The release of Odoo 11 this year has marked a number of updates and improvements from its previous versions. For those who are still unaware about Odoo, it is all-in-one management software (ERP) that offers a complete suite of management applications targeting vast businesses.

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Just like the earlier versions of Odoo, enterprises will see improved functionality in all the domains like accounting, management, human resource, and dashboards.  Unlike the previous versions, which were created for specific domain like Odoo 10 for manufacturing, Odoo 9 for accounting and so on, Odoo 10 has got them all covered this time.

Let’s have a detailed look into the key features of the new version:

1. Global Keyboard Shortcuts

To make navigating through Odoo, global search feature and  global keyboard shortcuts  are introduced with the new version. Backend operations and function are three times faster than the previous versions. These changes have made the system more intuitive and useful.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The new enhanced SEO functionality in Odoo 11 defines and uses Robots statements. It removes ID’s from URL and names URL differently from H1. Also, admin can use many ways of attributing and managing the Meta information. Currently, there has not been any change in the way the pages were indexed.

3. Improved communication Mechanism

The communication mechanism in the way we receive and send messages has been improved to a great extent. You will now have 2 icons, notification and next activities, similar to your email inbox. The next activities tab informs you about the activity to perform next.

4. New Dashboard

The new dashboard has an integration of all applications and also you can access your eCommerce stuff from here. There is improved push notification mechanism with a better view of images and pictures in the grid. The module is equipped with more reporting functions and is easier to track and manage cost.


5. Payment

The earlier versions of Odoo used only Braintree payment gateways. This module allowed you to pay through Braintree provider who provides eCommerce businesses the ability to accept payments online. The new Odoo 11 has incorporated PayUMoney and stripe payment improving the usability of the system.

6. Functional Changes

Odoo 11 has made the following changes to various module like Timesheet, Accounting, Subscription app, product catalogue and many.

Timesheet App

  • Improved view for timesheet recording
  • Validation policy for invoices
  • improved report to analyse differences between attendances and timesheet.

Accounting App

  • Introduced a new model to import CAMT.053 XML files to process bank statements.
  • Analytics accounting analysis.

Discuss App

  • Number counters near starred items.
  • Can type shortcuts directly in the text box.


With all the above benefits, more focus is given on usefulness and better accessibility to the users & development team. This doesn’t mean that the new version doesn’t offer any benefits to the end user. The Odoo 11 has made many small changes which will certainly make the end users experience more useful and intuitive. We hope that these features add more values to our management solutions.

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