8 Reasons to Choose Yii Framework for Your E-Commerce Store

Yii has its benefits for everyone involved in programming. If you are a businesses owner who attach more importance to the quality and overall value of the applications you launch in the market, Yii serves to be an ideal tool.

Here are 8 reasons Yii Framework could be the best choice for your e-commerce store:

Install easily

You can install Yii in very less time as the main installation is easy. Spending too much time on installation can result in loss of money. Also, while installing, it is easy to handle or solve any issues as the log records every installation activities.

Modular component design

You can use every component of Yii according to your requirement as it is extensible. It has an extension repository which includes user written components that can be fit easily into the framework. This exceptional feature makes it easy for you to add new functions to your e-commerce store.

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Excellent documentation

Yii has excellent documentation as it helps you step by step in every process. It also has the detailed description of class references such as methods, properties and events.


User generation documentation is also accessible as it is an open source platform. If you are not technically very familiar with the framework, then the excellent documentation makes it easy for you to understand.

Encourages Testing

Codeception is a great PHP testing framework in which Yii is securely integrated. It will help you to make the process of creating a unit simple. As this extension makes it simple to configure your application during testing, you are encouraged to test more often, thus finding and resolving more bugs.

Rapid Development

Yii generates CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations thereby allowing web applications to run in no time. It aids you in developing applications faster. Also, it helps you to manage the application design as suggested by Yii

Highly secured

Yii is integrated with built-in authentication and authorization features, which are easy-to-use and can be modified easily. Thus, this framework ensures maximum security to your applications developed using this framework.

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Shorter Development Time

Yii has some tools which help you in spending less time on some tasks. They help you customize your applications according to the client’s need at a faster pace. If you want to create code templates for Forms, Models, Extensions, etc quickly, then Yii is best.

Error Debugging

Errors are bound to turn up at any point of time, and finding bugs can make jitters between an individual developer and a development company. Debugging errors with Yii is very simple. Yii offers several debuggers which will help you to manage even highly difficult exceptions easily with some resourceful metrics. Additionally, Yii provides outcomes in a well organized manner.


Thus, for your ecommerce store, Yii is the best. It is a thoroughly safe and secure platform for you to develop highly sensitive and important web applications. The system has strong immunity against tampering with cookies and SQL interjections and a lot more. You can easily use most of its features exactly as they are provided, or you can modify each one to suit your needs.

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