How To Create An Impactful About Us Page For Your Website


February 7, 2018

how to create about us page

The First thing that people would like to read about on your web page is the about us section. It gives an idea of which you are, and what you do, so it is crucial that you convey all that in an exciting yet concise manner so that the reader doesn’t get bored. The about us page holds a lot of marketing potential and plays a significant role in creating a first impression on the customer.

So the obvious question here would be, how?

Let’s have a look

Set Yourself Apart From Competitors

The about us page is where people come looking for information about your company or venture so explain with facts and not hype. You can talk about the history and evolution of the company, the years of experience and the way it developed over time. There may be websites similar to yours, selling related products and goods, you have to set yourself apart with an about us page that makes customers think you are different from others. It needs to explain what is unique to your company and that should stand out to your audience.

probytes Make It Visible

It is as simple as it sounds. Sometimes website creators hide the about us page link at the bottom of the page in a small font where it is not immediately visible to a visitor. The about us page should be placed on the top level tab considering the importance it holds. People usually come looking for information about your brand or company and will be quick to exit the page if such necessary information is not readily and immediately accessible. Sometimes creators try to bring in creative alternatives to the title ‘about us’ such as our journey, Inside the company, etc. which is often misleading to readers at first glance. So it is better to keep it simple and understandable with just calling it ‘About us.’

Talk In The First Person

It is said that using third person tense gives a formal appeal to the content, however true this may be, writing the about us page in the first person gives it a more personal touch. Writing in the third person sounds very official and may not be that interesting to read as it may just look like a declaration rather than an interaction. It makes the reader feel like they are having a conversation with you and also helps to get a deeper understanding of what your company does. You can use ‘I’ or ‘We’ depending on which is more apt for your business.

Give The Right Start

Many people have trouble with how to begin writing the about us section. It is advisable to start off with an interesting fact, asking a question, using an anecdote, etc. to make it more appealing to readers. Rather than just boringly stating facts, finding an exciting way to introduce the section is sure to keep the reader’s attention until the end.

Company History Through A Timeline

Timelines offer you the convenience of presenting a significant amount of information in an exciting format other than just text which is more likely to engage your audience. You can show them how you started, how far you have come, and everything your business has accomplished along the way. Crucial and relevant milestones can be presented in a visually appealing manner.   A vertical timeline presentation is sure to attract readers and give them information in a fun way.

Include Customer Testimonials

A few quotes or testimonials from longtime customers or clients who are happy with your services will boost the credibility of your brand. Customers who visit your website will be more convinced of your company’s authenticity and reliability as it would offer those experiences of real people.

Say It With Pictures

You can use images that go along with the write up on the about us page. They don’t have to be formal pictures but can photos of your work environment and even employees. The will make the visitor feel more familiar and connected, and they will be able to acknowledge the realness of your presence.

Include Team Member Profiles

If the about us page includes team member profiles it gives a real human-like quality to the brand. People would like to know the faces of the success of the company, and this helps them connect better. It gives an approachable vibe to your audience which is sure to improve the credibility of your business.

Multimedia Content

Another creative and engaging way to make the about us page stand out is by using multimedia content. If you have an exciting story about how your company developed, you can create a video that speaks for itself with a compelling visual narrative. Today’s technology allows for easy integration of video & multimedia elements into your web page.

Match Your Organization’s Personality

The tone of your about us page should reflect the nature of your organization so people can relate to it better. For example, the about us page for a coffee shop could be something more fun and quirky, while that of an NGO would be more formal and factual. The style and tone of your website should match the profile of your company and make sense to the audience.

The about us page is one among the many components required to create a useful website. If the foundation is laid right, then the rest of the building blocks can be arranged in-place more effectively.

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