifications are given. An example for this is a Magento Solution Specialist is a person who can efficiently place business objectives with Magento functionality and thus optimize the use of native features. For this they require a deep understanding of business in general and eCommerce in particular.

Other certifications include certified front end developer, Magento certified developer, social learning group certification, modification kit and Developer plus.

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4. Find an Agency

Magento is having different type of certification as it has many aspects of eCommerce, such as business logic, drop shipping, PHP programming, content marketing, design and implementation, usability etc.

As mentioned above it has so many aspects to cover, hence no one can manage all of them alone. Hence it is better to hire a Magento Development Company for addressing all aspects of establishing and managing a Magento enterprise. These companies may differ in quality, size and availability.

It is essential to thoroughly study about various agencies and their services before making the decision.

5. Visit Customer Sites

Customer reviews can greatly help Magento developers, but at the same time such reviews can also mislead developers. Customers may not be able to judge the difference between a medium quality site and a high quality one.

It is really a good idea to see excellent reviews written by people who liked the developer personally and those written by people who have negative remarks regarding their website development.

One can check the portfolio yourself in order to pay attention to details like ease of use, user flows, internal links and accessibility of information.

6. Find a Long Term Relationship

Online store can sometimes work improperly due to virus, attack by hackers or simply not function well. There also requires regular updates, license renewals, add new features and ideas. All these should be managed by a programmer who will be available to solve in the long run.

7. Seek the Tycoons

It would be wise to look out for influencers who are well informed and have a good reputation in the industry. Such person should be an acceptable person who has authority to speak in conferences or one who post regularly either on a blog or on social media.

Seeking a good Magento developer is a critical step in the successful development of the web store. All the above seven things can be helpful to hire a good developer. Also, as the case of every developer, they should care the needs of the client and remain with them whenever the client needs them.

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