Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Revolutionize Web Development – Know-How?

Artificial Intelligence is assumed to change the world, for better and for the worse it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

Obviously AI’s profound impact will be on Technology domain. It will be tailored to do the difficult tasks of web developers shifting its main focus at enhancing the user experience.  And we all know that more people are on the mobile web, which means the user interface is going to be on top of the pyramid.

Artificial Intelligence And Its Role

Applied artificial intelligence is eradication the technical barrier for the non-technical web developers, making things easier for them. It is programmed to almost all of the tasks which require skilled web developers.  We can already see the sparks online with websites that help you build your portal with just a few inputs.

According to some experts, AI can prove a threat for many web developers as it might increase their risk of being unemployed. But at the same time, many of them deny this fact. Do you really think artificial intelligence will replace the human intelligence in terms of web development?

The Web Developers Challenges

Well, you need be afraid of the above said, neither web development nor the web designers will find their intelligence getting eradicated. If the truth is to be told, AI and the current DIY website building platforms, all totally rely on the web developers. The web designers train the system in such a way that any non-technical person can get it done through AI.

Training a machine or a platform on how to act and perform like a web developer can increase the need for learning new technologies and understand the need of interpreting demand & behaviour of a user. However, there is a never ending debate on this. All in all, a website developed by you is more appealing than a website built using the AI concepts.

The Future Of AI

AI assumes to pay the hottest price for technology. We assume it will affect almost 2/3rd of the ways a customer interacts with the system.  Let’s look at how AI can arouse the future:

  • More and more businesses will search for newer ways to interact on the websites
  • Superior UI experience will drive companies to use the power of AI
  • Chat bots, which already exist, will take over the traditional customers retail needs.
  • Viral robots will be integrated with the technology
  • Voice based searches will see a rise in demand
  • In-store experiences will be personalized
  • Will be able to sense the moods of the customer knowing what he wants and what he is looking for

A Take Away For The Web Developers

So, what can web developers do to stay ahead of all these technological advancements?

We would suggest you to keep a watch on the consumer’s behaviour and needs so that you learn the changing web and mobile usage patterns. You need to augment these skills by learning the code smartly. See yourself working intelligentlywith the AI technology.

Now the important part, you should always remember, computers and the so called ‘AI’ will never be able to replace one thing- Human responsiveness. Don’t back out with the ways users interact.  There is always a need for smooth and clear user experience, which can only be provided by smart and intelligent web developers.


And since you are reading this, we are sure you are one of those who can provide an outstanding UI experience to your users.

Concluding The Matter

The web industry is ever changing with the growing awareness and research for technological advancements. Web developers have the potential to take their work to an entirely new level if they keep updating their related facts. Lastly, don’t forget the USER IS KING. So don’t forget you will be rewarded right for pleasing the king.

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