Python without any doubt is one of the most popular programming languages that are being put to use at present. This high-level programming language is asy to use and can be learned within a short span of time.  But the question is from where?

Listed here are 52 websites that can help you in learning Python language within a short span of time.

  • Code Academy

Code academy is where the newest people to coding get their start. The website revolves around interactive training. You read a bit, type your code directly into the browser, and see results instantly.

Intended for intermediate to professional Python developers, every post on the website is in the form of a tutorial that incorporates a specific focus, like using Python decorators, integrating Node.js with Python, and more.

Similar to Code Academy, Tutorials Point will teach you on how to write basic syntax, set up a Python development environment, work with operators, variables, and loops, and a lot more.

In case you love challenges and want to put a little pressure to improve your learning ability, PythonChallenge is made for you. The lessons and challenges you will partake in it are really productive to learn Python.

What’s better decision to choose the official documentation for a language? is the official platform for the Python developers. So, you can discover plenty of materials, references, and resources on managing with the language.

You’ll begin with the “Hello World,” tutorial and progress towards high-level topics with their courses. This platform is best for beginner to intermediate level code learners. It permits you to engage in interactive tutorials.

It is properly written eBook which clearly illustrates different concepts of Python, but it’s more about programming theory as compared to its practical application. So, you won’t get any step-by-step tutorials to test out various snippets of code.

A free eBook which you can read in full that’s absolutely worth your time.

The driving idea behind the Invent with Python eBook is to gain knowledge while having fun and enjoying the learning.

The online versions can always be obtained for free, though there are alternatives to buy them for offline access.

A great channel for coding and amateur video tutorials on a diverse range of subjects.

The material is for intermediate to professional level Python developers to learn an advanced Python magic method concept.


It’s basically an online guide; you can additionally download a PDF version for offline access.

The site is perfect for Python developers of all skill levels. You’ll get a large list of Python coding snippets and guides which you can utilize in your projects.

An online book that comprises the distinction between working with Python 3, as compared to Python 2.

  • Code School’s Try Python

The kind of hard worker that wouldn’t like to mess with dealing with an abundance of content-based instructional guides and tutorials.

Gamification is really big these days. CheckiO takes the method of programming learning and changes it into a fun learning game.

It is a famous training crew, known for their in-depth YouTube video tutorials.

Runestone Interactive gives a plenty of open-source, online reading material for novice and middle-level coding classes.

  • Python Crash Course

The course includes a range of presentation slides and documents, that are intended to serve as a teaching assistant.

  • Learning to Program Version 3

The site offers beginner tutorials centered on Python version 3 to introduce programming beginners to basic of coding.

The video tutorials are elegantly composed, easy to follow, and cover a scope of essential themes identified with Python.

Offers individual free courses that train you for specific careers like front-end web developers. You’ll learn how to build your own search engine, web crawler, and social network employing Python.

Free online courses by Rice University. It’s a 7-course sequence in separate two parts. It can be understood over the course of several weeks after registering for the course.

It commences with some simple and fundamental concepts and progress to advanced topics. The tutorials feature a native code simulator permitting you to write and use code from the browser.

It happens to be one of the most accurate and informative guides along with clarification on the natural order of the Python. But it isn’t free.

Python Tutor is a platform to learn the programming basics and get familiar with a collection of languages like Python, C++, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, etc.

  • Real Python

A premium online course with various subscription levels. You’ll gain access to over 9 hours of video, 1,300 pages of content, sample files, exercises, and course assignments after purchase.

Mostly comes in a written form with some tutorials on databases, game development etc.

When you would like some extra guidance, it is for you.You’ll be accredited individual projects to develop like building a certain kind of website demo, web app, or module.

Composed by professors at Harvey Mudd College, it explores the framework of computer science by the use of Python.

If you are familiar with the concept of informatics, PythonLearn is a resource portal you might be interested in.

A framework actually makes a developer’s work easier by executing a more modular pattern of a language with video series.

A great portal to discover information on Python topics. There’s a segment dedicated to what you ought to do after finishing the tutorial.

Free online book for novices. One can pick to download it as a PDF for free or spend in the hard copy.

A niche blog channel that gives Python snippets, scripts, and tutorials to be practiced in the business world.

This book is a collection of training notes for tips from Anand Chitipothu, a famous Python enthusiast. The book is recommended for beginners as it came along while he practiced every key point amid his Python classes.

An online podcast that emphasizes discussions and tips from devs and thought influencers who actually spend their time working with Python.

Learn by creating games like Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, and Reversi. This is the coolest Python guide ever.

The eBook essentially strives to teach newbie’s computer science basics and programming fundamentals.

It helps to set a community model that all developers would do well to follow style guides. This is a helpful resource for everyone.

Even though this isn’t a course, it has an abundance of activities for learners to practice Python skills.

A compilation of resources and articles. Everything in the collection is regarded as a “must read”.

A free downloadable list that exposes a ton of frameworks, software, and libraries you can operate with.

A free, email newsletter that consistently grips you on all the Python events and current affairs. You’ll get news about new videos, tutorials, potential projects, and much more.

Already understand how to use Python and just searching for any tips and tricks for later use? Python Tips is a solution for this.

A massive source to the language along with fundamental guides about the Python dev community.

Free Udacity course made by one of Reddit’s founders, Steve Huffman. It takes you into basic web development theories and guides you how to develop web applications.

It commences with the basics and gradually evolves to more complicated topics.

Each tutorial examines a bizarre project that you can build using the language e.g. sending selfies without servers using Python.

Tons of subjects to learn even for young kids, mostly on computer programming.

They have a series of tutorials on Python 3.4 Basics for design and game development that are unique, particularly for rookies.

An open-source higher education program governed by Harvard and MIT. Provides 107 courses on various programming languages including Python

Matt Makai composed a beneficial personal blog for Learning Python as a novice. Most significantly, it tells about the best place to begin when you have no prior programming experience and offers certain relevant resources.

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