Prestashop is a free and widely-used Open Source e-commerce interface. Founded in 2007 in Paris, this is essentially a Content management system (CMS) software used to develop e-commerce shopping cart systems. The main objective of this software is to equip small sized e-marketing businesses to implement the best practices of a robust .e-commerce solution. Marketers across the globe can make the most of this software to create, launch and manage a full-fledged online shopping interface without having to cough up any license fees.

Benefits of Prestashop

If you are inquisitive to know about the features of Prestashop which can benefit your online store, then here it is:

  1. The Open-Source Benefit Facilitated by the Cloud

Web developers who are planning to tread the path of Prestashop can benefit from its open-source feature which runs on a cloud platform. This is a star attraction of Prestashop when you can lay hands on a plethora of website maintenance and development features without shelling out money in the form of license fees.


When you sign up with Prestashop, you will become a part of an active community of Open Source experts. This community of professionals can help you with your online store hosting plans without having to apply and pay for additional license to access the source code. You are at liberty to employ all the functionalities that this e-commerce software offers; all for free.

  1. Expert and Timely Support

Becoming an active member of the Prestashop forum will benefit you in more ways. Along with receiving timely technical support for all your web development and maintenance queries, you will also be able to extract the advantages of its appealing back end interface.

You can bank on the exhaustive training material that comprises of invaluable information collated from 8, 50,000 experts of Prestashop. You can engage in an online chat with an expert of the Prestashop team as a part of one-on-one problem-solving interaction.

  1. Ease in Setting Up and Maintaining Online Stores

Prestashop makes the core task of setting up an online shopping site a breeze. This is because this software is comparatively easier to use and understand. Doing away with the complexities of other web development scripting languages, Prestashop simplifies the maintenance activities of your online store.

You don’t have to take support from an external subject matter experts to handhold you with the workflow of Prestashop. You can work independently to set up your own online store with Prestashop by easily understanding the functionalities of this software. You can effortlessly launch your online store without downloading anything since the up-to-date cloud platform will provide you with the most recent version.

  1. Seamless Version Upgrade

It is with Prestashop that you can effortlessly debug your code. This paves way for an additional incentive that comes in the shape of a seamless version upgrade. You will thank yourself to have chosen Prestashop when you can initiate a software update without any hassles. This is a much-needed move to deliver high quality online stores.

Secondly, this software facilitates a provision to integrate an array of leading business applications and services. To name a few, you can incorporate a single app which can interact with your customer base through chats and emails to process their online refunds. This app is facilitated by support conversations between the help desk and the customer can also initiate online order edits. You can also automate your inventory and order management mechanisms through an application. These applications once ported on to your site can help you strengthen your presence in the online shopping space.

  1. Customization Made Easy

Tagged as a developer-friendly software, Prestashop offers a perfect solution to all your customization tasks. Permitting you to customize modules by including features according to your specific needs, Prestashop helps you implement out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions. You also have the advantage of bringing in your corporate elements as add-on modules which will make your online store rank high with versatility. You can also scale up your functions depending upon your changing needs.

  1. Multi-Lingual Support Cuts Across Geographical Barriers

If your online store attracts global shoppers, then it is best to use Prestashop which comes with a multi-lingual support. Capable of supporting close to 45 languages, this E-commerce solution comes with an additional benefit of facilitating multiple currency conversions.

  1. Portability

Prestashop is a light-weight software that demands very less installation costs. You can set up a new server on which you can run your online store applications without burning a hole in your pocket. Tagged as a powerful store builder, you can make the most of the swift installation features that Prestashop offers.

  1. Affordability

Tagged as a Freemium e-commerce platform, Prestashop is a popular E-commerce solution that can considerably reduce your website development costs. This is a “cheap and best” web development alternative which brings down your need for multiple server resources as well. With all these in place, this software can be looked upon as a purse-friendly alternative to churn out a robust online store.

  1. High on Functionality

The latest Prestashop v1.7 comes with a host of additional features that are now at your disposal. To name a few, you can make the most of the integration with bootstrap and the user-friendly look and feel that can be utilized.

You will be thrilled at an assembly of 2,000+ responsive themes that can be used to build mobile shopping interfaces. To top it all, Prestashop offers more than 25,000 plugins through which you can add multiple functionalities to your online store, backed by a plethora of shopping cart features.

  1. Themes – The Aesthetic Benefactors to Your E-Commerce Site

Web developers can make the most of the Prestashop Template which is a collection of images, files and modules; all supported by documentation. It is through this package with which you can build a complete e-store.

The various themes of Prestashop permit you to alter or modify the look and functionality of an online store, facilitated by a local language support. It is as simple as downloading the theme you like the most and installing it. You are now all set to hit the ground running with your fully functional and aesthetically appealing online store.

  1. Multiple Modules of Prestashop

Allowing you to have full control over the administration of your online store, Prestashop offers a host of website development services which are beneficial to your online shopping populace.

Payment module and the shipping module are the two important modules offered by Prestashop.

Along with these two modules, you can employ this software as an intelligent tool to develop an SEO compliant site, banking on the customized module. The list of benefits offered by Prestashop does not end here. You can bank on Prestashop to actively integrate your online stores with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

  1. A Multi-Faceted Solution

Through Prestashop, you can implement a number of successful shipping configurations and partnerships, by taking the support of the shipping module. Online shoppers will be satisfied with the benefit of a seamless customer checkout. A unique feature of this software is that it permits data migration from other shopping carts.

A host of customer service tools offered by Prestashop can make your online store stand apart from others. You will also be surprised that this software helps you integrate more than 50 globally-acclaimed payment solutions and gateways for billing purposes through its payment module. You as a digital marketer will also be in a favorable position to effectively manage your product listings through the extensive set of features that Prestashop offers.

  1. A Proven Means to Enjoy Higher Page Ranks

Every marketer wants his online store page to reach top the list of Google search results. If you are in a way to develop an E-commerce site, Prestashop can become your top bet as it can help you achieve heights.


With so many features that Prestashop offers to digital marketers, you can effortlessly market your products and services which can be ordered via personal computer or smartphones. This software which comes with a designer guide makes it an easy job to build and manage an online store. With an opportunity to extract the best out of the wide range of customizable e-commerce themes, Prestashop allows you to rank your page with a high aesthetic appeal and functionality score.

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