Saying that the whole world depends on e-commerce is an understatement. We can buy anything with few taps of fingertips. There are n numbers of platforms available to build an e-commerce site. But, business moguls like Chopard, Liverpool FC, Paul Smith, Pepe Jeans seem to have a favourite – Magento. What made these high-end brands to side with one particular e-commerce platform? Read on to know more.

1. Exclusive Experience

Magento strongly believes in the concept of ‘Tailor-made’. With its intuitive administration interface, Magento development service makes building a unique e-commerce site a walk in the park. The client gets to control the site with efficient tools for backend, frontend, strategic marketing, search engine optimisation, inventory management, user dashboards and catalogue management. The retailer can tweak the site to his requirement and stay true to his brand’s focus.

2. Open source

Open source e-commerce platforms are the best and free. Simply download Magento Community Edition and start customising the site according to the requirements. It’s that effortless. Just edit the source code for changing a feature. Magento’s forums and developer community is always available at times of troubleshooting. With regular updates, the platform is always on top of the game.


3. State-of-art technology

With lots of options given to the clients, Magento Enterprise Edition is one of the most versatile platforms. It comes with conversion rates tool, Google tag manager and a mobile app toolkit for an integrated business solution. It offers superior server response times. By driving more traffic, it gains more transactions.

4. User Interface

What makes an online business stand-out? The user interface. Stylish and simple sites usually tend to bring in more customers than shabby and complicated online shops. Magento development service strives to make customers experience your website with unique extensions, personalisation and cutting-edge solutions. Browsing through a Magento site is seamless, engaging and efficient.  No wonder fashion giants like Christian Louboutin, Harper’s Bazaar, 7forallmankind have Magento based online shops.

5. Freedom of choices

Magento Go is a hosted platform that comes with the Community Edition platform. Still, Magento provides the option to choose the hosting service one wants. No hidden thresholds with hosts. This is cost-effective and also flexible for switching between multiple hosting services. Expanding the business with Magento costs nothing. The client can add any number of features and products to the site with no additional cost.

6. Integrated Platform

Adding third-party apps to the site comes with no charges. With loads of ready-made apps available, Magento development service cuts down the coding time in large scale. Be it payment models, shipping, tracking, analytics, just choose an app and add it to your site with Magento’s API. With HTML5 capabilities of Magento, it’s easy to create mobile-friendly sites. It provides you audio and visual controls to fit in any kind of smartphone.

7. Common Backend System

An organisation that runs multiple businesses can control all its sites at one place. All the sites can be modified and managed with a unified control panel. Even though the backend system is common, Magento provides the necessary tools to design every site differently with different domains.

8. No Geographical Limit

With brands reaching out to worldwide customers, it’s essential to have a universal site. Magento offers efficient tools for multiple currencies and tax rates management. It supports swapping between local languages and product alignment. The site loads really fast, so that it’s perfect for customers with any internet speed. Magento development service processes large databases in fraction of seconds.

No matter what type of business, Magento fits all needs. With brilliant administration model, it assures the clients to bring out their best foot forward. Thousands of customisations, intelligent apps, minimal costs – Magento is the best e-commerce platform without a doubt!

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