The convenience of ordering online has brought about a spurt in the development of food delivery websites. Many websites act like platforms for customers to browse various restaurants and cafes and order their next meal.

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At the same time, many top restaurants also have an online portal that allows customers to order food online without visiting the restaurant. This portal lists the top 10 food delivery websites across the country.

1. Zomato


Global rank: 1,330

Zomato is a restaurant aggregator and food delivery platform founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah

Features of the Food Delivery Website:

  • Offers food delivery services in 10000+ cities across 24 countries
  • The website has more than 100 million active foodies
  • Foodies can login and add their reviews about restaurants and food
  • Business owners can list their restaurant on the website and add details such as address, menus, photos and lots more
  • The website is available in languages such as English, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Slovak, Polish, Turkish, Spanish and Czech
  • Available in both desktop and mobile versions

Technologies Used in the Website:

  • New Relic to monitor user experience in real time
  • Google Conversion Tracker
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Content Experiments
  • Facebook Conversion Tracker

2. Uber Eats


Global rank: 1,789

Uber Eats is an online food ordering website based in San Francisco, California, US. It was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in August 2014.

Features of the Food Delivery Website:

  • Users can access the website on desktops or mobile apps
  • Uber Eats plans to have cloud restaurants or cloud kitchens that only accept phone or online orders and will not have any dine-in facility
  • Users can order food on Uber Eats between 10 am and 12.30 am on all days
  • Uber Eats offers credit points for orders made and sharing personal invite codes

Technologies Used in the Website:

  • Optimizely to deliver personalized digital experiences for the user
  • CrazyEgg – provides visualized results of website visits
  • Google Analytics
  • DoubleClick Floodlight – Captures user’s actions after clicking on an advertisement
  • MediaMath marketing tool
  • Twitter Analytics

3. Grubhub


Global rank: 1,944

Grubhub is an online food ordering platform founded by Matt Maloney and Mike Evans in 2004. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Features of the Food Delivery Website:

  • Grubhub offers both home delivery and restaurant pick-up services
  • The website offers gift cards that can be gifted to someone. The recipient redeems the card by using it to order food for the value of the gift card
  • It offers special deals and discounts for students
  • It has both desktop and mobile app versions

Technologies Used in the Website:

  • Optimizely
  • RapLeaf automation tool for customer engagement
  • Braze lifecycle marketing platform
  • TV Squared real-time TV attribution platform
  • Efficient Frontier performance marketing platform
  • LiveRamp app for CRM retargeting and data on boarding
  • AirPR – provides user engagement analytics
  • Branch deep linking system
  • Google Optimize 360
  • New Relic

4. Doordash


Global rank: 1,965

Doordash is a food delivery website founded by Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Evan Moore and Tony Xu. Its headquarters is located in San Francisco, US.

Features of Food Delivery Website

  • It is available in more than 600 cities spread across 56 countries
  • The website offers food delivery not just to homes and offices, but also to other locations like parks and grounds
  • People who want to make extra money can become dashers at Doordash and deliver food
  • Project DASH is its CSR project,  through which Doordash donates excess food  from restaurants to Feeding America Charity’s MealConnect system

Technologies Used in the Website:

  • RapLeaf
  • FullStory audience measurement statistics tool
  • Optimizely
  • Hotjar forms and surveys
  • Kenshoo – to create search engine marketing surveys
  • LiveRamp
  • Adjust mobile app tracking system
  • Cardlytics customer intelligence system
  • TV Squared
  • Segment web analytics app
  • Amplitude mobile analytics app
  • New Relic
  • Google Analytics

5. Just Eat


Global rank: 2,037

Just Eat is an online food ordering and delivery website based in London. It was established by Jesper Buch, Per Meldgaard and Henrik Ostergaard in the year 2001.

Features of Food Delivery Website

  • It operates in 13 countries
  • Just Eat UK charges £699 for restaurants to join the portal
  • It earns 13 to 14% commission from each order
  • It is available in both desktop and mobile app versions
  • More than 1 lakh restaurants are associated with this food delivery platform

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Technologies Used in the Website:

  • Optimizely
  • App Dynamics to track application performance and management
  • Adjust mobile app tracking system
  • Braze
  • Usabilla
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Conversion Tracker
  • DoubleClick Floodlight
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Digital Window – provides marketing solutions for affiliate marketing
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Conversion Linker

6. Swiggy


Global rank: 2,797

Swiggy is an Indian food delivery website headquartered in Bangalore. It was founded by Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy in 2014.

Features of the Food Delivery Website

  • Users can order food online, search for restaurants or make table reservations
  • The prime features are no minimum order, live order tracking and superfast delivery
  • It has both desktop and mobile app version
  • Swiggy Pop gives food suggestions, so users can first select the meal and then decide on the restaurant from where they want to order
  • Swiggy Super offers unlimited free delivery without any surge fee
  • Swiggy Daily is a service that is currently available only in Gurugram. Users can order for homestyle meals that are wholesome and affordable using this service
  • The website also offers Swiggy Go service that offers pick up and drop services of any kind of items

Technologies Used in the Website:

  • New Relic
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Conversion Tracker
  • Facebook Conversion Tracker
  • Google Conversion Linker

7. Dominos


Global rank: 1,145

Dominos is famous for pizzas. This multinational food chain restaurant was first established in Ypsilanti, Michigan, U.S in the year 1960. It is one of the first companies that offered home delivery services.

Features of the food delivery website:

  • Users can order pizzas online or find Dominos restaurants nearby
  • The portal also organizes birthday parties
  • It offers catering services for weddings and corporate events
  • The portal promises 30-minute delivery of pizzas
  • Dominos all has a Gift Card option and e-gift voucher that can be redeemed in pizza outlets, website or mobile app

Technologies Used in the Website:

  • Omniture SiteCatalyst provides real-time intelligence for online strategies and marketing initiatives
  • Omniture Adobe Test and Target
  • Raygun for error tracking
  • Report URI that reports security threats
  • ClickTale to record visitor action
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Everest Technologies performance testing for Ecommerce
  • Google Analytics
  • DoubleClick Floodlight
  • Google Conversion Tracking
  • MediaMath

 8. Pizza Hut


Global rank: 1,282

Pizza Hut is a restaurant chain that offers home delivery services of pizzas. This restaurant chain was founded in Wichita, Kansas, United States in 1958. Currently, it operates from its headquarters in Plano, Texas, United States. The founders are Dan Carney and Frank Carney.

Features of the pizza delivery website:

  • Pizza Hut has more than 18,000 outlets across the globe
  • It offers both takeaway and home delivery options
  • Apart from pizzas, it also offers sides, drinks and desserts
  • The website offers pizzas based on the local produce and cuisine

Technologies Used in the Website:

  • WebTrends for marketing performance management
  • iGoDigital for providing personalized recommendations to visitors
  • Google Conversion Tracker
  • Facebook Conversion Tracker
  • DoubleClick Floodlight
  • Google Analytics
  • Atlas Action Tags to track conversion tracker
  • Quantcast Measurement provides demographic information
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Yahoo Dot
  • Yahoo Web Analytics
  • New Relic
  • Twitter Conversion Tracking

9. Deliveroo


Global ranking: 8402

Deliveroo is a UK-based food delivery website that offers services in more than 200 cities across Europe. It was founded by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski, both Americans, in 2013.

Features of the food ordering website

  • Restaurants that don’t have an online portal can reach out to online customers through this portal
  • It charges fees to customers and gets a commission from restaurants
  • It has a website as well as mobile app versions (both android and iOS)
  • The website offers both home delivery and takeaway services
  • The portal classifies food as Comfort food, Desserts and sweet dishes, Healthy options, Deliveroo edition and Our picks for easy ordering
  • It also offers office catering services

Technologies used in the website:

  • Segment data management platform
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixels
  • Fastly to analyse web traffic patterns
  • DoubleClick Floodlight
  • Yahoo Dot to measure customer engagement
  • Ruby on Rails Token and Next.js frameworks

10. Postmates


Global rank: 7031

Technically, Postmates is an online portal that delivers almost anything, including food, drinks, groceries and more. It was established in 2011 by Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice, and Sam Street.

Features of food delivery website:

  • The service is available in more than 90 cities across the United States
  • Merchants can create an account on the website and sell products
  • Users can explore the nearby restaurants and order a meal
  • It offers both home delivery and takeaway services
  • Users can also order for pickup

Technologies Used in the Website:

  • mParticle tag management
  • Braze marketing automation tool
  • Hotjar survey forms
  • Rapleaf
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Domain Insights
  • Google conversion tracking
  • Yahoo Dot
  • Yahoo web analytics
  • Cart Functionality
  • Ruby on Rails Token and PHP framework

As we explore the best food delivery websites across the globe, we understand that many factors and attributes need to be considered while building a website.

The technologies used in building a website determine its performance on the search engines. Only when websites are listed on popular search engines, you can build your business.

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In this data-driven age, it is essential to make the most of technology to gain data insights and deliver better performance and wider reach. If you want to build technically advanced search engine friendly websites for your business, contact us right away.

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